AdvoCat 2014 12

AdvoCat 2014 12

Happy Holidays from Big Cat Rescue!


Some were naughty and some were nice, but they are all hoping they are still on YOUR list.


Free and Fun Holiday Goodies


Send free e-cards, or play holiday themed games, or do season themed puzzles, or dress up games or make holiday crafts; all at our site.  Fun for all ages and provided to you free as our gift to you.


Last Minute Gifts the Save Big Cats

It’s too late for us to get orders shipped to you from our store in time for Christmas, but you can still of our big cats or make gifts using our beautiful images of the cats.  Hundreds of purr-fect exotic cat photos to choose from here and you can download the image immediately.


Make a New Year’s PLEDGE to Never Go to the Circus!!


If you love lions and tigers and elephants, please make it your New Year’s Resolution for 2015 to NEVER go to a circus that has wild animals!

The circus makes big cats and elephants do unnatural tricks like jumping through rings of fire or balancing on balls. We believe the animals perform because they are afraid of the circus trainers, who use painful bull hooks, electric prods and whips. Tigers and lions should not live in tiny circus cages with barely any room to move. And elephants should not be tied up with ropes and chains so short they can’t even walk.

Big Cat Rescue would like to see ONE MILLION kids and adults pledge to live CIRCUS FREE!! We promise to make sure the politicians in Washington know that all of us who LOVE wild animals want the circus to stop exploiting them! Big cats and elephants belong in the wild…not in circus cages and wagons.

And if you visit Big Cat Rescue, we will give you a FREE GIFT for making the pledge to go CIRCUS FREE!!



Please Help Us Win $7,000 for the Cats!


Big Cat Rescue has been selected by High 5 Casino as one of 4 charities to receive a special Holiday Donation during their Facebook contest from December 15 through December 23! The charity with the MOST VOTES will win the grand prize of $7,000. Right now we are in last place, but the contest has just started and we know you guys will step up to help our cats!

You can only vote once. VOTE FOR BIG CAT RESCUE HERE:


Videos Since Last Month



Check out this play list of all of the videos posted since our last AdvoCat Mews-letter.


New Tour Times


Big Cat Rescue is making major changes to better focus our energy on saving the most big cats possible.  This includes huge changes to our Education Program and Tours, so check out the new tour times and prices here:  Our goal is to end the trade in exotic cats as pets, props and for their parts.  These changes will help us reach that goal along with your continued support.


Please share this AdvoCat newsletter with your friends and family.


AdvoCat 2014 11

AdvoCat 2014 11

Giving Thanks for Your Support


We are looking forward to a season of thanksgiving and cheer and you are in our hearts and on our minds.  Thank you for making it possible for us to provide a permanent home to so many big cats and all you are doing to help us end the trade in wild cats as pets, props and for their parts.  Here is the scoop on what is happening at the sanctuary and you can find even more recent news in the Winter Big Cat Times.

Free Thanksgiving Games and Goodies:

Free things you can do to help include Commenting and Liking posts on our social sites like Facebook.  That helps us reach more people with our message that big cats belong in the wild and not our homes.

As you do your holiday shopping, please remember that you can benefit Big Cat Rescue at no cost to you by ordering online at Amazon Smile and choosing Big Cat Rescue as your charity of choice.


Playlist of Videos Since the Last AdvoCat


Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss another great cat video!


Sad Farewell to the King of Big Cat Rescue


Taking care of 100 exotic animals is a roller coaster ride of emotions as we try to provide the best possible life for them and yet deal with the gut wrenching decisions of life and death. Of our 103 animals, 81 of them are over the age of 12, which is
about as long as they live in zoos or in the wild. An amazing 70 are over the age of 15 (90+ in human years). Even more incredible, 20 are 20 years or older. It is with heavy hearts that we must say good bye to these two furry friends who have touched our hearts forever.

Shere Khan’s parents were bred with the hopes of producing a white tiger cub that would fetch a large sum of money. The breeder pre-sold Shere Khan, but when Shere Khan was born he was orange and considered worthless.

Sadly due to the public’s fascination with oddities many tiger cubs just like Shere Khan are discarded because of their color. Though many people believe that the white tiger is an “endangered” species that should be bred to be saved, this is completely untrue. The white tiger results from a color mutation that happens infrequently in the wild and usually is not passed along. White animals in a forest environment would not live long due to their inability to hide and sneak up on prey. When you hear the phrase “survival of the fittest,” remember that nature does not allow the genetically mutated
white tiger to survive in the wild, therefore, should not be bred in captivity.

In fact you may be surprised to know that every white tiger is the result of incessant inbreeding which results in a multitude of debilitating birth defects. The American Zoological Association (AZA) recognizes that these cats should not be bred and admonishes AZA accredited zoos not to breed any more of them.

Shere Khan was rescued and came to Big Cat Rescue when he was just 3 months old in 1995. He was terribly malnourished and suffered from weakened bones. He was immediately started on a regimen of vitamins and supplements and fed a healthy diet. One month after his rescue China Doll a 5 month old tigress was rescued from a family that could no longer care for their collection of big cats. Shere Khan and China Doll became fast friends and life long companions. (Shere Khan was neutered to prevent any cubs from being produced).

Shere Khan blossomed into a magnificent healthy tiger weighing in at 750 lbs in his prime. He and China Doll spent every day together in their 3-acre enclosure.

Lounging on their jungle gyms, swimming in the lake, and chasing one another around their forest. The two became the king and queen of Big Cat Rescue, icons that will always be remembered as such.

Tragically China Doll suffered from a stroke at the age of 19 in April and due to her inability to recover was euthanized. Ever since the loss of his best friend Shere Khan’s health began to decline. His mobility was ever decreasing. He no longer
played or had the same zest for life, and eventually he refused to eat. Just a few months after the loss of our queen, we suffered the loss of our king. While those of us who are left behind are heart broken and will miss them both greatly we can take solace in knowing that Shere Khan and China Doll have been reunited in that great big forest in the sky where they will run free together forever.



Sad Goodbye to Cody Cougar


Cody and his mate Missouri became unwanted dependents when their owners got divorced. They arrived at Big Cat Rescue in 2000 and their arrival was filmed for Jack Hanna’s Wild Adventures. Cody was neutered and shared a spacious enclosure with Missouri for many years. Over time they grew apart and decided that they preferred their own space so they were separated but remained neighbors. Missouri passed away 2 years ago.

