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Critically Injured Amur Leopard Captured, Released   A rare Amur leopard, one of an estimated 30 left in the wild, was captured in Russia and examined by conservation experts before being released. Representatives of a consortium of conservation organizations — including the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Zoological Society of London — captured the female Amur (Panthera pardus orientalis) in south-west Primorye, a remote location in the Russian Far East, along the Chinese border. The animal was tranquilised Read More

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Joe Schreibvogel / Beth Corley at Marquette Mall Exploiting Tiger Cubs

Traveling show thrills some, troubles others   Hanna Lucas (right) and her sister, Breanna, Michigan City, spent 8 minutes playing with 10-week-old Indochinese tiger cubs Destiny and Karma on Thursday night at Marquette Mall. Here, they feed Karma, a female cub. Photo by Alicia Ebaugh   By Alicia Ebaugh Staff Writer   Published: Saturday, December 11, 2010 5:10 PM CST MICHIGAN CITY — A traveling wild animal show featured this weekend at Marquette Mall says it’s bringing a powerful educational message Read More

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Cubs at Mall and in Newspaper Appall Customers

Letter: Animals exhibit’s photo appalling   Anonymous The Herald Bulletin Fri Apr 08, 2011, 10:11 PM EDT Last October, when a group currently billing itself as Big Cat Rescue Entertainment brought a traveling exotic cat exhibit to Mounds Mall, The Herald Bulletin ran an enlightening article about the exhibit of baby tigers and the exhibitor, Joe Schreibvogel.   The article brought to light the fact that Schreibvogel has been investigated by the USDA for numerous violations of mistreating his animals and fined $25,000. Read More

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3 Things To Know About Petting a Cub

There are a some lion and tiger cub exploiters still making the rounds at fairs, flea markets, parking lots and malls who are charging the public $10 - $25 to pet a baby lion cub or to play with a baby tiger cub.USDA regulations should over ride state regulations on this matter, but in Florida the FL Wildlife Commission has set its own standard that may differ a bit, but not much from USDA's ruling. Here is what the law says about that: Cubs cannot be handled by the public before the age of 8 weeks because they are not old enough to have Read More

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Big Cats Are Not Pets by Ira Fischer

  By Ira Fischer   The Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act (S. 1381) was introduced into the U.S. Senate this past month by Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT). The Bill is aimed at prohibiting private ownership and breeding of exotic cats such as lions, tigers and other dangerous wildcats. The Bill is in large measure a response to repeated tragedies between humans and captive big cats, such as the episode in Zanesville, Ohio two years ago when the owner of a menagerie of exotic animals released his “pets” from their cages, Read More

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Worker Mauled at Garold Wayne Zoo in Oklahoma

Find out about USDA violations and a million dollar lawsuit against Joe Schreibvogel of Garold Wayne Interactive Zoo.   Monkey see, monkey do   Ironic that a woman is mauled by a tiger at GW Zoo on the 10th anniversary of Roy Horn being nearly mauled to death by a tiger in his Las Vegas night club act.  I remember that the night club magicians came up with some ridiculous story Read More

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Is it legal to sell tigers?

When Darnell Docket,  a player for the Arizona Cardinals, became what we consider to be the poster child for over paid sports' figures, behaving badly toward animals, by announcing that he had bought a tiger to show off at games, it caused a lot of people to ask the question, "Is it legal to buy a tiger?" After spending the last 20 years rescuing lions, tigers and other exotic cats, I am left bewildered by the existing laws; or maybe, more precisely, by the lack of enforcement of existing laws. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service states that: "Unless Read More

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Does USDA Regulate Lion Meat?

No One Is Telling Where Lion Meat Originates and the government doesn't seem to care.  Big Cat Rescue believes that the cute little cubs that are used in pay to play schemes at malls, fairs and in backyard menageries are ending up killed for their meat when they are grown.  No one uses lion hides so it is preposterous for this vendor to claim that it is merely a by product of that industry (as if that made it OK in the first place.) A genuine burger made from lion meat is being served by Il Vinaio restaurant in Mesa, Ariz., in honor Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue June 15 2013     In-Sync Exotics Hit By Canine Distemper   Asian tigers at risk from domestic dog distemper virus   10 June 2013 Last updated at 02:45 ET By Mark Kinver Environment reporter, BBC News Canine distemper virus has been confirmed in a number of Amur tigers   Some of the world's rarest big cat species are facing a potentially Read More