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Big Cat Rescue Caring for Cats and Ending the Trade

Welcome to Big Cat Rescue



This site is more than 10,000 pages of photos, videos, stories, facts and fun stuff about lions, tigers, leopards and many, many more varieties of exotic wild cats.

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The Most Important Thing YOU Can Do to Save Big Cats


Most-ImportantThis bill called the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act is the most important piece of legislation to ever be introduced to protect lions, tigers and other exotic wild cats from being kept as pets and in miserable roadside zoos. It ended the 113th Congressional session with more than 120 co sponsors.  Now we are working to re introduce the bill in January 2015.



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Who is Big Cat Rescue?



Big Cat Rescue, one of the world’s largest accredited sanctuaries for exotic cats, is a leading advocate in ending the abuse of captive big cats and saving wild cats from extinction.  We are home to about 100 lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars, servals and other species most of whom have been abandoned, abused, orphaned, saved from being turned into fur coats, or retired from performing acts.

Lions are primarily ground-dwellers, but occasionally jump up tree branches. Most Lions will remain in the same territory all year long, however some are nomadic and follow the seasonal prey. ... See MoreSee Less

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Carroll Smithsleepy2 hours ago   ·  99
Patricia LarkinSuch a magnificent animal.1 hour ago   ·  1
Cristian FuentesFelines are nature's top creation2 hours ago   ·  5
Virl BruceBeautiful Cat13 minutes ago
BarbaraAnn Balzaretti FlanneryWhat a beauty!2 hours ago
Jean ComiskeyWhat a magnificent cat!1 hour ago
Wendy VromanI think he's trying to tell us something..2 hours ago
Thomas S BushaHandsome2 hours ago
Michelle Lynn ColsonThat ain't a branch, its the ROCK of the forest.!2 hours ago
Michelle Lynn ColsonHow the F does a lion jump on a tree branch? !2 hours ago
Fashion = LifeCool picture! <31 hour ago
Rolf Ronsard Duke😘😘😘😘😘😘😘2 hours ago
Sue OrrWow what a lovely big boy16 minutes ago
Sandra Lee VasquezAmazing beauty2 hours ago
Naomi PerreiraHELLO JOSEPH, How are you and Sasha? You look very handsome in this photo. I am used to hearing you roar almost every time I see you in a video from BCR. Your roar is GREAAAT as Tony The Tiger would say! Joseph , you are the King of your domain, and so majestic too. :-)5 minutes ago
Kalaiselvan AzariahIn good mood59 minutes ago
Natasha DaleThat is a fabulous pic - kudos to the photographer.2 hours ago
Sarfraz Ahmedatta boy....:)2 hours ago
Leonor OrdeñanaBelleza de minino.......todo un peluche.1 hour ago
Debra PhilpottJah Lion2 hours ago
Terezinha Freitaslindo1 hour ago
Janine JansenShould be in the Wild... :-) Free... In Africa Poor soul <32 hours ago
Sandra LemlichHe's one gorgeous boy! Almost doesn't look real!21 minutes ago
Sandra LemlichVery interesting!22 minutes ago
Linda LeighI love these tid bits of info please keep them coming51 minutes ago

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Max, the Bobcat attempting to fish in the pond. Sometimes, he actually does get a fish.

The water in the cat pools have pumps that continually pump water to and from the lake and pools which keeps the water cool and fresh. Once in a while a fish makes it through and into the pools.
... See MoreSee Less

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Dee IminurputerThat's the best kind of enrichment!4 hours ago   ·  15
Maureen BonnerFantastic! Love the tail twitch! Then the paw shake! Thanks for the smile3 hours ago   ·  8
Samantha Evonythey actually need that..gets rid of boredom immediatly and brings bak their sense of being an animal3 hours ago   ·  5
Susanna HardingMax is a big bobcat.4 hours ago   ·  4
Melissa CarolineHe could take my face off but I still found myself saying "awwwww honey"3 hours ago   ·  2
April Heddensthat's so cool! I love that sort of enrichment <34 hours ago   ·  1
Justin ReeseDoing what cats do best.1 hour ago
Cathy Curley<3 your videos!4 hours ago
Bill StaplesAfter they stopped recording he was like "Ah, heck with it. I'm going to go over by the feeding area so my trained humans can bring me food."2 hours ago
Antoinette CummingLove the films at the end of a busy day..soothing.3 hours ago
Lester StelseBeautiful cat. Big to. I've seen smaller bob cats in san diego1 hour ago
Sandra CaseLove the big special...2 hours ago
Terry Cassada DeasonSilly Max ❤️3 hours ago
Cindy LinkeSuch a wonderful environment for these large cats!!! Love it!4 hours ago
Rhia ShaeI love that he can still use his hunting instinct.49 minutes ago
Connie KlineOnly does what comes naturally.3 hours ago
Jenny BettsDoes he eat them when he gets them out? Or does he just watch them flop around? I worked with a couple of brothers who would scoop the fish out, paw at them a bit and then watch them die. We stopped giving them the fish for enrichment because the public started getting upset about the fish.2 hours ago
Susie Tallentits wagging its tail3 hours ago
Abdur RahmanNicr7 minutes ago
James PartipiloAwesome!4 hours ago
Debbie M. Perry-MoranBeautiful baby.3 hours ago
Genevieve BrownIt must seriously make his day when that happens! Best day for cat, worst day for fish!3 hours ago
Emily Maylone;0 what a lucky bobcat!3 hours ago
Jeff BlancIs Max an unusually large bobcat? The ones I've seen are no where near that size.2 hours ago
Amber JonesDoes he not like to get into the water like the tigers?3 hours ago

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