Cody was a very handsome cougar and looked different from the other cougars at the sanctuary. He had a thick robust build, a long fluffy tail and a black nose. Cody was very shy and only had a select few keepers he was fond of. Sadly as Cody grew older his joints became terribly arthritic and he began to suffer from kidney disease. His illness eventually took over and the humane decision to help ease him into the afterlife was made.


Top Shocking Incidents of Big Cat Exploitation – November 2014

We hope by sharing a new list with you each month that you will join us in speaking out for the big cats and cubs that are exploited across this country every day. We encourage you to take one small action today and contact one or more of the offenders below to politely express your concern. Together we can be the voice for the voiceless…together we can make a difference. If you learn of exotic cats or cubs being exploited in your area, please contact Susan Bass at


Antle Ligers

Antle with Liger Cubs



No. 1 The notorious Bhagavan Antle (pictured here) is, we believe, one of the most prolific breeders and exploiters of big cats and cubs in America. He is the founder and director of The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (T.I.G.E.R.S.) which is petitioning the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for a permit to export 18 of his captive-born tigers to Mexico.

The petition (PRT-36398B) claims he wants to take the tigers to Mexico “for the purpose of enhancement of the survival of the species.” WHAT? There is zero conservation value in his captive-born tigers and no reason to subject the cats to such stress and other possible risks.

Please send a comment by December 8, 2014 to U.S. Fish & Wildlife expressing your concerns and asking them NOT to allow the permit. Make sure you state you are commenting on PRT-36398B. You are the only voice these 18 tigers have. Thank you for speaking out for them!!




Please do NOT grant The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (PRT-36398B) a permit to export 18 of their captive-born tigers to Mexico. 

The petition (PRT-36398B) claims the tigers will be taken to Mexico “for the purpose of enhancement of the survival of the species.” There is zero conservation value in captive-born tigers and no reason to subject the cats to such stress and other possible risks. 


Mail: Brenda Tapia, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Division of Management Authority, Branch of Permits, MS: IA, 5275 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041



Lynx in the snow in the wild


No. 2 In a terrible move for our federally protected Canadian lynx, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has approved a permit allowing trappers and agents in Maine to injure or kill these rare and threatened cats during Maine’s trapping season. Maine is the first state to have an “incidental take” plan for Canada lynx.

Wildlife advocates say the state’s plan to minimize harm to lynx falls far short of what is actually needed to safeguard the forest-dwelling cats from trapping, to which they are particularly susceptible. The state is relying almost exclusively on trappers to voluntarily report when they accidentally capture or kill a lynx.

Read more here:

Please let the U.S Fish & Wildlife Service’s Northeast Region and the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife know animal lovers do not want to see our federally protected lynx injured and killed. Their lives are not incidental!

Contact Assistant Regional Director Paul Phifer of the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region at 413-253-8304 and

Contact James Connolly, Director of the Bureau of Resource Management, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife at 207-287-5259 and

Comment on the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife’s Facebook page here:


No. 3 YEAH! Last month we asked you to contact Louisa County High School (Virginia) about the two adult lions they have at every home football game. We’ve learned that THANKS TO YOUR CALLS AND EMAILS the school will no longer have big cats brought to the games and subjected to the noise of crowds, fireworks and cannons!! Thank you for speaking out!!


$42,500 Grant to Match YOUR Donations to New Cat Hospital


Steady progress is being made on the new Windsong Memorial Hospital. At this writing the concrete slab has been completed and the shell of the building is complete. The vendor for the X-ray machine has started the production process (they make these one at a time to order).

Windsong HospitalWe explored options for bringing the required 3 phase power to us. Because we are at the end of a long dirt road far from the nearest node of that kind of power, the cost to bring power under the only practical scenario was estimated to be $69,000 by our electric company. In addition it required them to get easements, put in new poles, and then put this into their construction backlog. In short, it would have been hugely expensive and taken months.

With the help of the X-ray manufacturer and our electrical engineering firm we came up with a better solution. Since the X-ray machine is only used intermittently, it can be powered by a generator. Of course, we are not talking about those little units you see in Home Depot. We are talking about a 50kW diesel powered generator that is 8 feet long and weighs a little over one ton! This generator will cost an estimated $25,000 – $30,000 installed. Still very expensive, but less than half the cost of the power line and it can have us up and running MUCH sooner. Currently our engineering firm is completing the electrical drawings that are needed to apply for the electric permit.

So, what is left to do? We need to get the electrical permit, install the wiring and fixtures in the hospital, install the air conditioning and the generator, finish out the inside of the building, get the X-ray machine and install it, and set up the ultrasound system. A lot to do, but we are on the way.

The total cost of the building including the generator is currently estimated to be about $85,000. This week our fundraising received a huge boost from Sarah and Bruce McWilliams, who previously provided the funding for the X-ray machine itself. These passionate advocates for the cats have generously offered an additional $42,500, half the estimated cost of the completed hospital, as a Matching Grant to match all other donations dollar for dollar.

If you are considering a year end donation, this is a great way to leverage it. You can donate via the order form and envelope with this newsletter, or online at Any donations in excess of the building cost will be used for other needs of the cats.

Our sincere thanks to the McWilliams’ for this very generous matching donation and to all of you who help us earn the match!


Federal Bill Update


As this two year congressional session comes to a close at year end, we are excited to report the progress of our federal bill (HR 1998 / S1381) this session. Passing a federal law is usually a multi session process where you steadily build support over time until it finally passes. That is exactly what is happening. At the end of the 2012 session we had about 60 cosponsors in the House and had just introduced the bill in the Senate. We currently have almost twice as many cosponsors in the House, 115! IT IS YOUR EMAILS AND CALLS TO LEGISLATORS THAT IS MAKING THIS HAPPEN!

The important step that needs to happen after a bill is introduced is to have it “heard” in the Committee or Subcommittee that must recommend that it move further in the process. We were thrilled (and somewhat surprised that it happened so soon) that the Subcommittee on Water and Wildlife of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works heard the bill in July. Senator Blumenthal, who introduced the Senate Bill, spoke to the committee, and Carole submitted written testimony along with other experts and animal welfare organizations. This is a major step for the bill!




