India Tiger Park Tourism Banned

India Tiger Park Tourism Banned


NEW DELHI — India’s top court banned tourism in tiger reserves across the country Tuesday in a ruling that aims to protect the endangered big cats but may disrupt travel plans for droves of tourists who booked stays at the hundreds of hotels that have sprung up deep inside the forests.


The Supreme Court also announced stiff penalties on Indian states that have not created buffer zones around tiger habitats, said Wasim Kadri, a lawyer with the National Tiger Conservation Authority.  (more…)

NE China Bans Photo Sessions with Siberian Tiger Cubs

Wildlife conservation and forestry departments of northeast China’s Heilongjiang province announced Thursday that visitors will soon not be allow to pay for pictures with Siberian tiger cubs in a tiger park.


Visitors take photo with a tiger cub in Harbin's Siberian Tiger Park. []

Visitors take photo with a tiger cub in Harbin’s Siberian Tiger Park. []


A resident, surnamed Li, living near Siberian Tiger Park, the largest Siberian tiger breeding base in the world, recently complained to the provincial forestry department.  (more…)