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Most-ImportantThis bill called the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act is the most important piece of legislation to ever be introduced to protect lions, tigers and other exotic wild cats from being kept as pets and in miserable roadside zoos. It ended the 113th Congressional session with more than 120 co sponsors.  Now we are working to re introduce the bill in early 2015.

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Big Cat Rescue, one of the world’s largest accredited sanctuaries for exotic cats, is a leading advocate in ending the abuse of captive big cats and saving wild cats from extinction.  We are home to about 80 lions, tigers, bobcats, cougarsservals and other species most of whom have been abandoned, abused, orphaned, saved from being turned into fur coats, or retired from performing acts.

Has everyone had a good holiday? What did YOU do?

Mr. Howell followed Lovey around, snuggled with Lovey, got bossed around by Lovey, had yummy treats, watched the tours go by, and made faces at the interns.
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Simone FoleySounds like a great day to be a Big Cat at BCR3 hours ago
Donald Reedi did cat adoptions today, then proceeded to drink afterwards. all in all, a pretty successful day3 hours ago   ·  2
Sarah GarciaWent to an organized fireworks show...and looked at pics of the big cats 😊3 hours ago   ·  1
Paula KayeSounds like a regular day to me! LoL3 hours ago
Robert KleinschmidtHope the fireworks were nonexistent near BCR. Sure the cats would be rattled by them.2 hours ago
Laurence OrmeThat kitty looks a little fatigued. Probably time for a nap followed by some serious sleeping!2 hours ago   ·  1
Valerie DennyMr. Howell sounds like a bit of a brat!2 hours ago   ·  1
Teresa CalvertHa ha HA!!!!2 hours ago
ShanayaLindo!!!!!!!!!!! Bonitaaa <32 hours ago
Alexandre MarquesBEAUTIFUL2 hours ago   ·  1
Ruth Anne EvansDid what the cats did relax with family2 hours ago
Mona TurnerLovely looks like all I had to many treats2 hours ago
Catherine Diehl ReiderA perfect day!!2 hours ago
Kanokpich PotibunlangGood morning my love2 hours ago
Sumy GuzmanStayed home with my cat. He's my 1 and only friend. I love Kitty dearly2 hours ago
Marcus DwyerStill at the pool with the kids they turned real water babys2 hours ago
Anamarie Cameronsweet baby2 hours ago   ·  1
Jutta TapleyWonder how these big cats handle the fireworks?? My animals are going "nuts"2 hours ago
Sandra TunneyLovely cat !!!2 hours ago   ·  1
Georgie Rees Arnoldthen he had a lovey day2 hours ago
Samantha Evonywell then..he had a full day!! :D2 hours ago
Sandy Joneswatched the fireworks in my front yard and got attacked by dang mosquitos grrrrrrrrrr lol2 hours ago   ·  1
Maria Perez LealYea I had a nice day, a perfect one looking at BCR on facebook here in Argentina ! !!!2 hours ago
Christine S. BoydI am really grateful for your stand with the big wildcats. I've had to unsubscribe from a different organization, as I now understand quite deeply the meaning of a wild cat "sanctuary" where there are no visitors permitted.2 hours ago   ·  2
Jean Johnsonlooks happy2 hours ago

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