At the end of this two year session on December 31, 2014 all bills expire. When the new session begins in 2015 we will reintroduce the bill, just like we did after the 2012 session. We will go back to cosponsors that are re-elected and ask them to cosponsor again and then continue to build momentum, working toward getting a hearing in the House. This is just part of the normal process and the steady progress we are making is very, very encouraging.

This bill truly is the only real solution to ending the widespread misery that big cats endure in private hands. We are on track in what can be a slow and frustrating process, but one where persistence pays off.




As we reported in our summer issue, the bad guys are lobbying against the bill. There is one lobbyist we know is lobbying against our bill and providing what we believe is false information to legislators. And guess who we hear is paying him?   Mario Tabruae, who news reports indicate is a self confessed illegal importer of exotic animals, a convicted drug dealer, and was implicated in the brutal murder of a DEA agent. Last week a construction worker at his facility had his finger bitten off by a tiger. A perfect example of the kind of people we are battling.

The key thing now is to build whatever additional momentum we can in these last few months by trying to sign up more cosponsors so we begin the next session in the strongest possible position.

Please visit and email your legislators urging them to cosponsor the bill. If you want to have the most impact, change the language in the suggested text, at least the first line, so it is not perceived as a “form.” That small effort makes a big difference.

If your legislator is already a cosponsor (you can check at or ) the system will automatically send them a note of thanks. This is just as important as asking them to cosponsor. It reminds them that they have constituents who care about this issue, which is important for them to have in mind when the lobbyists for the bad guys visit them.

YOU can make stopping this abuse part of your life’s legacy by letting your legislators know you care and urging others you know to do so. Thanks for helping us stop big cat abuse!



Thank you for catching up with the cats!  Please have a Happy Thanksgiving and share this AdvoCat Mewsletter with a friend! 




AdvoCat 2014 10

AdvoCat 2014 10

Happy Halloween from Big Cat Rescue!


Happy Halloween White Tiger Pumpkin


Most of this month’s AdvoCat news can be found in the Big Cat Times online edition here:  BCT-2014-4

It is there that you will find out about our most recent tiger rescue, an update on Mickey Cougar, see our Windsong Memorial Hospital rising from the ground, get an update on Ariel the most recent bobcat rescue, bid a sad farewell to some of our beloved big cats, check out some great photos of recent rescues, Zeus and Keisha Tigers, going on vacation, see some fun new Halloween photos, find some holiday shopping bargains and get the scoop on the progress of our federal bill to ban big cat abuse.  Get all of that here:  BCT-2014-4


Get Tickets to Haunted Trail


Walk the path of horror this Halloween night through a cypress marsh and come face to face with terrifying villains from your favorite scary movies. There will be food and drinks for purchase, a pumpkin carving contest, and more!

Gates open at 7PM with the first tour beginning at 7:30. The last admissions to the trail are at 10PM so be there or be scared!

Call 888-316-5875 for reservations and details or go to!

Ages 10+, no costumes please!


Free Halloween Treats


Check out some of our big cat Halloween Games, Goodies and Freebies for your family to enjoy. Many of these Halloween goodies feature photos of the big cats that live here. Your can get free Halloween crafts for the crafting members of your family. Your can get free Halloween desktop wallpapers, free Halloween screensavers, free Halloween games to play online and offline. There are even free Halloween party games and party packs for you to download and print. It is our hope that you will enjoy this free Halloween stuff and pass the link to Big Cat Rescue’s main web site on to your friends.


Party with Big Cat Rescue


It’s a purrrrrrfect time to take a walk on the wild side and celebrate Centre Club Tampa’s 30th anniversary Charity Classic event! Dance the night away to live music, sip handcrafted cocktails and enjoy delectable hors d’oeuvres benefiting Big Cat Rescue, E.P.C.F., and Augie’s Quest.

When: Saturday Oct. 18 at 6:30 pm

Where: 123 South Westshore Boulevard  Tampa, Florida 33609

Rrrrrrreservations required so RSVP today! 813-286-4040  Tickets:


Lions and Tigers and Dragons, Oh My!

Body Shop Dragon Fruit Lip Butter


We’re ROARINGLY excited to announce that The Body Shop has recently decided to extend promotion of their “Dragon Fruit Lip Butter” fundraising/public awareness campaign!

Over the course of the past year, the Body Shop Foundation has generously donated a portion of the proceeds of the sale of their super-moisturizing “Dragon Fruit Lip Butter”, approximately $17,000, in support of the magnificent creatures that call Big Cat Rescue home.

The exciting news is that between October 13th and November 2nd, all Body Shop stores in the U.S. will be prominently promoting super-moisturizing “Dragon Fruit Lip Butter” as well as the charities that will be benefiting from the sales of this product.

100% of the profits from the sale of the “Dragon Fruit Lip Butter” go to charity so the greater the sales, the greater the funding.

If you don’t live near a Body Shop store, not to worry, as you can still wet your lips and support the cats by purchasing the super-moisturizing “Dragon Fruit Lip Butter” online:


Videos Since the Last AdvoCat


Small Cat Halloween Enrichment



Bengali Tiger VS The Mummy



Cameron and Zabu Vacation Rotation



Siberian Lynx VS Pumpkin



Ariel Bobcat Checkup



TJ Tiger Slow Motion Splashing



Running Bear Loves Pumpkin Time



Gilligan Lynx Gets a New Home



Mickey Cougar Physical Therapy Update



Jumanji Leopard Operant Condition via GoPro



Little Feather Gets Fluids



Keisha Tiger Leaves First Vacation



Bengali Tiger VS The Puzzle Box



Cuteness Overload Kittens!



WANTED – Your Honest Opinion


If you answered this on Facebook already this week we have your vote.

We are trying something new with our main YouTube channel at in the past we would launch one video per week and make sure it was the best we could offer, with concise editing, music andscripted dialogues where necessary.

Anything else we filmed, such as keeper walkabouts, long form videos, mini clips, etc. would be posted at our secondary channel

It dilutes our branding to divide our videos across two channels, but we don’t want our loyal primary channel viewers at to be annoyed with a subscription to videos that would not ordinarily have made the cut.

In the comments below would you answer this question? YOUR answer matters to us.

