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Sand Cat Videos

Sand Cat Videos   We are proud to have some of the happiest cats around. And right now our sand cats are at the top of that list as they love their new sand. A BCR supporter named Lindsay chose to have her friends give money to donate to a project for us rather than spend it on gifts for her. When donating money you can earmark the donation and tell us exactly what you want that money to go to. She picked a “Casper project” (named after a cougar we all loved) and wanted sand to be put in our Read More

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AdvoCat News 2011 11

100 Cars for Good Benefits 100 Big Cats   We want to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who voted for us in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good contest. Big Cat Rescue won and celebrated with Stadium Toyota last Wednesday night.   This Toyota Tundra will go a long way in helping the big cats from hauling supplies, to taking cats to the vet, to cross-country rescue trips!   More photos of the celebration.     Zanesville Massacre Sparks Change in Legislation to Protect Wild Animals   The Read More

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AdvoCat News 2011 10

3 New Tigers Call Big Cat Rescue Home   We are very excited to announce the rescue of three very special tigers; Amanda, Andre & Arthur.   The economic crunch has been felt nationwide by all and charities are no exception.  In fact it is non-profits that are often affected first.  When money becomes tight and every dollar counts, donating to a charity is the first budget cut for most individuals.  These difficult financial times struck one particular sanctuary in Texas so hard that they were forced to declare bankruptcy Read More

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AdvoCat News 2011 09

Please Comment on Proposed Rule Change Aimed at Saving Tigers   Save the Tiger - Your Comments are Needed The US Fish and Wildlife Service wants to hear from you.  Please take just 30 seconds to visit their site and comment on a proposed rule change that will help protect tigers.  This rule change will require that individuals breeding generic (not pure-bred) tigers will have to follow the same strict regulations and permitting processes that are currently required of Species Survival breeding Read More

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AdvoCat News 2011 08

Phantom Fur Ball to Rescue Tigers We decided not to hold our annual Fur Ball this year so that we could focus our attention on stopping the abuses the big cats face, at their root, through legislation.  This does not mean, however, that we do not desperately need the funds that are usually generated from the event.  Each year the proceeds from the Fur Ball go towards the care of the cats that we rescue.  This year is no different and in fact, at the time of writing this issue, we are coordinating the rescue of 3 tigers. Andre, Apotha, Read More

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AdvoCat News 2011 07

Wines to Benefit the Big Cats   We are very excited to announce the launch of Big Cat Rescue's Roar Reserve wines available for purchase through Benefit Wines.  The Roar Reserve wines offered - Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc are imported from LaFortuna Vineyards in Lontue Valley, Chile. These vegan friendly wines are produced using certified organic grapes by a fair trade certified vineyard.   Each wine bottle label features one of the big cats living at the sanctuary and $7 Read More

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Skip Cam Episodes

Skip the Bobcat   Skip's injuries made it impossible for him to be released back into the wild because his pelvis canal healed too narrowly to pass fur and bones. He has to be kept on a soft diet and have constant monitoring to make sure he doesn't get blocked up.  Skip has gathered a huge fan club called the SkipAHolics and they check in on him via web cam videos and photos taken by our Keepers below.  They have set up a donation page to gather some things for the Big Cat Rescue Wishlist here: Check this page often for the latest Read More

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Big Cat Christmas 2007-2010

Big Cat Christmas 2007-2010   Dec 18, 2007  We try to make every day a holiday for our cats with our enrichment program. Watch as Shere Khan, China Doll, T.J., Bella, Bengali, Cameron, and other felines get some donated trees. Thank you very much for making this a wonderful year for all our cats! Have a safe and happy holiday season. *special thanks to the Target store in Tampa, Fl. for donating the trees. Music Copyright: Christmas Tree by Kevin MacLeod Incompetech used with Creative Common Read More

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Big Cat Rescue PSA

Big Cat Rescue Public Service Announcements Big Cat Rescue 30 second PSA, visit or chat with others who love big cats at It is upsetting that the fur industry is still going strong after all these years. I am sure we all have seen the shocking animal rights videos showing the horrible scenes of an animal being electrocuted at a fur ranch or a fox caught in a trap in the wild simply for its fur. At Big Cat Rescue we have several beautiful lynx and Read More

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Haley’s Act Video by Guest 2008

Haley's Act Video by Guest 2008 I didn't know she was actually listening to my rants but apparently my mother listened close enough to make a video about why she supports the Haley's act on youtube (if you knew my mother you would know what an achievement this is!)We all know the importance of getting this law passed the only video on Haley's act currently available on youtube comes from animal abusers who oppose it!   Please watch rate and comment. This is such an important issue it is important that Read More

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Flagship Species

Flagship Species A flagship species is one chosen to represent an environmental cause. And often we see lions and tigers used in promotion and advertising. And these are the two species used the most to produce cubs for the industry as well, and there are ethics matters that come into play with that. There are an estimated 41 species of felines out there and by protecting enough habitat for lions and tigers we then save habitat for all the lesser known cats as well. Big Cat Rescue is committed in not only giving Read More