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Tiger whose heart STOPPED while having a filling

Think you've had a bad day at the dentist? Meet the tiger whose heart STOPPED while having a filling Even the biggest creatures can be humbled by a toothache. Vets had to perform CPR on a 160kg Siberian tiger after she suffered a cardiac arrest during a visit to the dentist. Sayan was undergoing root canal surgery when she suffered a rare reaction two hours into the procedure. Quick thinking medics at Yorkshire Wildlife Park gave the three-year-old heart massage and two shots of adrenaline and brought her back to life. Scroll down for Read More

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Mathematics questions for grades 3-5 Ocelot

To print this page as a PDF click HERE. Read about the ocelot or print out PDF   Male ocelots have territories of 35 square miles and females have territories of 9 square miles. The males’ territories can overlap several females. How many females’ territories can be in one male’s? Show your reasoning and your work to solve this problem. 1. 2 2. 3 3. 4 4. 5 Ocelots can be up to four feet long which is twice as large as an average housecat. Therefore, how long can an average housecat be? 1. 1.5 feet long 2. 2.0 feet Read More

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Bobcat with Collar Roaming Plano TX

Came across this bobcat today living in the back yard of an unoccupied home in Plano. Has been seen in the area and appears to be doing a nice job reducing the rabbit population. The collar suggests she may have an owner she got away from. She is raising a litter under the tool shed in the yard. Questions to Jeff Box, 214 796 4098

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Dangerous Trade Catching Wild Animal Smugglers

Dangerous Trade: Catching Smugglers The illegal wildlife trade could be worth as much as $20 billion worldwide, according to some experts. CNBC This bear claw is about to go into the Beetle tank at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory. It takes these beetles approximately two weeks to clean a carcass. Every single day, people smuggle animals or their parts into the United States. Yet, theU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service only has 143 inspectors ... for the entire country. Even Read More

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Why Cats Kill Their Own

Why infanticide can benefit animals By Anna-Louise TaylorBBC Nature News Continue reading the main story Related Stories Dolphins seen trying to kill calf Cheating cheetahs caught by DNA Humpbacks intervene in whale hunt Infanticide is a powerful tool in ensuring the survival of a species, researchers are increasingly finding. It sounds like the cruellest thing of all - mothers and fathers brutally killing their animal offspring. But for many animal infants, the greatest threat to their survival they face is from their own Read More

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Jacquian Williams Visits Big Cat Rescue

Jacquian Williams Took a Founder Tour with Carole Baskin   Jacquian Williams and his son visited for a quite private tour on April 1, 2012.  Says, Carole Baskin, "It was a very serene experience to walk amongst the cats and watch this gentle giant in his peaceful relationship with his son.  He seemed to be astounded at the suffering these cats have experienced in their "former lives" and I believe he will carry their message to others." TAMPA - It's the NFC championship game angle everyone's talking about on Fowler Avenue. On Read More

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Tigers of Korea 100 Years Ago

SNU Scholar Says Tigers Caught on Remote Jindo Islet Local Korean hunters pose in front of a tiger hunted by them and an English sportsman Ford G. Barclay on the island of Jindo in South Korea's South Jeolla Province in 1903. "Even on the southern remote islands of the Korean Peninsula were filled with lots of Siberian tigers a century or so ago", argued Prof. Lee Hang of the Seoul National University in a press release on Feb. 19, 2012. Prof. Lee heads the Fund for Korean Tigers Conservation. He showed to the local Korean press Read More

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Troy Scotts Bearcat Mauls Intern at TGR Exotics in the Houston

Woman Says Her Boss's Bearcat Mauled Her By CAMERON LANGFORD ShareThis HOUSTON (CN) - The owner of an exotic animal farm let an untrained employee weigh bearcats, and one of the animals viciously attacked her, the woman claims in court.   Brittany Wilmer says Troy Scott keeps a tiger, two hyenas and binturongs aka bearcats on a 10-acre farm called TGR Exotics in the Houston suburb Spring. The farm also has an aardvark, camels, kangaroos, porcupines, a llama, lemurs, a sloth and several other exotic species, according to its Read More

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Sir Philip Green stands out on his leopard-print boat

Sir Philip Green stands out on his leopard-print boat By ANDREA MAGRATH His Topshop stores are awash with leopard print designs season in and season out. So it is little surprise that Sir Philip Green favours the decidedly eye-catching motif for his boat. The retail mogul was pictured boarding his speedboat 'Lion Cub' in Monaco yesterday en route to his super yacht 'Lionheart'. Animal instinct: Sir Philip Green is pictured on a leopard print boat in Monaco The spotty design is a little strange given the vessel's name, but nevertheless Read More

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Inbred White tiger gives birth in Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine -- A beautiful white tiger that became a symbol of Yulia Tymoshenko's presidential campaign has returned to the spotlight by giving birth to four cubs, including a rare albino one.   Activists hope the birth of the cubs in a zoo on Sunday will lift the spirits of Tymoshenko since she is now in prison and she had used the tigress, Tigryulia, as a symbol of ferocious resolve.   For nearly three weeks, Tymoshenko was on a hunger strike after prison officials allegedly beat her, and she ended it on Wednesday when Read More