Do you prefer all of our videos to be on one channel at


Top Shocking Incidents of Big Cat Exploitation – October 2014


We hope by sharing a new list with you each month that you will join us in speaking out for the big cats and cubs that are exploited across this country every day. We encourage you to take one small action today and contact one or more of the offenders below to politely express your concern. Together we can be the voice for the voiceless…together we can make a difference. If you learn of exotic cats or cubs being exploited in your area, please contact Susan Bass at


Dirk Arthur is scheduled to appear with big cats at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas

Dirk Arthur is scheduled to appear with big cats at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas

No. 1 A few months ago (March 2014 AdvoCat) we joined with PETA to ask you to take action to let Harrah’s Casino and Caesar’s Entertainment Group know that animal lovers did not want to see the notorious Dirk Arthur and his Wild Magic Show featuring big cats at Harrah’s. We are thrilled to say that YOUR voices were heard and Caesar’s Entertainment Group has agreed to never again work with Arthur after learning about his disturbing history of animal welfare violations!!

BUT we need your voices again…Dirk Arthur is now scheduled to open his Wild Illusions Show featuring big cats in Las Vegas at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in December. Arthur has been cited by USDA for multiple violations of the Animal Welfare Act including forcing two tigers and a lion to undergo painful declawing procedures in violation of a long-standing USDA policy; confining a snow leopard to a rusty and unsound enclosure; subjecting a bobcat to conditions that presented “a clear hazard” to the animal’s safety; failing to use adequate barriers to protect the cats and the public; and denying the animals the opportunity to exercise or even have adequate space to make normal postural adjustments.

Comment on the Riviera Hotel & Casino’s Facebook page:

Sign PETA’s Action Alert:

Call the Riviera Hotel & Casino’s box office at 702-794-9433 (press 2 to speak with a ticket agent) and urge the hotel to pass along the public’s outcry to management.


Rescued bobcat at WE&RC who has seizures will be subjected to loud tram noise

Rescued bobcat at WE&RC who has seizures will be subjected to loud tram noise

No. 2 A supporter contacted us with concerns about a rescue called Wildlife Education & Rehabilitation Center (Florida) that recently acquired an injured bobcat suffering from a broken leg and seizures. The facility appropriately determined that the bobcat named Pawnee (pictured above on the facility’s Facebook page) could not be released back into the wild due to the seizures. BUT they have decided to display her in a cage on the tour path for tourists to gawk at during tram tours through an orange grove owned by Mixon Fruit Farms, where they offer “wildlife tours.” The combination of loud tram noise, fumes and tourists will be a very stressful environment for a wild bobcat, especially one known to have seizures. Please ask Wildlife Education & Rehab Center to keep Pawnee OFF the tour path and instead house her in a safe, quiet place where she can live as stress free a life as possible.

Contact Wildlife Education & Rehabilitation Center’s Curator Gail Straight and President Ed Straight at 941-778-6324 and

Contact Dean Mixon, owner of Mixon Fruit Farms, at 941-748-5829 ext. 243 and

Contact Janet Mixon, owner of Mixon Fruit Farms, at 941-748-5829 ext. 258 and


No. 3 According to a recent article in the Toledo Blade newspaper, the Massillon Washington High School (Ohio) acquires a new tiger cub every year “to travel with the team and greet fans during the football season.” Assistant Athletic Director Brian Pachis says the school “gets the cubs in August and keeps them just through football season.” Please help us educate this high school that their tradition of having a live tiger cub mascot is inhumane, exploitative, cruel and needs to end.

Read an article about it here:

Contact Principal Brad Warner at 330-830-3901 ext. 51107 and

Contact Athletic Director Jason Hall at 330-830-3901 ext. 51620 and

Contact Asst. Athletic Director Brian Pachis at 330-830-3901 ext. 51117 and


No. 4 Louisa County High School (Virginia) has two live adult lions at every home football game. According to an article in The Daily Progress newspaper, the lions are not only subjected to crowd noise during the games but “there are fireworks and cannon explosions when the offense scores.” Every home game since 2005 has had at least one live lion on the sidelines. We can’t even imagine how terrified and stressed out these lions must be. Please help these big cats by asking Louisa County High School to stop exploiting lions at their school.

Read an article about it here:

Contact Principal Lee Downey at 540-894-5436 and 

Contact Athletic Director George Stanley at 540-894-5436 and


Tiger cub on Auburn University’s campus this month

Tiger cub on Auburn University’s campus this month

No. 5 The Student Government Association at Auburn University (Alabama) recently brought a tiger cub on campus as part of their annual “Hey Day” event. The tiger is Auburn’s mascot. Please help us educate the school that there are better ways of celebrating tigers, such as educating students about endangered tigers or fundraising for wild tiger conservation. Having a tiger on campus sends the wrong message that it is ok for people to exploit and use these wild big cats as entertainment.

Read an article about it here:

Contact Auburn’s Student Government Assoc. at 334-844-4240 and

Contact Auburn’s Student Government Assoc. Advisor Brad Smith at 334-844-3277 and

Contact Auburn University’s President Dr. Jay Gogue at 334-844-4650 and



Thank you for catching up with the cats!  Please be safe this Halloween.  Keep your cats indoors and share this AdvoCat Mewsletter with a friend!




AdvoCat 2014 09

AdvoCat 2014 09

Big Cat Rescue Honored as 2014 Top-Rated NonProfit

by Award is based on Positive Online Reviews


Keisha Tiger

Keisha Tiger on her first “Vacation” in the Vacation Rotation enclosure


Thanks to YOU!

Last month, after some animal exploiters posted some fake reviews to try and bring our scores down, we asked you to post reviews about Big Cat Rescue if you had been here to several sites and today it was announced that we won the prestigious 2014 Top-Rated Award by GreatNonprofits, the leading provider of user reviews about nonprofit organizations.  Way to go, you guys!

2014GreatNonProfitAwardThe Top-Rated Nonprofit award was based on the large number of positive reviews that Big Cat Rescue received – reviews written by volunteers, donors and clients. People posted their personal experience with BCR. For example, one person wrote, “Big Cat Rescue is the most wonderful place you can ever visit! I was there last year and GOSH, the animals and their enclosures are gorgeous! The tour guide was friendly and knew her thing. The animals were playful and happy and anyone who says otherwise has not been there! I recommend BCR for anyone who loves, or even LIKES animals.”

While the Top-Rated Awards run through the end of October, Big Cat Rescue was one of the first groups to qualify for the 2014. In addition, we’ll be added to Great Nonprofits #GivingTuesday Guide—an interactive guide to top nonprofits throughout the years. Look for this near the holidays.

