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Male Siberian/Bengal Tiger

DOB 6/1/95

Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 12/5/2000


Bengali used to ride on a horse drawn chariot in the circus. When he was retired here, we were told that he would surely kill someone because he was so confrontational. It is amazing what a change of living conditions can do for a tiger!

Since his days are no longer spent on the road living in a transport carrier, but rather playing with his giant red Planet Ball, jumping in his pool, napping high on top of his den, or chuffing at his visitors, he is a very happy tiger.

Bengali loves operant training time. By training these wild animals in certain behaviors such as “sit” and “down,” our veterinarians have a much easier time doing routine, hands-off examinations. One day, Bengali became ill and began losing weight. Due to his operant training, keepers were able to draw blood from his tail without having to sedate him. Sedation is often dangerous and to be avoided whenever possible. Since Bengali was eagerly waiting for his treat reward for responding to the “down” command in his lockout, he didn’t even notice the procedure he was undergoing.



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 See More About Bengali Tiger:

September 2014 Video: Natalia Borrego, a doctoral research student from the University of Miami, conducts a research experiment with Bengali and some of the other tigers around the sanctuary. Turns out, Bengali is one smart feline (but we already knew that)!

See Jamie and Carole build a tunnel to get Bengali Tiger home from “vacation” in this Wildcat Walkabout Video on April 25, 2014 –

July 2013 Video: Independence Day at Big Cat Rescue! Watch Bengali, Shere Khan & China Doll create some purr-fect artwork to celebrate the 4th of July! *Using non-toxic paint and 4ft x 4ft canvases the tigers had a grrreat time making “art”!

Video 45 seconds: Bengali loves his big red ball.  He is working hard trying to get it through the doorway between his two enclosures.  The ball is bigger than the door but Bengali is determined.

Photo: Bengali gets a new pool

December 2008 Video: Bengali has a habit of “playing” with his water bowl which actually means desctroying it.  His water bowl has been replaced a few times, watch this funny video to see how he keeps destroying his water bowl and what the staff has done to try to ‘fix’ the issue.

November 2006 Video: Bengali the tiger gets some new dirt and scratchin’ logs in his enclosure.



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