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Cat Chat 63

Cat Chat 63 Meet Lisa Maier and Joshua Decker from Local Directive.  Carole met Lisa at a Florida Lobby Day in 2009 and Lisa offered to take over the management of Big Cat Rescue's Google AdWords grant.  As a non profit, Big Cat Rescue had been given a grant of $40,000 a month in advertising and Carole had been managing it, but it is a lot of work to do it right and Lisa and her team were looking for a way to help an animal charity, so they took the reigns in April of 2009 and have done a fantastic job. Today Read More

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Media Producer Wanted 2014 July

Big Cat Rescue Media Producer Wanted   We have loved having Chris Poole as our media producer for the past 6 years, but he and his wife are moving to California on August 30, 2014.  We need to hire a new media producer and give them some time with Chris, before he goes, to familiarize them with the hundreds of hours of content he has stored and our processes and safety training. In 2008 we were the 6th most popular Non Profit on YouTube with 111,000 views.  By 2014 we had 81,918,219 views.  We aren't just looking for someone who Read More

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Household Shopping to Save Big Cats

Would you change the way you shop if it meant...       Cruelty Free - No animal testing   Safer Around My Pets and Family - Made from nature's bounty without toxic chemicals   More Convenient - Because it is delivered straight to my door   Better for the Environment - Concentrated so that there is less packaging to throw away   Cheaper - Because I'm not paying for the extra packaging and middle men   Effective - Because a lot of products claim all of the above, but they don't work     95% Read More

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Keisha Tigre

Keisha la tigre Keisha la tigre nació en 2000 en un pseudo santuario en Sinclairville, NY llamado JnK’s Call of the Wild. Ella fue la segunda generación de los tigres nacidos en esa instalación y algunos informes indican que 5 generaciones nacieron allí durante los años. Aunque su sitio web proclama ser un santuario, de hecho, todos menos uno de los 11 tigres fuero criados para ser utilizados con fines lucrativos. De acuerdo con los voluntarios, Zeus era el hijo de la hembra original, Kimba, y luego fue cruzado con su madre para crear Read More

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Serval Sheena

Sheena el Serval En 2003 un criador en Kentucky envió un cachorro serval de tan solo 8 semanas de edad a una mujer en Ohio, quien la nombró Sheena. (En la página web del criador, todavía se jacta de estar vendiendo cachorros de serval a dueños de mascotas en los EE.UU. por $6.000 y en el exterior por $9.000.) Pasaron 11 años... Después de que Terry Thompson dejara 56 leones, tigres y osos en OH, el estado decidió prohibir la posesión privada de grandes felinos, pero eximio a los animales existentes, siempre y cuando los propietarios Read More

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Zeus Tigre

Zeus el tigre Zeus el tigre nació en un pseudo santuario en Sinclairville, NY llamado JnK’s Call of the Wild en 1996. Zeus sufre de visión limitada y necesita gotas en los ojos diariamente para controlar el dolor hasta que este lo suficientemente fuere para la cirugía. Fue salvado por Big Cat Rescue en mayo 2014, cuando la oficina del fiscal del estado de Nueva York decidió enviar un mensaje a todos los criadores de traspatio, distribuidores y pseudo santuarios que ya no se harían de la vista gorda ante el peligro que estas instalaciones Read More

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Now at Big Cat Rescue July 17 2014

Yesterday was EPIC for big cats! Our Senate bill S1381 had a hearing and the only oral suggestion made by anyone in the room was that the exemptions be more narrow to insure that the bad guys don't manage to slip through the cracks to deal in big cats. Passing the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act will end so much suffering! Champaign was flowing last night! Dive to Save Lives The sanctuary is home to over 100 lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars, servals and other species most of whom have been abandoned, abused, orphaned, saved from Read More

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What's the Difference Between the AZA & ZAA?   More than can be included in this article, but here are two of the differences that are most important to saving big cats.   Origins of AZA vs ZAA   The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) was founded in 1924.  The Zoological Association of America (ZAA) claims to have been founded in 2005, but appears to have just been an idea that never really took off until the Lowry Park Zoo, under leadership of Lex Salisbury, lost its AZA accreditation in 2008.  Online sources Read More
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