“Savvy donors want to see the impact of their donations more than ever,” said Perla Ni, CEO of GreatNonprofits, “People with direct experience with Big Cat Rescue have voted that the organization is making a real difference.”

Being on the Top-Rated list gives donors and volunteers more confidence that this is a credible organization. The reviews by volunteers, clients and other donors show the on-the-ground results of this nonprofit. This award is a form of recognition by the community.


Sad Goodbye to Shere Khan the Tiger


Tigers Shere Khan China Doll - 4

Shere Khan and China Doll were the first tigers to reign over Big Cat Rescue.  We had been keeping a watchful eye over Shere Khan since the first of the year as old age began taking its toll on him, but were shocked and saddened when his mate of 19 years, China Doll, had a sudden stroke and had to be euthanized in April.

Shere Khan always tried to please, and dutifully took his meds (after much coaxing every day) and ate, but would eat just enough to survive.  It was clear that he pined for his life long cage mate and we did all we could to keep him company, but his health declined rapidly and by August we knew that it would only be humane to let him pass peacefully.  It is still hard to write this, because I just can’t imagine the sanctuary without these two wonderful tigers.


T.I.G.E.R.S. Exposed


This is the best article I’ve seen exposing what really happens when you pay to play with baby wild animals.  I believe that two of the worst exploiters of big cats and their cubs are T.I.G.E.R.S. and GW Zoo due to the vast number of cubs that must be produced each year to satisfy the demand they create for pay to play sessions with baby lion, tiger and liger cubs.  This article has great photos and even better reporting:


Some New Videos Since Last AdvoCat

We have a new Media Producer, T.O. Lawrence, and he has some new ideas.  We will continue to post one great video a week at but every day or every other day will be short, updates on the cats you know and love.  To never miss a video, be sure to subscribe at

Kali the Tiger’s Rescue

Aspen Cougar Celebrates 500K Facebook Followers

Kali Tiger Update

Mickey the Cougar Gets Rescued

Help Us Build the Windsong Memorial Hospital


Update on Mickey the Cougar


Mickey’s surgery was successful and he has spent the last few weeks recovering very well.  An artificial ligament was installed in his left rear knee to help stabilize the joint. He still only has access to one half of his enclosure.  Dr. Hay will come out to visit Mickey in the coming week to see how he is progressing.  In the meantime we have started physical therapy sessions with him which include slow walking laps around his enclosure to encourage proper utilization of his repaired joint.  If everything goes well over the next few months he will have the same procedure performed on his other knee.


Wild About 30

is a benefit for Big Cat Rescue, but it’s a purrrrrrfect time to take a walk on the wild side and celebrate Centre Club Tampa’s 30th anniversary Charity Classic event! Dance the night away to live music, sip handcrafted cocktails and enjoy delectable hors d’oeuvres benefiting Big Cat Rescue, E.P.C.F., and Augie’s Quest.

Rrrrrrreservations required so RSVP today! 813-286-4040


Rock to the Rescue Gives $10,000 Grant


Big Cat Rescue was truly delighted to learn that the sanctuary has been selected as recipient of a $10,000 Rock to the Rescue grant.

Rock to the Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded by classic rock band Styx, whose mission is to build strong communities through the support of grassroots organizations across the country. Rock to the Rescue has a special interest in supporting sanctuaries that provide humane and non exploitative care to wildlife.

Ms. Hannah Shaw, Director of Rock to the Rescue notified Jeff Kremer, the sanctuary’s Director of Donor Appreciation that Rock to the Rescue’s band and board had voted to award Big Cat Rescue a $10,000 gift to help fund construction of the sanctuary’s new “Small Cat Vacation Rotation” habitat!

“Rock to the Rescue is impressed with the sanctuary’s education and advocacy efforts on behalf of wild cats, and could not be happier to support this important mission” said Ms. Shaw.

Styx’s Rock to the Rescue has provided over $2 million in support of grassroots animal organizations, music education programs, and disaster relief efforts. The nonprofit is an important component of the band’s national tours, with fundraisers supporting the local community in every city the band performs.

For more information, visit: and be sure to “Like” them on Facebook:


Petition to Rebut False Claims


Whenever someone does something nice for Big Cat Rescue, the animal abusers come out attacking them and often set up hateful petitions to either try and discredit us or to bully the donor into hiding their support for our cause. seems to be one of their favorite places to create these hate campaigns, so we set up a quick and easy petition that we will be able to show donors, when the bad guys strike.

Would you take a moment to add your name as a supporter of big cat rescue to our petition so that we can show that there are far more people who love animals and Big Cat Rescue than those who seek to harm?


Big Cat Bingo

A huge thanks to the supporters, volunteers and interns who helped make our latest bingo night at Hamburger Mary’s in Clearwater and in Tampa both roaring successes.


Stop Tiger Abuse at Georgia State Fair


The Georgia State Fair is planning to host a tiger exhibit by All Things Wild on September 26, even after being informed that handler Marcus Cook has been charged with almost 100 VIOLATIONS of the federal Animal Welfare Act.

Some of his violations include using a cattle prod on a tiger during an exhibition, keeping five tiger cubs in a trailer and allowing urine to saturate the subflooring, and keeping tigers in metal enclosures in 100-degree heat!

Take action here:  Sign PeTA Petition


Amazon Smile Shout Out!


lynxAmazonSmileA huge shout out to everyone who has donated items from our Amazon wishlist and who has chosen Big Cat Rescue as their charity of choice in  We just got a check for close to $900.00 thanks to people like you choosing us when they shop at Amazon.  It costs you nothing more and is an easy way to donate to the cats.

Please note that when you donate through Amazon we don’t get your name or address to send a thank you note, but please know that your help is GRRrrrreatly appreciated!

Thank you for taking the time to catch up with us.  Please share this September AdvoCat newsletter with your friends and family on all of your social sites.



AdvoCat 2014 08

AdvoCat 2014 08

Welcome Mickey the Cougar!


To everyone who donated and who shared Mickey’s story, we offer our heartfelt appreciation.  Mickey is one trooper of a cougar and despite his debilitating condition he still rolls on the soft ground and plays with his toys, bowls and even his den.  We have to fatten him up a bit, so he can be sedated and evaluated by an orthopedic specialist, but we have the vet date scheduled and will keep you posted.

