hear big catsAlexander

Male Bobcat

DOB 5/13/94 – 3/11/2015
Alexander’s father was supposed to be a sterile first generation hybrid so we did not expect Alexander. Alex is one of our more friendly and outgoing bobcats. Whenever keepers are near, he will get right up and begin to follow their movements watching with intense curiosity. Alex was placed with Windsong, who was more reserved than he. His enthusiasm was contagious and soon Windsong became friendly towards keepers as well. Alex is also a bit of a clown and will often do silly things like pouncing at a pile of leaves or a stick on the ground for no apparent reason other than to get a chuckle from anyone who may be watching at the time. After four years of living together with Windsong, the two surprisingly produced Windstar. Although these hybrids are supposed to be sterile, all of our bobcat hybrids were immediately neutered to prevent any more accidents.


Find out how Alexander Bobcat Got His Name






Bobcat babies are cute but they belong in the wild, in your hearts and not in your homeMost of our bobcats were rescued from fur farms where they were being raised to slaughter for their fur.  Some were being sold at auction where taxidermists would buy them and club them to death in the parking lot, but a few were born here in the early days when we were ignorant of the truth and were being told by the breeders and dealers that these cats should be bred for “conservation.” Once we learned that there are NO captive breeding programs that actually contribute to conservation in the wild we began neutering and spaying our cats in the mid 1990’s.  Knowing what we do about the intelligence and magnificence of these creatures we do not believe that exotic cats should be bred for lives in cages. Read more about our Evolution of Thought HERE


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