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AdvoCat 2015 03

Safari Days at Big Cat Rescue Dear Big Cat Rescuer, If you loved the March for Lions event last year, you will really love Safari Days!  Once a year we will host a reduced price day for all ages where you can come and get an overview of the sanctuary.  The money from these events will be donated to protecting exotic cats in the wild...where they belong!  We sold out quickly last year so be sure to get your tickets now for Sunday, Father's Day June 21, 2015 from noon till 3PM.  Tickets are $10 per person, and a paid person can bring Read More

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AdvoCat 2015 01

Happy Valentine's Day 2015 ...and AdvoCat MewsLetter   New Store is a Much Better Shopping Experience   Find out why people who are shopping in our new online store are loving it!  We've had an online store since the beginning of online stores, but as soon as this one launched last week our sales went through the roof. Check it out to see how much easier it is to find the purr-fect gift for others or yourself and how easy it is to check out.  Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so you will want to make sure your order is Read More

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AdvoCat 2014 12

Happy Holidays from Big Cat Rescue! Some were naughty and some were nice, but they are all hoping they are still on YOUR list.   Free and Fun Holiday Goodies   Send free e-cards, or play holiday themed games, or do season themed puzzles, or dress up games or make holiday crafts; all at our site.  Fun for all ages and provided to you free as our gift to you.   Last Minute Gifts the Save Big Cats It's too late for us to get orders shipped to you from our store in Read More

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AdvoCat 2014 11

Giving Thanks for Your Support   We are looking forward to a season of thanksgiving and cheer and you are in our hearts and on our minds.  Thank you for making it possible for us to provide a permanent home to so many big cats and all you are doing to help us end the trade in wild cats as pets, props and for their parts.  Here is the scoop on what is happening at the sanctuary and you can find even more recent news in the Winter Big Cat Times. Free Thanksgiving Games and Goodies: Free Read More

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AdvoCat 2014 10

Happy Halloween from Big Cat Rescue!     Most of this month's AdvoCat news can be found in the Big Cat Times online edition here:  BCT-2014-4 It is there that you will find out about our most recent tiger rescue, an update on Mickey Cougar, see our Windsong Memorial Hospital rising from the ground, get an update on Ariel the most recent bobcat rescue, bid a sad farewell to some of our beloved big cats, check out some great photos of recent rescues, Zeus and Keisha Tigers, going on vacation, see some fun new Halloween photos, Read More

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AdvoCat 2014 09

Big Cat Rescue Honored as 2014 Top-Rated NonProfit by Award is based on Positive Online Reviews Keisha Tiger on her first "Vacation" in the Vacation Rotation enclosure   Thanks to YOU! Last month, after some animal exploiters posted some fake reviews to try and bring our scores down, we asked you to post reviews about Big Cat Rescue if you had been here to several sites and today it was announced that we won the prestigious 2014 Top-Rated Award by GreatNonprofits, the leading provider of user reviews about Read More

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AdvoCat 2014 08

Welcome Mickey the Cougar!   To everyone who donated and who shared Mickey's story, we offer our heartfelt appreciation.  Mickey is one trooper of a cougar and despite his debilitating condition he still rolls on the soft ground and plays with his toys, bowls and even his den.  We have to fatten him up a bit, so he can be sedated and evaluated by an orthopedic specialist, but we have the vet date scheduled and will keep you posted. This video is heartbreaking to watch. We recorded it to let the orthopedic specialist see how Mickey Read More

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Advocat 2014 07

This month has almost too much good news to share!  It is because of people, like YOU, who speak up for the big cats that we are seeing so many good things happening for them and such a huge shift in the way people think about them.   First up in the good news Cat-egory:   The Senate had a hearing on S1381, the Big Cats and Public Safety Act, and is moving forward on the bill.  If you are new to Big Cat Rescue and our issues, this is THE MOST IMPORTANT BILL EVER to protect captive big cats from being bred for life in backyard Read More

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AdvoCat 2014 06

The June AdvoCat   When to Euthanize a Tiger   At Big Cat Rescue we have a general  decision tree that we and our vets use to determine when it is time to euthanize a big cat, but every situation is different. The vast majority of the time we just aren't sure that it is the right decision until we do the necropsy, which is the animal version of an autopsy.  The reason it is so hard to know, if we are doing the right thing, is because cats are hard wired to live the mantra of the wild; "Survival of the fittest."  They just will Read More

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AdvoCat 2014 05

The May AdvoCat Big Cat Rescue saved 3 starving and severely neglected tigers from a dilapidated pseudo-sanctuary in New York. JnK Call of the Wild was finally shut down by authorities resulting in the seizure of 20 exotic animals. The 3 tigers that will now call Big Cat Rescue home are Keisha, Kimba and Zeus. Read about their rescue and see the photos here:   Read More