This video is heartbreaking to watch. We recorded it to let the orthopedic specialist see how Mickey walks, because like most cats, he tries to hide his infirmity.

You can help us give Mickey the care he needs here:



Big Cat Interns “Dive to Save Lives”!


On Friday, August 22nd, five of the sanctuary’s amazing interns bravely jumped from 15,000 feet, the successful culmination of their month-long “Dive to Save Lives” fundraising/public awareness campaign.

Lisa Horsborough, Lauren Buckingham, Joanna Atkin, Cody Tepas, Erin Stewart, and Ciara Reddie conducted “Dive to Save Lives” to raise both funds as well as public awareness in support of construction of a new and much needed big cat hospital at the sanctuary. These inspiring animal advocates successfully raised in excess of $7000, surpassing their original goal of $5000!

Dive To Save Lives Interns

Once the new Windsong Memorial Hospital has been completed, we will be able to perform X-ray and ultrasound imaging on both our smallest as well as largest cats, including lions and tigers. Being able to perform such diagnostic imaging at the sanctuary will avoid the need to transport our cat’s off site, sometimes for long distances to provide such crucial health care for the cats.

ROARING Big Cat kudos to all of the sanctuary’s supporters who kindly donated in support of the “Dive to Save Lives” fundraiser and to our wonderful friends at Skydive City in Zephyrhills, Florida for their generous support of the magnificent creatures that call Big Cat Rescue home.


Videos Since the Last AdvoCat


It was too late to add to this AdvoCat MewsLetter, but to make sure you don’t miss the upcoming video of the rescue of Mickey the Cougar, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel,








Do It For Tony


Deadline August 30th!  The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries will consider positive new amendments to its regulations governing the possession of big exotic cats, non-human primates, bears, wolves, and other dangerous wild animals. These amendments will close a loophole that might otherwise enable unscrupulous exhibitors to obtain an exemption from the state’s restrictions on private possession of dangerous species. They also will allow for the Department to make key, unannounced inspections at facilities that house dangerous wild animals. While ALDF continues to seek justice and freedom for Tony the tiger, the welfare of other captive wild and exotic animals will remain at risk unless these important regulatory changes are made.  Please send a quick and easy letter here:


Do It for Us…please


The Internet and its social networking has been the best invention in my lifetime, but it the downside is TROLLS.  People who use and abuse big cats use our high profile reviews to spew their vitriol and a lot of the review sites refuse to take the comments down even though it is obvious that they are not real reviews by real visitors.  If you have visited Big Cat Rescue and loved what you saw, would you post a review (you can cut and paste the same one to each site) at as many of these review sites as possible?

That pushes the trolls back down under the weight of your combined good will.  I like alliterations, so how about we call it Troll Trampling?  For every review site you post to, I think that has to count for one Troll Trampled, don’t you?

Here are the sites in the most important order:

Please post your reviews at Great Non ProfitsCharity Navigator,  TripAdvisorGoogle Places,  and Yelp  

So please post your review and then email me and let me know how many points you scored, based on the number of sites you visited and posted.  Thanks!



Top Shocking Incidents of Big Cat Exploitation – August 2014


We hope by sharing a new list with you each month that you will join us in speaking out for the big cats and cubs that are exploited across this country every day. We encourage you to take one small action today and contact one or more of the offenders below to politely express your concern. Together we can be the voice for the voiceless…together we can make a difference. If you learn of exotic cats or cubs being exploited in your area, please contact Susan Bass at


jake jabs

American Furniture Warehouse owner Jake Jabs (pictured above) is said to be obsessed with tigers.

No. 1 Jake Jabs, the owner of American Furniture Warehouse stores (Colorado), has posed with big cats and used them as “promotional tools” in his advertising for decades. For the retail chain’s Birthday Sale, he posted this video on YouTube

Please let Mr. Jabs and his marketing team know that enough is enough. Animal lovers do not want to see him exploit tigers any longer.

Email President and CEO Jake Jabs at

Email Advertising Director Joe Straface at

Email Public Relations Manager Charlie Shaulis at

Comment on their Facebook page at


Photo of a man posing with a bobcat posted on Gatorland’s Facebook page.

No. 2 Gatorland (Florida) has added bobcats to the list of animals they exploit. The woman who answered the phone at this tourist “attraction” tells Big Cat Rescue that “VIPs can hold and play with the bobcats.”

Please let Gatorland CEO and President Mark McHugh and Public Relations person Michelle Harris know that bobcats should not be exploited for profit and used as entertainment for their visitors. It sends the wrong message that these wild cats can be tamed or make good pets.

Contact CEO Mark McHugh at and 800-393-5297

Contact PR rep Michelle Harris at and 321-284-8101

Comment on Gatorland’s Facebook page:

Mississippi Fair Tiger Cub Abuse

Exhausted tiger cub used for cub petting at the Mississippi Valley Fair in Iowa.

No.3 Once again notorious big cat exploiter Joe Schreibvogel – whom Big Cat Rescue successfully sued last year in Federal court – had cubs at the Mississippi Valley Fair (Iowa) earlier this month. He was exploiting two tiger cubs and two of his new “liliger” cubs. We are told visitors were lined up most of the day waiting to hold and have photos taken with the poor cubs.

The cubs were reported to us to be so exhausted they didn’t even open their eyes or move much. We believe this fair to be one of the worst in the country regarding animal welfare.

Please ask the fair’s management to clean up their act and stop having big cats and cubs at the fair!

Email Bob Fox at

Email Vicky Speth at

Comment on the fair’s Facebook page:

Lion Skin Rug

Lion rug being sold at the Evolution Store in New York.

No. 4 The Evolution Store (New York) is selling a “vintage” African lion skin rug for $16,000. Please help us politely explain to this retail store that THEY are the ones who need to evolve. There is no justification for anyone to buy or sell a lion skin rug. Big cats deserve dignity and our respect…they aren’t home furnishings!

Contact the Evolution Store at 212-343-1114 and

Comment on their Facebook page:


No. 5 The Central States Fair (South Dakota) just ended but it’s not too late to let the fair’s General Manager Ron Jeffries know that it’s just not right to have White Tiger Discovery exhibiting white tigers at their fair. Ask Jeffries to not allow this exhibitor or any other big cat exploiters at the fair next year!

