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Three cheers Tiger number up in Panna

BHOPAL: Tiger population revival programme in India has received a boost with one more tigress named T-2 giving birth to three cubs in the Panna Tiger Reserve (PTR), in eastern Madhya Pradesh. With the three new additions tiger population in Panna reserve has risen to 20.   After the failure of a similar programme in Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan, the big cat population revival in PTR had brought back relief to the wildlife experts and foresters associated with the project. Read More

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Tiger poachers can be shot on sight Indian state says

NEW DELHI — A state in western India has declared war on animal poaching by allowing forest guards to shoot hunters on sight in an effort to curb rampant attacks on tigers and other wildlife.   The government in Maharashtra says injuring or killing suspected poachers will no longer be considered a crime.   Forest guards should not be “booked for human rights violations when they have taken action against poachers,” Maharashtra Forest Minister Patangrao Kadam said Tuesday. The state also will send more rangers and jeeps Read More

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Join Tiger Nation to Save Tigers

Things could be looking up for Wakeeta. Smaller than average and an orphan, she belongs to a species 45 percent of which die from unnatural causes and lives in perpetual danger of being slaughtered by poachers for her skin. Wakeeta is a five-year-old tigress. She lives in Bandhavgargh, one of India’s most famous tiger reserves. Until now she has lived in anonymity, recognized only by wardens, guides and a few regular tiger watchers. But this week she and 24 other tigers in Bandhavgargh have been introduced to a potential audience of millions Read More

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Poach the Tiger Poachers Policy Seen as Extreme but Necessary

  Babu/ReutersPolice officers display a tiger’s hide confiscated from a group of smugglers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, in this June 26, 2004 file photo. Officials said the estimated cost of the hide was $54,000. The Maharashtra state government’s recently launched war on tiger poachers, which involves allowing forest guards to shoot poachers on sight raised few eyebrows in India, as officials stressed the necessity of the extreme measure. Forestry officials say they plan to arm guards and protect them from prosecution, regardless of any Read More

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More Siberian Tigers Bred for Lives in Cages

Three small tiger cubs have become the attraction of a small zoo in Abony, 90 kilometres east of the Hungarian capital of Budapest. Visitors flock to the private zoo owned by Tibor Toth en masse to get a sight of the cute Siberian baby tigers and be able to hold and pet them.   The new additions to the zoo have brought Toth a step closer to fulfilling his dream of caring for a lots of animals. Having started his zoo about 15 years ago, Toth has earned a name for raising and taming lions and tigers.   The three female tiger Read More

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Three tiger cubs born at Cameron Park Zoo in Waco

WACO (May 23, 2012)--Cameron Park Zoo officials say a Sumatran Tiger, a species whose population is declining, has a second chance to raise cubs after she rejected her first litter.   Maharani gave birth to two cubs last August, but rejected them, leaving the zookeepers to raise and care for them.   A spokesperson with the zoo said although it is unusual for the them to allow another pairing so soon after an animal has given birth, Maharani showed signs of stress after being separated from her mate, Kucing.   The Read More

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Tiger found dead near Dudhwa Park India

LUCKNOW: A tiger was found dead in Kishenpur wildlife sanctuary near Dudhwa in Lakhimpur district on Sunday. A decomposed carcass was found lying in Kishenpur range of the sanctuary during the combing operation in the area. Locals suspect "poisoning" to be the cause of the death.   "The carcass seems to be about three-day old. It was swollen, severely infected with maggots and its rump region was scratched," said Jaswant Singh Kalair, a wildlife activist. The dead tiger was around 4 years old. Dudhwa officers, however, could not be reached Read More

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Tiger whose heart STOPPED while having a filling

Think you've had a bad day at the dentist? Meet the tiger whose heart STOPPED while having a filling Even the biggest creatures can be humbled by a toothache. Vets had to perform CPR on a 160kg Siberian tiger after she suffered a cardiac arrest during a visit to the dentist. Sayan was undergoing root canal surgery when she suffered a rare reaction two hours into the procedure. Quick thinking medics at Yorkshire Wildlife Park gave the three-year-old heart massage and two shots of adrenaline and brought her back to life. Scroll down for Read More

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Mathematics questions for grades 3-5 Ocelot

To print this page as a PDF click HERE. Read about the ocelot or print out PDF   Male ocelots have territories of 35 square miles and females have territories of 9 square miles. The males’ territories can overlap several females. How many females’ territories can be in one male’s? Show your reasoning and your work to solve this problem. 1. 2 2. 3 3. 4 4. 5 Ocelots can be up to four feet long which is twice as large as an average housecat. Therefore, how long can an average housecat be? 1. 1.5 feet long 2. 2.0 feet Read More

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Bobcat with Collar Roaming Plano TX

Came across this bobcat today living in the back yard of an unoccupied home in Plano. Has been seen in the area and appears to be doing a nice job reducing the rabbit population. The collar suggests she may have an owner she got away from. She is raising a litter under the tool shed in the yard. Questions to Jeff Box, 214 796 4098

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