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Abuse Issues

These are some of the most egregious issues that harm big cats:

BigCatRescueWantsYOUPetting Lion and Tiger Cubs


Lion Meat


Big Cat Exhibitions


Exotic Cats as Pets


Big Cats in Zoos


White Tigers are ALL Inbred on Purpose by Exploiters


Circus is NO Fun for Big Cats

Why it’s cruel to buy or breed hybrid cats


Fur Smells Bad and Makes you look Fat


Trophy Hunting:  Find out why hunting big cats causes environmental damage


Canned Hunting: Did you know that petting a cub could mean making it easier for the cat to be shot in a cage?


Why Regulating Conditions Under Which Big Cats are Kept Cannot Work


“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” ― Albert Einstein



The Plight of Tigers in the United States



What is Pay to Play and Why is it SO Wrong?



Big Cats Make Bad Pets and Should Not Be Bred as Props or For Their Parts.


  1. I think your all amazing. Im try to pass along a an abuse situation in Indonesia zoo. There is a horribly malnourished tiger!!! Not sure if you have been notified. Something has to be done. All the animals are dying.

  2. Steffanie, I think if anyone is naive, it's you. All your diatribe tells me is that you are more concerned in having what you want when you want it than in protecting animals.

  3. I really enjoy watching your YouTube videos and firmly support the message you are trying to send to those wanting to own exotic cats. If I lived closer I would love to visit the sanctuary one day! Keep posting videos…,we love watching them out in Portland!

  4. you're right! don't hassle the tigers

  5. More tigers are found in captivity in the USA than in the wild around the world? That's ridiculous…why is it that countries such as America have no sense of animal welfare? Why has it taken so long for these organisations to be set up to fight this animal cruelty and acknowledge the inhumane laws set by these governments. Literally makes me feel sick looking at the way the tiger cubs are tortured by exploitations such as those in the US malls. How can people who are paying for photos and viewings with the tigers not see how undoubtedly cruel it is? Confining a tiger to a space the size of a car park space, if not smaller? You don't have to be a genius to realise that's not even remotely the amount of space that should be provided…and what example is it setting to the kids who are petting them? People really need to get some empathy and educate themselves…wake up to the reality of this evil trade.

  6. Thank God for people like Diane Sullivan and Grace Ge Gabriel and many others who are working to help all of these beautiful wild animals whose habitats and lives we are destroying…human beings are so often totally insane, especially in America, and we need more good people like these to work against this swell of ignorance.

    • I agree with you, their natural habitat isn't exactly safe and they're also NOT safe from poachers that are killing them for sport and to sell their fur. A lot of people criticize these sanctuaries, however I see them as saviors for even more horrendous fates they would face at the hands of these heartless poachers, out in the wild. True they're born in the wild, but their numbers are diminishing, b/c the African government really doesn't protect most of these animals. So I agree with you.

  7. so you think a tiger makes a good pet huh? Here is your education…


  1. Big Cats are Not Pets - Advocacy for Animals - […] creatures are trapped in a cycle of misery that begins with captive breeding by dealers, who strip the infant …
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