And why do journalists, who are supposed to present both sides of their stories, continue to write about white tigers without interviewing anyone in the animal welfare community? Rapid City Journalist Kayla Gahagan wrote an article about White Tiger Discovery at the Central States Fair and actually quotes handler Mike Whittman saying, “Captivity is a wonderful thing.” WHAT? Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Read an article about the white tiger exhibit in the Rapid City Journal and add your own comment:

Contact Central States Fair GM Ron Jeffries at 605-355-3861 and

Contact Bart Pfankuch, Executive Editor at the Rapid City Journal, at 605-394-8293 and


Important Notice to Capitol One Credit Card Holders


Privacy laws prevent Capital One from telling us what supporters have the BCR credit card. If you have a card, we would appreciate your emailing to let us know so we can keep you informed on some changes that we cannot announce yet. Thanks so much for supporting the cats with your card purchases!


Advocat 2014 07

Advocat 2014 07

This month has almost too much good news to share!  It is because of people, like YOU, who speak up for the big cats that we are seeing so many good things happening for them and such a huge shift in the way people think about them.


First up in the good news Cat-egory:


The Senate had a hearing on S1381, the Big Cats and Public Safety Act, and is moving forward on the bill.  If you are new to Big Cat Rescue and our issues, this is THE MOST IMPORTANT BILL EVER to protect captive big cats from being bred for life in backyard cages.  Lend your voice here.


Got Roku?

Roku Channel Store

If you do, then you have more than 600 episodes of Big Cat TV waiting for you for FREE in the Channel Store! Series include our best videos from each year going back to 2007. Big Cat Vets, Cat Chat Show, and Big Cat Rescuers, our weekly big cat reality show. We will only be in the NEW section of the Channel Store for the next month, so please take a minute to use your Roku box to go to the Channel Store, pick New, then pick Big Cat TV. If you add our channel and give us a 5 star rating, it can help us reach people who might not have any idea that the tiger could disappear in their lifetime, if they don’t join YOU and take action now.


The Real Cost of Posing With Big Cat Cubs


Mainstream media in America is starting to listen and take note of the messages YOU help us share about tiger cub petting schemes! These two great articles denouncing tiger cub petting have been published just this week: – —


Ban the Use of Wild Animals in Circus Acts


adi circus ban

CIRCUS ANIMALS IN THE US NEED YOU TO TAKE ACTION THIS WEEK! Please spare just a few moments of your time to urge your Congressional Representatives to co-sponsor the bill to ban wild animal circus acts, TEAPA. We need ALL OF YOU IN THE US to send a message!

Having considered the inherent animal suffering – the constant travel, the severe restrictions on movement and the unnatural lifestyle the animals are forced to lead – 27 countries around the world banned wild, or all, animals in circuses. IT’S NOW TIME FOR THE US TO DO SO TOO!

PLEASE MAKE A DATE to contact Congress about TEAPA this week. The elephants, tigers, bears and other wild animals presently suffering in US circuses need us to speak on their behalf. WE HAVE A WEEK TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Spread the word and share this message on Facebook, Twitter, and any other way you can.


Live outside the US? You can still support the campaign by signing and sharing our petition


Drag Queen Bingo at Hamburger Mary’s


Wednesday August 6, the queens of the jungle will come out at Hamburger Mary’s in Clearwater for “Drag Queen Bingo” to benefit the tigers at Big Cat Rescue. No cover. $10 gets you 10 games. With prizes including a private tour of the cats for 10 people worth $700. All proceeds benefit Big Cat Rescue. It’s a wild night with outrageous host Melanie and her risqué humor. Seating is limited, so make reservations today. Call 727-400-6996. Eat great food, drink and laugh with Melanie to help big cats at Hamburger Mary’s next Wednesday, August 6 at 28910 US Hwy 19 N  Clearwater, FL 33761


The Big Cat Times Summer Edition


Due to the cost of printing and mailing, you have probably noticed that you rarely get anything in the mailbox from us.  We create a quarterly, print newspaper called The Big Cat Times, but we only mail it to donors and those in our neighborhood, unless you have asked to be on that mail list.  Each quarter we post a digital copy here and the Summer edition was recently added.

If you subscribe to our website, you will never miss an update.


Annual Appeal

Canada Lynx

Because we don’t send out much direct mail for fundraising, we really do need you to help out when we do. This week we are sending out our Annual Appeal, but it only goes to existing donors, so if you have never donated, please check out this page to see why donating to Big Cat Rescue can be YOUR legacy in saving wild cats.

Videos Since the Last Issue of the AdvoCat



Credit Card Processing Savings Lower Our Costs


For years we paid a credit card processing company on a “tiered” basis where they round up the dozens of different levels of fees they pay. Recently I learned from a company called Gulf Management Systems that there is a much fairer and less expensive way to do this. The credit card processor passes on their cost with a small fixed added profit, no rounding up to increase the fees. The net for us has been a savings of thousands of dollars a year in fees.

We have used Gulf for years to do “direct debit” when supporters become Sustaining Donors and sign up to donate monthly from their checking accounts. We have also used them for direct deposit of our payroll checks. The customer service has been fantastic.

As our contract with our credit card processor came up for renewal, I asked them to review it.

When they showed me how much we had been overcharged on credit card fees because of the rounding up tiered system the banks and big merchant service companies typically use, all I could think of was how much better use we could have made of that money.

If you operate a business that takes credit cards or does direct deposit and would like to get a no cost or obligation cost comparison, contact Matt Witte at (727) 669-7644. You can save money, and help the cats because (full disclosure here!) if you mention Big Cat Rescue we get a donation from them!

Media Producer Job


All the great videos that you have seen in the past 6 years have been brought to you by Chris Poole, who started at Big Cat Rescue as an Intern.  He and his wife have decided to move to CA, so we need a new media producer.  Check out the requirements and apply here:


Do You Shop on Amazon?


If you do, you can help Big Cat Rescue with every purchase, at no additional cost to you by making Amazon Smile your log in page to Amazon and selecting Big Cat Rescue as your charity of choice!

Top Shocking Incidents of Big Cat Exploitation – July 2014


We hope by sharing a new list with you each month that you will join us in speaking out for the big cats and cubs that are exploited across this country every day. We encourage you to take one small action today and contact one or more of the offenders below to politely express your concern. Together we can be the voice for the voiceless…together we can make a difference. If you learn of exotic cats or cubs being exploited in your area, please contact

Fallon Tiger Cub

White tiger cub on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in June.

