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Tony the tiger case pivots on a constitutional issue

Tony the tiger case pivots on a constitutional issue   Jennifer Treadway Morris, who is representing Tiger Truck Stop owner Michael Sandlin in his legal battle to keep a Siberian-Bengal mix tiger named Tony at his Grosse Tete truck stop, says a lawsuit filed Tuesday against Louisiana and Iberville Parish is centered on the separation of powers outlined in the state constitution. "The impression has been given that this is a federal-versus-state issue, and that our whole argument boils to permits," Morris says. "This is not a state-versus-federal Read More

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Teens Who Tried to Steal Dead Escaped Lion Ordered Community Service

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A prosecutor says charges will be dropped against four Ohio men accused of trying to steal the carcass of a lion from an exotic-animal compound as long as they each complete 40 hours of community service. The lion was among dozens of animals killed by police outside Zanesville last fall after their owner released them and committed suicide.   Muskingum County assistant prosecutor Maria Kalis said Thursday the case involved youthful hijinks and poor decision-making by men ranging in age from 19 to 21. She says authorities Read More

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Mountain lion found in Tulsa backyard now at Kansas zoo

A a mountain lion that was captured in a Tulsa backyard in April has found a new home at a Kansas zoo. The female mountain lion, which had been cared for at the Tulsa Zoo's veterinary hospital, was relocated to the Ralph Mitchell Zoo in Independence, Kan., in December. The large cat was captured April 23 in the backyard of a home in the 1400 block of North Quanah Avenue. She was taken to the zoo's holding facilities in the veterinary hospital and treated for hookworms and roundworms, which caused anemia and a poor appetite, as well as ticks Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Jan 3

Really busy today, but here is a clip of some of the out takes from our big cats and presents video

Gave up on finding the bobcat and picked up the last of the humane traps.  Will keep checking daily when I roller blade and the rangers have us on speed dial now.

Read More

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Teens Try to Sell Tiger Skin But Land in Jail

Ravi Kumar, V Harish and Varun Kumar, all 19 years of age and studying in a college in Mysore, felt they had hit a jackpot when they stumbled upon an old tiger skin. They decided to sell it and fund their amusements. But luck was not in their favour as they ended up in police lock-up. The moth-eaten, 25-year-old skin was in the attic of Ravi Kumar’s home. After making a contact with a person who said the skin will be purchased by a ‘customer’ for Rs 4.5 lakh, they took it to Madikeri. However, a police team led by inspector R Satish Read More

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Pet Tiger Escapes in Mexico Atty Owner May Be Fined 85000

An escaped pet tiger named Deborah spurred a massive deployment of police, firefighters and other first responders in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila, authorities said. Apolonio Armenta, the Coahuila delegate of Mexico's environmental protection agency, Profepa, told Efe that alarmed residents began calling police late Wednesday night with reports about a tiger roaming the streets of Saltillo, the state capital. "It was a tigress between 8 and 12 months old that some thieves allowed to escape when they broke into the office of the Read More

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Ignorant Plan to Inbreed Tigers and Return them to Semi Wild

Rewa in Madhya Pradesh, home of last white tiger in wild, Mohan, will be the new experimental home for breeding the unique species of big cat, who will eventually be released into semi-wild habitats.   The environment ministry has given in-principle approval for setting up a conservation-breeding centre of white tigers in Govindgarh, Rewa from the genetic material of Mohan, captured in late 1950s.   Rewa Maharaja Martand Singh first sighted the male white tiger during his visit to Govindgarh jungle in 1950. After hunting Read More

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Male tiger killed in Bandipur?

A male tiger, caught in a jaw trap in the Bandipur Tiger Reserve (BTR), allegedly died on Saturday. It was trapped by a professional gang of wildlife hunters. If this report is true, then it will be the second tiger to die at the reserve in the last three days. Though the forest officials denied any such death, an insider told Deccan Chronicle that a male tiger was found dead on the road to Kalkere Forest Guest House in front of the road leading to Kerala.   “The dead tiger was discovered by the patrolling watchers on the main road Read More

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Gir forest officials observe human behaviour among lions

Gir, Dec 31 (ANI): Forest officials in Gir have observed rare behavioural pattern in a pride of Asiatic lions, exhibiting characteristics similar to humans.   Two adult male lions seem to rule 32 felines, keeping a close eye on the sub-adults.   The two adult lions guarded the group, which ideally comprises of one to three adult females, their cubs and sub-adults.   They move around the forest and assume the role of protectors to father the other lions.   In an interesting observation, these lions express Read More

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The Knesset Bans Declawing of Cats

Cats news: The Knesset banned Declawing Since 2006 trying to Knesset members from across the political spectrum to be approved by the Knesset to ban cat declawing (except) for medical purposes. Yesterday (Monday) The Knesset plenum approved the bill to the second and third reading. Punishment by law: a year in jail for cats to do it in violation of regulations or a fine of 75 thousand shekels The Knesset approved yesterday (Monday) second and third reading, and no opposition to a proposed ban on Israel for the first time cat declawing, not Read More