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Kiara Worlds First Liliger Born At Russian Zoo VIDEO

Li Liger Cub   Kiara, the world's first liliger, was born in a Russian zoo in August. Kiara is a curious cat: Her father is an African lion and her mother is a liger -- a cross between a lion and a tiger.   Thought to be the world's first known "liliger," Kiara was born last month in the Novosibirsk Zoo in Russia, ABC News reports.  To makethingsevenmore complicated, the super-hybridized feline is reportedly beingraised by an ordinary house cat named Dasha after her liger Read More

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Cages Panels

Free to Good Home   These cage panels are 11.5 gauge chain link and are free to anyone who rescues animals but does not buy, breed, sell or take off site for display. Call Carole 813.493.4564   These are in pretty bad shape, but too good to haul off for scrap. You will need to tear down and move them. Located at 12802 Easy St Tampa, FL 33625. A lot of the wire is cut because the cages had previously had holes cut for external water bowls and doors. Not much rust. Some pipes are bent. Free to first taker.  Sizes of Free Cage Read More

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Man jumps into tiger den at Bronx Zoo is mauled loses foot

  Man Mauled At Zoo 'Wanted To Be One' With Tiger   EnlargeJim Fitzgerald/APThe ticket booths are empty and the gates are chained shut at an entrance to the Bronx Zoo in New York, on Sept. 21. Zoo officials say a visitor who leaped into an exhibit and was mauled by a tiger was alone with the 400-pound beast for about 10 minutes before being rescued. September 22, 2012 A man who was mauled by a tiger at the Bronx Zoo is facing arrest after telling investigators he wanted "to be one" with the 400-pound Read More

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National Geographic Exposes Liger Breeding for the Scam It Is

You may have heard of a liger—the lion-tiger hybrid is, after all, Napoleon Dynamite's favorite animal—but nowa Russian zoo has released photos of a so-called "liliger" named Kiara, the offspring ofa liger mother and a lion father. (See liger pictures.)   "Liliger" Born in Russia NoBoon for Big Cats Unnatural mix-and-match felines have no conservation purpose, experts say. </div> This baby liliger cub may be the only one in existence.   The cub, born last week at Novosibirsk Zoo, may Read More

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Lion cub explores her new home at Jacksonville Zoo

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla.     A lion cub at the Jacksonville Zoo is going through an experiment to see if it's ready for public viewing.     A Channel 4 crew was invited Friday to follow the cub around and see how it's coping in what will be its next home.   IMAGES: Tiger cut introduced to exhibit  The2 Read More

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Rescued tiger cub debuts at Tigers for Tomorrow

Rescued tiger cub debuts at Tigers for Tomorrow   Indian, a 12-week-old Siberian tiger mix rescued from Wisconsin, is making his debut appearances at Tigers for Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain. Indian, a 12-week-old Siberian tiger mix rescued from Wisconsin, is making his debut appearances at Tigers for Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain. (Special to The Times)  In a news release, Tigers for Tomorrow Executive DirectorSusanSteffenssaid Indian and three litter mates were being rescued from an unlicensed exhibitor who had the Read More

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Son of Utah Fur Farming Family Tells His Story

“But the unspeakable misery of their animals cannot be denied.”   The Beckstead family is one of the biggest fur farming families in Utah and Idaho. They are said to own two farms, one in each state.   One of the Beckstead clan does not support the bloody work of his family. In 2001, son Scott Beckstead published this damning indictment of his family and the fur farming business. The article was published in The Oregonian (the largest newspaper in Oregon), &nbsp; The Oregonian December 9, 2001   Misery Read More

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Animal Intervention on NatGeo Wild Launches Oct 2 2012

ANIMAL ADVOCATE ALISON EASTWOOD AND ANIMAL EXPERT DONALD SCHULTZ CONFRONT OVERWHELMED AND OUT-OF-TOUCH WILDLIFE OWNERS IN NEED OF AN ANIMAL INTERVENTION Emotions Run High at Roadside Zoos, Private Ranches and Midwest Magic Shows Where Exotics Are Kept in Cramped, Neglectful or Dangerous Environments and Owners Are Reluctant to Change New Series Animal Intervention Premieres Tuesday, October 2, at 9PM on Nat Geo WILD (WASHINGTON, D.C. — September 5, 2012) Owning a wild animal is no small task. Full-grown tigers, lions and monkeys Read More

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Tiger Tourism India Supreme Court Bans Tourists In Preserves For Conservation Reasons

From Mother Nature Network's Josh Lew:   India's supreme court recently extended a month-old ban on tourism within the country's tiger preserves. The two judges overseeing the case said local governments and government ministries have not been enforcing a law in place since the 1970s designed to protect tiger breeding grounds from tourism. By many estimates, about half the world's tiger population — which is a little more than 3,000 — lives in India. &nbsp; On the surface, the judges' decision seems logical: The easiest Read More

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Tiger Cub Found Wandering Ladang Panjang village has died

Rescued tiger cub dies Jon Afrizal, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta September 06 2012, 12:02 PM The rescued tiger cubs, Lala and Eci.(Tribunnews/Kurnia Prastowo Adi)A two-month-old tiger named Eci, which was rescued on Sunday, was pronounced dead on Wednesday evening, leaving its sibling, Lala, alone.   The cubs had been found by residents in the middle of a street in Ladang Panjang village, Sungai Gelam district, Muaro, Jambi regency. Officials of the Jambi branch of the Natural Conservation Agency handed the tigers to Taman Rimba Read More