Lion Attacks Man But Returns to Her Cubs

Farmer survives lion attack with just a hand bite after fainting when she pinned him to the ground


A Zimbabwean farmer who was pinned to the ground by a lion cannot believe he escaped with nothing but a hand bite.

Joel Ngwenya was leapt on by the big cat in the Jambezi district near the country’s near Hwange National Park on Tuesday.  (more…)

Smuggling Tigers Big Business in the Sunderbans

Smuggling Tigers Big Business in the Sunderbans

KOLKATA: The beast of poaching may have reared its ugly head after four years in the Sunderbans, a reserve much feted for its conservation programmes.


The death of a tiger cub in the Sunderbans last month and the capture of three cubs a few days later on the Bangladeshi sides of the mangroves have triggered suspicion that the dead cub might have been from the same litter that was being smuggled top Malaysia and may have been killed by poachers.  (more…)

Man found dead in tiger pit at Copenhagen Zoo

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    July 11, 2012: Police secure an entrance at Copenhagen Zoo in Copenhagen, Denmark, after the body of a man was found by a zoo keeper earlier Wednesday. (AP/POLFOTO)

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – A 21-year-old man was found dead Wednesday inside a tiger den at the Copenhagen Zoo after having received a fatal bite to his throat, Danish police said.Lars Borg, a spokesman for the Copenhagen police, said it was unclear how or why the man had entered the pit, but said investigators could not exclude suicide as a motive. The victim is a foreign national who holds a Danish residence permit, but police would not immediately release his identity or his nationality. (more…)

Declawed Cougar Shot After Killing Dog

Declawed Cougar Shot After Killing Dog

MUSKOKA, ONT. – Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources has confirmed that an animal killed by police on the weekend was a cougar, long believed extinct in the province.

Police were called after the large cat killed a family dog in the Muskoka area.

Declawed Cougar Kills Dog

Declawed Cougar Kills Dog

There have been thousands of believed sightings of cougars in Ontario over the past few years, but this marks the first confirmed cougar killed in the province since 1884. (more…)

Tiger cub killed by wild dogs in Chanda

CHANDRAPUR: Yet another tiger was added to the death toll in Chandrapur district on Friday. A pack of wild dogs reportedly killed a tiger cub in Dhaba range in Gondpipri tehsil in the afternoon. Forests in Chandrapur district have lost in all seven tigers this year now.


The patrolling squad discovered the partially eaten carcass of the tiger cub in compartment no. 561, near village Vejgaon in Dhaba range under Central Chanda forest division, during routine patrolling in the afternoon. It appears that a pack of wild dogs brought down the tiger cub and eat the rear portion of its body.


“Forest watchers recruited for patrolling saw the pack of wild dogs eating the carcass. The dogs fled when the watchers approached the dead body. They also discovered a large number of wild dog pug marks in the area,” said ACF Pradeep Kottewar.


Sources claimed that the cub is aged around eight months and measured around 80cm in length. Sex of the cub however could not be learnt as its genitals had been eaten by the dogs. Forest officers have ruled out poaching, claiming that its body parts like teeth and nails are intact, while skin has been damaged as carcass was eaten by wild dogs. The dead body of the cub was fresh and forest officials suspect that the cub was killed not long before it was detected by the patrolling squad.


DCF, Central Chanda division, Madan Kulkarni and his subordinates rushed to the spot on getting information. Veterinary doctor PM Kadukar was summoned for post mortem at the spot. Wildlife activist Bandu Dhotre was present as representative of PCCF and honorary wildlife warden of Gadchiroli Mahendra Singh Chavan was summoned as representative of NTCA to witness the post mortem.


So far six tigers, one each in every month, have died in Chandrapur district this year. First tiger was poached through electrocution in Jharan range of FDCM and its partially decomposed carcass sans all four paws was discovered on January 23. Second tiger was found dead in suspicious condition in Lohara teak research centre on February 18. Forest officers claimed it was a hit and run case, but possibility of electrocution was not ruled out. Third tiger was found dead near village Kitadi in Moharli Forest Range (Territorial) on March 1. Its body was decomposed and forest officers termed it as natural death.


Fourth tiger was killed in steel jaw trap laid by poachers in Palasgaon range on April 26, while one more was maimed for life in another trap at the same spot. Fifth tiger was poached and its body sans head and paws and chopped into 11 pieces was thrown near Borda village in Chandrapur range on May 18. This killing of tiger cub allegedly by wild dogs has taken the tiger death toll in Chandrapur to six this year. Last year four tigers had died in the district.


Partially eaten tiger cub found by forest patrol

PTI | 09:06 PM,Jun 29,2012

Chandrapur, Jun 29 (PTI) A tiger cub was found dead in the Dhaba Range of forests, located in the Gondpipri tehsil of the district on Friday. A partially eaten body of a tiger cub was found by a patrol out on routine duty near village Vejgaon in the Dhaba Range under Central Chanda Division, on Friday afternoon, the Assistant Conservator of Forests Pradeep B Kottewar said. “It appears that the tiger cub came under attack by a pack of wild dogs. The cub appears to be around eight months old and it is difficult to ascertain whether it was a male or a female cub, as its hind portion has been eaten away. The carcass appears to be fresh and the patrol might have noticed it only after a few hours of the attack. We have also found foot marks of wild dogs around the carcass,” he said. Deputy Conservator of Forests (Central Chanda Division) Madan Kulkarni, along with his team of officials including veterinarian P M Kadukar has rushed to the spot for further investigations.


By Kelli Bender Jun 27th 2012

The big cats of India received some unexpected, pint-sized visitors. According to theDeccan Chronicle, two rusty-spotted cats were seen pawing around the Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan.

Activists and wildlife officials are excited that this adorable duo was seen out and about, because rusty-spotted cats are extremely rare. The smallest species of cat, the rusty-spotted cat measures around 13 to 18 inches long and weighs between two and three-and-a-half pounds. Aside from being rare, this species is also very shy, which makes it even more surprising that two volunteers spotted these tiny animals wandering around a big-cat reserve. The volunteers even managed to capture the encounter on camera.

The rusty-spotted cat has been recorded in the wild several times, but aside from this new footage, very few have seen the animal outside captivity. The species is native to Sri Lanka and India, and is protected by both countries. Hopefully, conservation efforts will lead to more rusty-spotted-cat sightings in the future.