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Pet Snake Trade Threatens Florida Panthers

Feds must move to end trafficking of snakes November 18, 2011 Another python devours wildlife in the Everglades, another photo goes viral. And in Florida, we get another reminder of just how destructive those giant constrictors running amok are to our native habitat. Floridians, of course, may not need reminders. Like the infamous 2005 photo of the gluttonous 13-foot Burmese python whose gut split open after swallowing a 6-foot alligator whole, last month's story of a 15-foot python captured and killed — with a 76-pound deer in its belly Read More

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Gagan was one of the four Asiatic lions brought to the Chhatbir zoo

Gagan was brought to revive lion safari MOHALI: Gagan was one of the four Asiatic lions brought to the Chhatbir zoo to revive the lion safari, the main attraction of the zoo which had virtually started losing steam due to the death of hybrid lions put up for the show. It was after much persuasion by wildlife department that the Central Zoo Authority of India (CZAI) had approved the shifting of lions to this zoo for the revival of the safari.   According to CZAI rules the details of animals' health and bloodline Read More

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Rescue of lion cub in Beirut puts spotlight on illegal animal trade

BEIRUT: The recent rescue of a lion cub from a Downtown Beirut balcony highlights the growing need for regional protection of endangered animals, according to the director of Animals Lebanon, the nongovernmental organization which is now looking after the cub. The 5-week old animal had been smuggled into Lebanon illegally, and will soon be sent to a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa. The animal was probably brought in from Syria, explained Jason Mier, the executive director of Animals Lebanon, who said he had personally visited many private Read More

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Lorenza Pearson Still Endangering the Public 16 Years Later

PD file photoLorenza Pearson outside his Copley, Ohio, exotic animal farm in 2002.(May 21, 2000) MOUNT HOPE, Ohio -- On Dec. 9, 1983, Lorenza Pearson's pet tiger stalked and killed his 2-year-old son. More than 16 years later, Pearson was charging $1 a person to step into a canvas tent outside the Mount Hope Auction to view his menagerie of caged lions, tigers and a single, aging badger. Pearson, 52, of Copley Township, said the 1983 tragedy was a nightmarish instant that almost stopped a lifelong dream. "I couldn't do anything for months. Read More

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Four-Year-Old Mauled by Pet Mountain Lion

October 18, 2011Updated Oct 18, 2011 at 10:21 AM ESTAccording to a story in the Odessa (Texas) American, a four-year-old Texas boy was hospitalized after being mauled by a pet mountain lion over the weekend. The boy's condition is not known, but the Odessa American story says he suffered lacerations and puncture wounds, including a bite mark on the left side of his face, during the attack. The animal was euthanized, according to the report. Read More

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West Odessa Mountain Lion Should Have Been Registered

By Geena Martinez NewsWest 9 WEST ODESSA - Big cats in the county, are they legal? That's the question many are asking after a four-year-old child was mauled over the weekend by a pet mountain lion. NewsWest 9 went looking for some answers and it even had city officials doing the same. NewsWest 9 spoke with Captain Robert Newman with Texas Parks and Wildlife. He said according to a statute under state law, a mountain lion falls under the category of a dangerous wild animal. That means anyone in possession of that animal must have a Read More

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Paws and Claws Animal Sanctuary near Waldo

Purchase Image Mike Stapleton shares a playful moment with Shur-Kahn, a 580-pound Siberian Tiger, in this 2008 photo made at the Stapleton compound near Waldo. Stapleton provides a refuge for unwanted cats and bears raised as pets, which he says is a growing problem in Ohio. / The Marion Star/James Miller The owner of Paws and Claws Animal Sanctuary near Waldo doesn't want to be judged by the actions of Terry Thompson, the Muskingum County man who turned loose 56 wild animals before taking his own life Tuesday. Mike Stapleton Read More

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North West men arrested over lion cubs

A five-week-old lion cub. File picture Image by: JAMAL SAIDI / REUTERS Two Motswana men have been arrested for possession of lion cubs, skins and bones in Morokweng village, in the North West, police say. Police acting on a tip-off went to an abandoned house in the village on Sunday morning and found two lion cubs inside, said Brigadier Thulane Ngubane Four lion skins and bones were found in a vehicle parked in the yard opposite the house, said Ngubane. The men arrested were charged with illegal possession of game and were Read More

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No probe into four lion cubs case in three months

KARACHI, Nov 13: The authorities seem to be sitting on the inquiry reports in the lion cubs` case as no investigation has been initiated into the matter though three months have passed since the incident. Both inquiry reports have suggested action against zoo staff whose negligence, according to the reports, led to the death of three lion cubs and disappearance of another one at the Karachi Zoological Gardens on Aug 12. Two pairs of lions were confiscated by customs authorities at Karachi airport last year on grounds that the animals Read More

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Kanha Orphan Tigress Cub Shifted to Panna National Park

A six year old tigress orphan cub residing at Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh has now been trans-located to Panna National Park, adding to the cat numbers here. The young tigress named T5 will now join one of her sisters at Panna National Park who had been trans-located from Kanha National Park to Panna National Park about eight months ago. The tigress is one of the three cubs of a tigress who had been killed during a fight with another tiger. T5 had been trans-located from one park to the other by road and was under constant supervision Read More