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Girl prys open lynx cage and is scratched at Ringtail Ranch bit.ly/1UuxZxR ... See MoreSee Less

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John TaylorHopefully no one is blaming the lynx for this idiot's actions!!!!2 hours ago   ·  21
Duane KennedyServes her right but again the animal gets blamed2 hours ago   ·  7
Deborah LemmonsHow is this news-worthy? Speaking of scratch, I'm scratching my head over this being in newsfeed.2 hours ago   ·  1
Jil DawsonIrresponsible parenting, and I don't mean the parents of the Lynx2 hours ago   ·  13
Liiso RaudvassarCompletely girl's own fault. Lynx felt danger and attacked to protect.2 hours ago   ·  12
Andrea WellsAlways seems to be humans that endanger these animals2 hours ago   ·  11
Robin MissantDumb, dumb, dumb, did I mention dumb.2 hours ago   ·  9
Belinda FishI love how she did this destruction and "the girl's parents were right there "....2 hours ago   ·  6
Kathy LeoneIrresponsible.2 hours ago   ·  1
Mendi MenefeeThe parents were beside her at the time! They had to have just watched as she opened the cage. What the hell is wrong with people? Also, how could the lynx have quickly scratched "both sides of her head"? That seems odd. Unless she was sticking her whole head into the cage. And why are people keeping lynxes in sheds for people to stare at - this whole story is a nightmare.2 hours ago   ·  6
Ray MartinezAnd,of course,its the Animals fault....2 hours ago   ·  1
AnkaraCases like this parents need to be held accountable and penalized with something. This is very irresponsible and now watch how news media will twist this into making Lynx into some kind of monster. smh!2 hours ago   ·  6
Angela AtkinsWho says Darwin was wrong? Some people.2 hours ago   ·  3
Cathy WashingtonI hope this doesn't cause legal hassles for the facility. Perhaps some animal-loving lawyer will file a preemptive suit against the family for endangering the lynx?2 hours ago   ·  5
Maria Smithwhere were the parents..they need be held accountable2 hours ago   ·  2
Mary Louise SetteSo irresponsible!! She must bear some of the responsilbility along with her parents!! This horrendous behavior must be dealt with now!! 😡😡😡👎👎👎2 hours ago   ·  2
Elaine McKayStupid girl, at her age should know bettet2 hours ago   ·  2
Marshall OliphantEven children should have more sense! What do their parents teach them? I'm really pissed at all these incidents that are no fault of the animals!2 hours ago   ·  3
Kimberly LynnWhere the heck are the parents when this kind of stuff happens?! Sorry but it's ridiculous to me when animals are seen as the aggressors when they are, in fact, usually the victims.1 hour ago   ·  2
Sylvia BalesThis is not a pet, but a wild animal.1 hour ago   ·  2
Kristine Drulamere KolodinskyI think people should warn their kids about animals in the wild and in zoos. Undomesticated creatures are unpredictable for the average Joe. Unfortunately, we live in a world where guns, wild animals, and farming equipment is easily accessible for children who are not taught proper safety.1 hour ago   ·  1
Gail RedmondI can't say that I feel sorry for her.1 hour ago
Nancy PineTwo other people were also slightly injured during the open house. While not getting into a blame game, the owners and operators of rescue facilities do have a responsibility to make sure their charges are protected from random people entering their space.1 hour ago
Jacqui QuinnOh well sucks for them1 hour ago
Bull O'NeillI hope they put that vicious little creature down. Is the lynx ok? Maybe counciling to help it over come this traumatic attack.1 hour ago   ·  14

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