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West Odessa Mountain Lion Should Have Been Registered

By Geena Martinez NewsWest 9 WEST ODESSA - Big cats in the county, are they legal? That's the question many are asking after a four-year-old child was mauled over the weekend by a pet mountain lion. NewsWest 9 went looking for some answers and it even had city officials doing the same. NewsWest 9 spoke with Captain Robert Newman with Texas Parks and Wildlife. He said according to a statute under state law, a mountain lion falls under the category of a dangerous wild animal. That means anyone in possession of that animal must have a Read More

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Paws and Claws Animal Sanctuary near Waldo

Purchase Image Mike Stapleton shares a playful moment with Shur-Kahn, a 580-pound Siberian Tiger, in this 2008 photo made at the Stapleton compound near Waldo. Stapleton provides a refuge for unwanted cats and bears raised as pets, which he says is a growing problem in Ohio. / The Marion Star/James Miller The owner of Paws and Claws Animal Sanctuary near Waldo doesn't want to be judged by the actions of Terry Thompson, the Muskingum County man who turned loose 56 wild animals before taking his own life Tuesday. Mike Stapleton Read More

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North West men arrested over lion cubs

A five-week-old lion cub. File picture Image by: JAMAL SAIDI / REUTERS Two Motswana men have been arrested for possession of lion cubs, skins and bones in Morokweng village, in the North West, police say. Police acting on a tip-off went to an abandoned house in the village on Sunday morning and found two lion cubs inside, said Brigadier Thulane Ngubane Four lion skins and bones were found in a vehicle parked in the yard opposite the house, said Ngubane. The men arrested were charged with illegal possession of game and were Read More

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No probe into four lion cubs case in three months

KARACHI, Nov 13: The authorities seem to be sitting on the inquiry reports in the lion cubs` case as no investigation has been initiated into the matter though three months have passed since the incident. Both inquiry reports have suggested action against zoo staff whose negligence, according to the reports, led to the death of three lion cubs and disappearance of another one at the Karachi Zoological Gardens on Aug 12. Two pairs of lions were confiscated by customs authorities at Karachi airport last year on grounds that the animals Read More

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Kanha Orphan Tigress Cub Shifted to Panna National Park

A six year old tigress orphan cub residing at Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh has now been trans-located to Panna National Park, adding to the cat numbers here. The young tigress named T5 will now join one of her sisters at Panna National Park who had been trans-located from Kanha National Park to Panna National Park about eight months ago. The tigress is one of the three cubs of a tigress who had been killed during a fight with another tiger. T5 had been trans-located from one park to the other by road and was under constant supervision Read More

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5-month-old tiger cub dies at Kanpur zoo

Kanpur: Nearly five-and-a-half-month after birth, a female tiger cub born to tigress Trusha and tiger Abhay died in Kanpur zoo on Sunday evening. This is the second tiger cub which had died in the zoo. On October 2, a male tiger cub had died. Now the Kanpur zoo is left with only one female tiger cub. On May 30, Trusha had given birth to three cubs, two females and one male. Zoo director K Praveen Rao informed that the post-mortem examination of the cub revealed that it died due to cardio-respiratory failure. "The viscera of the cub has been Read More

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Pet Servals Escape in CA NY and OH

Posted by: Loren Coleman on September 4th, 2010 Photo: NY Department of Environmental Conservation The wild cat species serval (Leptailurus serval) live in Africa. Thus it was a surprise recently when it was reported that a serval weighing 30 pounds was found on the New York Thruway. It was first identified as a 150-pound leopard. The felid was found August 23, 2010, on the eastbound lane of the Thruway at milepost 303 in the vicinity of Interchange 40, Auburn/Weedsport, New York. Serval killed in Pennsylvania. Serval Read More

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Lions and tigers roar like little babies

Lions and tigers roar like little babies BIOLOGY BY TIM BARRIBEAU Lions and tigers roar like little babies Theoretically, there's not a lot different between the roar of a great cat and the scream of a baby — except for volume and pitch. At least that's according to scientist Ingo Titze's new research into the morphology of lion and tiger vocal cords. Both cats and infants have penetrating and loud cries which carry remarkably far, and that's thanks to their vocal folds, which are loose and gel-like Read More

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Tiger mauled a 5-year-old girl to death

Tiger mauled a 5-year-old girl to death   Sapa-dpa | 07 November, 2011 10:20 Image by: Binsar Bakkara A tiger mauled a 5-year-old girl to death on Indonesia’s Sumatra  island, a report says.   Fitria binti Judin was playing near the forest with her two siblings in Kepahiang district on Saturday when a Sumatran tiger attacked her, the state Antara news agency reported.   “It was raining and suddenly a tiger emerged and mauled her,” Supartono, head of the local Nature Conservancy Agency, was quoted Read More

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Leonardo DiCaprio talks about J Edgar saving wild tigers

Leonardo DiCaprio talks about 'J. Edgar,' saving wild tigers Activist and actor shares details about his lead role in 'J. Edgar' and his dedication to environmental issues like animal conservation. Photo: Keith Bernstein/Warner Bros. Almost as well-known for his dedication to environmental causes as he is for his acting,Leonardo DiCaprio does much more than pay lip service to the crucial issues concerning the planet. "Why is it important to me? It's important to everybody," he replied when MNN asked about it at the news conference for his Read More