No. 1 Big Cat Rescue was contacted by several of you, our awesome supporters, concerned about this white tiger cub on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last month. The handler confessed that the cub is from the Wildlife Zoological Foundation in Miami, which we believe is one of the country’s worst places for big cats.

Read a recent Mother Jones article about the founder of Wildlife Zoological Foundation here:

PLEASE help us educate the producers of the Tonight Show that animal lovers do not want to see tiger cubs or any exotic cats exploited to entertain viewers. Politely let the producers know you will NOT watch the show if they continue to feature big cats and cubs.

Executive Producer Lorne Michaels:

Producer Gavin Purcell:

Producer Katie Hockmeyer:


See the clip here:


Vernon Yates Tiger Parking Lot 2014

Large caged tiger being gawked at by hundreds of people in Florida. Note the man has his hand inside the cage.


No. 2 This adult tiger was displayed in a small transport cage recently in Safety Harbor (Florida) during the city’s monthly event called Third Friday. We received a number of complaints from local residents and contacted the city about the tiger. Nobody from the city responded to Big Cat Rescue.

Please let the City of Safety Harbor know that many people – not just Big Cat Rescue — do NOT want to see big cats exploited at events. It is so stressful for an exotic cat to be stuck in a small cage with nowhere to hide while hundreds of loud people gawk! Ask the city to institute a “no exotic animals” policy for city events.

City Manager Matthew Spoor at and 727-724-1555

Special Events Supervisor Joe Cooper at and 727-724-1572

Leisure Services Director Andrea Norwood at and 727-724-1555

City Clerk Karen Sammons at and 727-724-1555


No. 3 It’s difficult to convey the sheer idiocy of what happened recently at the Visitor Center at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park (California). The park had a mountain lion pelt on display, which spokesperson Daniel Williford claims “allowed for people to learn about and touch a mountain lion in a safe way.” WHAT? Certainly not safe for the mountain lion!

The pelt was recently stolen. Williford told the Press-Banner newspaper “it’s disappointing that the Visitor Center has become a place of crime.” What’s REALLY disappointing is that this state park is promoting and condoning big cat abuse in the name of “teaching the public about wildlife.”

Read the article here:

Williford also says the Visitor Center will try to replace the pelt if someone doesn’t return the stolen one. Please help us educate this state park and the Press-Banner newspaper that visitors do NOT need to touch a dead mountain lion’s fur in order to appreciate nature! Also ask them not to replace the pelt.

Daniel Williford at and 831-335-7077

Editor at the Press-Banner at


No. 4 A recent Japanese animation convention called Colossolcon (Ohio) featured 30-minute “play dates” with baby tigers as part of their event. They sold Baby Tiger Passes for $150 each and sold out! Even worse, we’ve learned that this is not the first year they have had tigers and we believe they plan to do it again next June. Please email the Directors – we only know their first names – and politely explain that exploiting tiger cubs to make money is not cool and should not be part of their convention going forward.

Donnell – at

Mark – at


No.5 We’ve included the Frisco family’s Bengal Tiger Encounter traveling circus act in this list before. This week the circus family has 5 adult tigers and 2 white tiger cubs at the Elkhart County 4-H Fair (Indiana). The local paper the Elkhart Truth (ironically named) ran a story quoting Felicia Frisco saying the circus act is “an educational show to raise awareness about the plight of the tiger.” Umm, no.

Please help us to educate the management of the fair, the 4-H staff and the newspaper that using big cats and cubs for entertainment is abusive and needs to end. Cats in traveling shows are usually kept in tiny transport cages for days on end, subjected to endless stress due to loud noise and people, and trained using abusive methods. This outdated mode of entertainment is cruel and unacceptable.

Contact the Elkhart 4-H Fair at and 574-533-3247

Contact the Elkhart County 4-H staff:

Robert Kelly at and 574-533-0554

Sthele Greybar at and 574-533-0554

Contact the Elkhart Truth newspaper:

Editor Greg Halling at and 574-296-5937

Managing Editor Marshall King at and 574-296-5805

Reporter JC Lee at and 574-296-5802


Give 5% Back

Would you be interested in shopping from a company that gives back 5% to Big Cat Rescue and 7-20% to Carole Baskin which is automatically signed over to Big Cat Rescue each month?  Find out more:


Interns Dive to Save Lives

Interns come to us for 3 months at a time and work around 60 hours a week. They can complete up to 4 internships – Lisa, Lauren, Ciara, Erin and Cody are all in their 3rd and 4th level. They wanted to do a fundraiser for the cats and have decided to Skydive to Save Lives.  Find out more:



A GAME REMINDER from Big Cat Rescue


(Click here to watch short video)

Dear Big Cat Rescuer,

We are asking you to help us raise funds at NO cost to you. For those that have helped us, we send our deepest thanks. For those that have not, we are asking that you take 10 to 15 minutes out of your busy day to click on one of the below links and play one of our FREE online or mobile games. When you do, the game distributor pays us a fee for your trying the games out.


In fact, if you click on a link after reading this email and try one or more of our listed games that would be very helpful.

Click on the link now to try out one more of our: Online Games and/or

Open this email on your smartphone and try out one or more of our: Mobile Games

One more way to help raise money at NO COST to you: Yahoo has agreed to help us by providing a special search site that is branded just for us. They will also share revenue from searches to help us raise needed dollars.

Just click on the link and check it out…It’s that easy. Please try 5-10 natural searches using this search engine, after all you already use the Internet to search. Now you can search using a branded search engine built exclusively for us, of course the more you use it the better it is for us.

(You can save this special link search page to your favorites). CAN YOU BELIEVE IT; JUST DOING YOUR NORMAL SEARCHES FROM THIS SEARCH LINK, HELPS US RAISE NEEDED FUNDS!!! “Search Link

Thank you for your support!

Please participate now so you won’t forget, we would love 100% participation in the next 24-72

PS: Please send this email to at least on friend or family member, so they can have fun and help us all at no cost!!


American Mustang Film


Florida Voices for Animals will be showing the film “American Mustang” on August 25, 2014 at AMC Westshore.  More info here:    It’s about America’s wild horses and burros that are being rounded up in pens (some for slaughter).  The film is in 3D.


Another free way to help the cats is to share this newsletter with your friends and on your social sites.