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Indias first tiger rescue centre in Sunderbans

KOLKATA: The first tiger rescue centre of the country will be ready to welcome big cats in three months. Being developed at Jharkhali in the Sunderbans, the centre will provide asylum to injured and straying tigers that are either brought to Kolkata for treatment or released in far corners of the mangrove forest. Even though fenced off from the rest of the jungle, the centre will be contiguous to the main Sunderbans and allow tigers to roam free in the wild. They will, however, not be able to leave the centre which will be fenced off.   Work Read More

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Lion Leaves Virginia Zoo for Disneys Animal Kingdom

Young lion moving to new home Lion from Virginia Zoo moving to Florida Dakari, a juvenile male African lion at the Virginia Zoo, in his outdoor habitat Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2012 (Virginia Zoo photo by Winfield Danielson). Updated: Tuesday, 10 Jan 2012, 1:25 PM EST Published : Tuesday, 10 Jan 2012, 1:25 PM EST NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) - A young African lion will be leaving the Virginia Zoo on Thursday and heading to Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando for a potential breeding situation. According to a Virginia Zoo news release, Dakari, Read More

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San Mateo County Mountain lion sightings reported hours apart

In a matter of hours two mountain lions were spotted in different parts of San Mateo County Monday night, San Mateo County emergency officials said. The first sighting was around 7 p.m. near state Highway 92 just east of state Highway 35, emergency officials said. About four hours later and less than 15 miles away around 11:15 p.m. a big cat was seen just east of Lindenbrook Road in Woodside. Residents are advised to never approach a mountain lion. Anyone who encounters a mountain lion should face the animal, make noise, and try to appear Read More

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Mountain lions targeted by hunters under new bill

LINCOLN - Nebraska's growing population of mountain lions might soon become the target of hunters. Brad Norton, Kearney Hub file Mountain Lion Buy this photo Related Content & Coverage Article: Lion rattles Kearneyites, tops 2011 news Article: Officials euthanize cougar stuck in trap Article: Cops pressed for time vs. mountain lion Article: Kearney’s mountain lion rare because it wandered into city Article: Fatal shot fell to animal-loving officer Article: Kearney’s first big cat killed Under Read More

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Lioness Escapes from Nandankanan Zoo

BHUBANESWAR: Two days after a wild leopard strayed into Guwahati and mauled four persons, a lioness escaped from its enclosure in Nandankanan Zoo  in the small hours of Tuesday sending the animal park authorities into a tizzy. The only solace is it is still within the precincts of the zoo and under close watch. Officials hoped it would not make an escape attempt. While visitors were evacuated within hours of the feline slipping away, fervent efforts to capture it were fruitless all day. The battered staff tried to corner the big cat into a southern Read More

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DNA tests to solve mystery of big cat sightings in Britain

The National Trust has ordered DNA tests on a deer mauled by a savage predator to finally prove whether big cats prowl the British countryside. Mark Fraser, founder of Big Cats in Britain, said wildcats are 'definitely out there' with up to 1,000 sightings a year By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent 3:34PM GMT 11 Jan 2012 52 Comments There have been thousands of reports of big cats across the UK but most are a fleeting glimpse caught by a member of the public. The most definitive Read More

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Mountain lion numbers decreasing in Santa Monica Mountains

Mountain lion numbers decreasing in Santa Monica Mountains The population of mountain lions in the Santa Monica Mountains is on the decline due to loss of habitat. Photo courtesy of the National Park Service Published: Wednesday, January 11, 2012 9:53 AM PST   Loss of habitat, and recently, poaching, has led to a decline of the mountain lion population in the Santa Monica Mountains.By McKenzie Jackson / Special to The Malibu Times The Santa Monica Mountains surrounding Malibu are home to a big cat that Read More

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Ohio Local Owners Call for Regulations Reversal of Dangerous Animal Ban

Butternut Farms caretaker Rick Armstrong kneels next to an African civet as it stalks around the interior of its enclosure. / Matthew Berry, The Advocate JOHNSTOWN -- For years, Evelyn Shaw has volunteered at Butternut Farms Wildcat Sanctuary in Johnstown and cared for large cats of her own, including a mountain lion. But after then-Gov. Ted Strickland issued an emergency executive order Jan. 6 making it illegal to possess, sell or transfer "dangerous wild animals," the Pataskala woman is anxious to learn how the new ban will affect Read More

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New born tiger cub dies at Tata zoo

Jamshedpur, Jan 6 (PTI) A new born tiger cub died in Tata Steel Zoological Park (TSZP) here after its mother abandoned it soon after birth on November 27 last year. The nearly 40-day-old cub could not develop as it should have as its mother, Shanti abandoned it about 10 days after its birth, Vipul Chakraborty, Director of TSZP, said today. 'The cub should have proper and regular feeding from its mother but unfortunately, it was abandoned', he said claiming that the TSZP staff tried its best after the cub had a 50:50 chance of survival. Chakraborty Read More

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The UK was Light Years Ahead of the U S When It Comes to Big Cat Laws

What is the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976? The Dangerous Wild Animals Act of 1976 was originally introduced as a private members bill in response to public concern about the keeping of dangerous pets, especially Big Cats. It aims to ensure that where private individuals keep dangerous wild animals they do so in circumstances which create no risk to the public and safeguard the welfare of the animals. The following extract from the Act shows the section relating to what is defined, in relation to Big Cats GB, as a Dangerous Wild Animal:   THE Read More