Lions of Gir chase leopards from their kills

AHMEDABAD: The king of the jungle has turned plunderer. Lions of Gir chase leopards away from their kills. A recent incident bore testimony to this phenomenon. A lioness browbeat a leopard away from its kill of a chital and feasted on it along with her three cubs in Dedakdi area.


In this incident reported earlier this week, the lioness got attracted to the kill much after the leopard killed chital and started eating it. A beat guard who witnessed this incident said that as the smell of the

Tourist Traps Aren’t Happy About Tiger Tour Bans in India

Amit Jaiswal sits in the darkened dining room of his Tiger Treat Resorts in a glum mood. After pooling his family savings, taking out a large loan and checking with his astrologer for an auspicious name, he opened in December here on the main road to the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve.


The rather grandiose pillared white building has a gift shop selling key chains and curly toed leather shoes, and the 80-seat dining room serving breakfast, lunch and “deener” — double e’s are good, his soothsayer said.


Their first few months went well, with up to 200 tourists a day, drawn in part by the only proper toilet for miles. Last month, however, India’s Supreme Court banned all tourism in so-called core areas of India’s 41 tiger parks in a bid to protect the national animal.


That has been bad news for hotels and resorts just outside the Ranthambhore park. Summer is low season as heavy monsoon rains set in, so the full impact hasn’t been felt. But Tiger Treat, with its staff of five, is down to two or three tourists a day. At this rate, Jaiswal, 33, fears he’ll have to sell out, without much hope of recouping the $200,000 investment beyond the value of the land.


“It came like a bolt of lightning,” he said, standing near an array of dusty souvenirs. “It looks all but over for us.”


Although disputes over unchecked development are nothing new, even many environmentalists think the judges are misguided, however well-intentioned, in their efforts to protect the tigers from extinction. Some even suggest the court was lashing out in frustration because 10 states had ignored its order in April to

No Relief from Gin traps for SA wildlife

No Relief from Gin traps for SA wildlife.




Chris Mercer. Campaign against Canned Hunting Inc. (CACH)


Present were the MEC Anton Bredell, Harry Prinsloo and four other members of the farming industry, Justin O’riain, Dr Quinton Martins from Cape Leopard Trust, Annie from Cheetah Outreach, Kas Hamman, Jaco van Deventer and Ernst Baard from Cape Nature, Adri Kitshoff from PHASA, Mick D’Alton from W. Cape Hunters Association, Chris Mercer from CACH, Jenni Trethowan of Baboon Matters and Louise v.d. Merwe and Tozie Zokufa from Humane Education Trust. Notable absentee: Cape SPCA.


Veterinarian Marc Walton was elected Chariman and he chaired the meeting ably.


The farmers’ concerns were expressed at the very outset: they wanted a blanket permit for each farmer to decide for himself how to combat predation in any way he deemed fit, and without any permits.


It was pointed out that this would be unlawful, and Government could not support a lawless free for all.


The gin trap issue sparked frank and lively debate, which lasted three hours.


The conservationist/animal welfare contingent were deeply unhappy about the draft protocol drawn up by Cape

Notorious Tiger Poacher Nabbed

In a daring operation involving several vehicles and a daylight chase
and ambush through the streets of Delhi NCR Gurgoan area, notorious poacher BHEEMA BAWARIA was arrested red handed with a tiger skin, tiger bones (an entire skeleton), two live turtles and ivory. This was a joint operation conducted by NGO Wildlife SOS, NTCA, Haryana Forest Department, CBI, WCCB and Haryana Police.

According to information from (NTCA) National Tiger Conservation Authority, Bheema Bawaria was earlier arrested in 2009 with a tiger skeleton in Gurgaon and has been absconding since. He is a repeat

Lion Bones Used for Phony Aphrodisiacs

A new ad campaign is underway in South Africa to stop the country’s lion bone trade. Lions are killed so their bones can be used to make fake aphrodisiacs and traditional medicines. The demand for the bones is growing in Asia as tigers become scarce.
  • Listen to De Capua report on lion bone trade

The campaign’s been launched by Avaaz – a group describing itself as a global web movement, whose name means “voice” in several languages.

The ads (more…)

Fish and Game commissioner who killed cougar loses position

Fish and Game Commissioner Daniel Richards

Daniel W. Richards was replaced as president of the California Fish and Game Commission on Wednesday, seven months after he sparked a storm of controversy by killing a mountain lion during a hunt in Idaho.


Although the kill was legal in Idaho, California has outlawed the hunting of mountain lions for decades. More than 40 state legislators called for Richards to resign in March, saying he showed poor judgment in killing the cougar when the practice is opposed by most Californians. (more…)