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Big Cat Rescue Caring for Cats and Ending the Trade

Welcome to Big Cat Rescue



This site is more than 10,000 pages of photos, videos, stories, facts and fun stuff about lions, tigers, leopards and many, many more varieties of exotic wild cats.

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The Most Important Thing YOU Can Do to Save Big Cats


Most-ImportantThis bill called the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act is the most important piece of legislation to ever be introduced to protect lions, tigers and other exotic wild cats from being kept as pets and in miserable roadside zoos. It ended the 113th Congressional session with more than 120 co sponsors.  Now we are working to re introduce the bill in January 2015.



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Who is Big Cat Rescue?



Big Cat Rescue, one of the world’s largest accredited sanctuaries for exotic cats, is a leading advocate in ending the abuse of captive big cats and saving wild cats from extinction.  We are home to about 100 lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars, servals and other species most of whom have been abandoned, abused, orphaned, saved from being turned into fur coats, or retired from performing acts.

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Andreas Mathaethat is killer smile :-)1 hour ago   ·  20
Boston PowersMy what BIG teeth you have.1 hour ago   ·  5
Patricia LarkinMe!!!! I agree! :)1 hour ago   ·  1
Deb OdiernaThis is no housecat! ;)1 hour ago   ·  1
Barbara SevrensBeautiful1 hour ago   ·  1
Mary ZietenDefinitely a killer smile, with teeth like that!1 hour ago   ·  1
Robin SchwietertU sure do!1 hour ago   ·  1
Farida Ibrahim Colon:)1 hour ago   ·  1
Suzanne PalmerLol1 hour ago   ·  1
Cortez SmithCool1 hour ago   ·  1
Teresa CalvertHa ha ha!!!43 minutes ago
Michell RusselUhhhhhh :D1 hour ago
Janet ClarkeI do agree x1 hour ago
Lisa Rayment-CataneseAgree!41 minutes ago
Lonnie LucasFor sure !53 minutes ago
Ruth Boukes WilliamsonOh, I do. Charming!!!!44 minutes ago
Dianna Standen"Do I have anything in my teeth?"1 hour ago
Dianna StandenOh Yes.1 hour ago
Mônica Pimenta Rosa de SouzaI love to die with these killer smiles!41 minutes ago
Marcia MorrisPlus being soooo cute55 minutes ago
Durga Lakshmi SunkavalliNo, it does not look like that.1 hour ago
Kristen M. LambAdorable1 hour ago
Karen BowmanKiller1 hour ago
Antoinette CummingBCR doesn't have to be concerned about children missing the fun of seeing a circus. You all are a circus and all are healthy and happy.1 hour ago
Veronica OsterLOL42 minutes ago

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Robin Pierce"It's clearly white and gold"10 hours ago   ·  50
Katherine MillerSay What?10 hours ago   ·  23
Jennifer KroonI'm too sexy for my ears! ;)10 hours ago   ·  15
Ginger Weilandeasy, breezy, cover purrrrrr.....10 hours ago   ·  8
Pam WoodI'm am as beautiful as it gets.10 hours ago   ·  5
Sam Janke"You want to put that Where?"10 hours ago   ·  5
Leo QueenAww what do you mean there's no more treats 😔?10 hours ago   ·  3
Christina CramerI told them...Just a little bit off the top.10 hours ago   ·  3
董慧涓How are you Beautiful Thanks you10 hours ago   ·  2
Valerie TaylorSay one more thing about my ears and I will scratch your eyeballs out!!!10 hours ago   ·  2
Snoogie WoogieTo say a resemble a Vulcan is highly illogical.4 hours ago   ·  2
Donna Terah"yea babe, that joke was hilarious"10 hours ago   ·  2
Teresa Calvert'Who turned the lites on? I thought we were going to sleep....'10 hours ago   ·  1
Cheryl Monroe BusfieldLook into my eyes, puny hooman.10 hours ago   ·  1
Ralph CarrNo caption, but I'll pay shipping, get him to me NOW!!!!!4 hours ago   ·  1
Carol CohenI like yes ?5 hours ago   ·  1
Amar JyotiWhoa..! Party tonight...?10 hours ago   ·  1
Erica ZieberI wasn't ready for my close up9 hours ago   ·  1
Brandi BoydWho cares about that damn dress? ! Lol that's what cat is thinking10 hours ago   ·  1
Mona GarrickCat saying "Oh Really? I could show you what i think..."10 hours ago   ·  1
Kathe Gordon WalkerDon't hate me because I'm beautiful...9 hours ago   ·  1
Tina HerronDon't you like my pretty eyes?2 hours ago   ·  1
LinzOw TumataMy identity is a secret, no one will know who I am with this mask...NO ONE!9 hours ago   ·  1
Saif ManYou don't serve coffee here, you kidding me.....7 hours ago
Ludmilla KrinesWunderschön <36 hours ago

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