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Big Cat Rescue Caring for Cats and Ending the Trade

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This site is more than 10,000 pages of photos, videos, stories, facts and fun stuff about lions, tigers, leopards and many, many more varieties of exotic wild cats.

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Most-ImportantThis bill called the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act is the most important piece of legislation to ever be introduced to protect lions, tigers and other exotic wild cats from being kept as pets and in miserable roadside zoos. It ended the 113th Congressional session with more than 120 co sponsors.  Now we are working to re introduce the bill in early 2015.



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Big Cat Rescue, one of the world’s largest accredited sanctuaries for exotic cats, is a leading advocate in ending the abuse of captive big cats and saving wild cats from extinction.  We are home to about 100 lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars, servals and other species most of whom have been abandoned, abused, orphaned, saved from being turned into fur coats, or retired from performing acts.

TJ studied his Easter Bunny, sizing up the "Danger", sniffing the interesting scents, and FINALLY stepping on the poor spicy smelling bunny.

WHAT he does next is funny.

Knowing TJ and what he loves most, what DO YOU THINK TJ does next?
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Rebecca Gillie, Scooby Thimakis and 23 others like this

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Joyce KennesonSprays it.2 hours ago   ·  12
Lizzi Kujala-KorpelaIt's TJ, he drug it into his pool lol. OR, he went and got soaking wet in his pool and dripped all over it or rolled on it.2 hours ago   ·  5
Theresa Karen SolomonRolls on it to mark it as his?2 hours ago   ·  1
Nicoletta Postatny??? Papier mögen SIE net !! Was soll DAS ?? Sie sind keine Spieltiere !!!!!!!2 hours ago   ·  1
Margaret ReedShreds it. :)2 hours ago
Laura Foehsel ElashewichRolled on it.1 hour ago
Elise VelazquezSmell it & rip it! :-)1 hour ago
Peggy RobinsonRolls on it...57 minutes ago
Ruth Clark WilfongDrowned it?2 hours ago
Donna BowserHe will tear it in half!2 hours ago
Shannon Miller BrownPounces!!2 hours ago
Trish Elliott NiehausTakes it for a swim, of course!1 hour ago
Angela GildeaPees on it!1 hour ago
Jen BilykHe probably peed on it!!2 hours ago
Marie Lipscomb GrahamChecks to see if it can swim!2 hours ago
Paul WarehamTakes it swimming...2 hours ago
Duane L. Dahl Jr.Sprays it to mark it, then kills it!2 hours ago
Immy Kaijim-BroxI think he sprays it !!!! <32 hours ago   ·  2
Julia PerezGorgeous2 hours ago
Nilton FeliceLindos !!!2 hours ago
Mary Jane HawkinsI ... Knew It !:)1 hour ago
Ester RosielloTear it apart?2 hours ago
Mikayla WestonTj will rip his rabbit up2 hours ago
Carol WatsonTries to groom it !2 hours ago
Mohamed JandaliLOL2 hours ago

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What do YOU think TJ Tiger will do with his Easter Bunny?

The answer will be in the next two posts this evening.
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عروسة الشمال, Biljana Jankovic and 23 others like this

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Sumy GuzmanHe will probably pee on it5 hours ago   ·  21
Martin Sanchez GarciaHug him and squeeze him and call him George :)5 hours ago   ·  39
Anna-Karin UhlenTotally, utterly and absolutely annihilate it. ;-)5 hours ago   ·  6
Wild life and Nature Pictures5 hours ago   ·  3
Syiera RoseRub up on it, claiming it as his own, then knock it over and kick it with his legs while he twacks out and then go back to rubbing up on it.5 hours ago   ·  1
Belinda ValdezHe's got that crazy cat look in his eyes!4 hours ago   ·  1
Carlen Pierce ThomasProbably tear it up.1 hour ago
Linda M. ArbogastHe will probably tear it up after sniffing it. It has invaded his territory.3 hours ago
Margaret ReedIt'll be his chew-toy. :)4 hours ago
Gaye WebberUse him for a scratching post4 hours ago
Leah HopsonShred it with his claws5 hours ago
Terry MunroeHe hasn't many stripes.4 hours ago
Sarah MorrisBeautiful4 hours ago
Robin SchwietertDistroy1 hour ago
Jose Carlos Todescato TaveiraEspetacular4 hours ago
Paulette PineaultTear it to shreds.3 hours ago
Amilson BarbosaBeautiful. ...4 hours ago
Emily SupriseI think he will smell it for awhile, maybe rub his head on it, and then TOTALLY tear it to pieces lol4 hours ago
Jackie Pitrucelleeat him lol4 hours ago
Candy FielekI'm sure it won't look like that...😃😃😃3 hours ago
Kitty SheaSo cute.2 hours ago
Leslie Cannongive it a bath4 hours ago
Elizabeth AlbrechtBite off the ears like the rest of us5 hours ago
Laurien DavisBeautiful!!3 hours ago
Helen Howell JobBite it ! Da! 😈5 hours ago

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