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DEEP: Killed mountain lion originated in South Dakota, testing shows Published: Tuesday, July 26, 2011; Last Updated: Tue. Jul 26, 2011, 3:27pm The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said today that results of genetic tests show that the mountain lion killed in Milford in June made its way to the state from the Black Hills region of South Dakota and is an animal whose movements were actually tracked and recorded as it made its way through Minnesota and Wisconsin. Genetic tests also Read More

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Christian the Lion

Christian the Lion the Truth About Lion ReUnion and His Tragic Demise   Christian the Lion or Lion Re Union Why we are opposed to people forwarding Christian the Lion Reunion:  No matter how many times you say that big cats should not be bred and traded as pets, if people see images of big cats acting like pets, they will continue to buy and dump them.  More HERE about the kind of people who own exotic animals. If you have had Internet access for more than a week, someone has probably sent you the 1971 video clip of two guys hugging Read More

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It is All About Money Not Conservation

It is All About Money Not Conservation There is no legitimate conservation program where big cats are captive born and returned to the wild.  It would be ridiculous to think that people could bottle raise lions for release back to the wild because it takes the mother years to teach her cubs how to be lions and because the cubs would have no fear of walking right up to a human after being released.   Forget all of the sappy Born Free and Christian the lion stories.  The fact is that both disappeared and were thought to have been killed very young Read More

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Gir Lion Cub Burned

Gir Lion Cub Burned AHMEDABAD: Heads are likely to roll in the forest department in what was so far being dismissed as an innocuous episode in Gir forest. Last week a van sahayak burnt the carcass of a dead animal believing it to be wild cat, on orders from the range forest office. It now turns out that this dead animal was probably a lion cub. Evidence to support this possibility has emerged in the preliminary investigations. A range forest officer J B Vadi, who issued directions to burn the body of the animal, is facing suspension. Office Read More

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Leopard Mauls Six People

Leopard Mauls Six People Indian locals were left horrified by an attack in which a stray Leopard pounced on six villagers in Prakash Nagar, West Bengal. After a lengthy pursuit through the village the leopard was killed by two shots at close-range after attempts to tranquillise the startled animal failed. Sources suggest one forest guard was critically injured while the others were hurt less seriously.   Read More

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Mario Tabraue Zoological Imports Indicted

Mario Tabraue Zoological Imports Indicted   A drug-smuggling ring that killed an informer and cut up his body while trafficking in a half-million pounds of marijuana has been broken, the Federal authorities said today.   The ring also bribed police officers to protect their operation, said Richard Gregorie, the chief assistant United States Attorney here. At one time, the indictment charged, members of the ring used Miami police officers to collect, count and disburse drug profits.   The ring operated for at least Read More

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Mormon missionary mauled by two lions

Salt Lake City, UT A Mormon missionary mauled by two lions at a Guatemala zoo last week is now recovering at a Salt Lake area hospital, says his family. Paul Oakey, 20, was at a preparation activity on July 11 when the attack occurred. His family says he was standing about two feet away from the lion cage when the lions attacked him from behind the bars. His mother Judy Allen says one lion had his left arm and shoulder, while another had his right leg, trying to eat him for about two minutes. "One of the elders from Mexico City, Read More

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Mother Risks Children’s Lives Petting Tigers

'Tame' Bengal tiger turns on 5-year-old Claire Holden sits with her 5-year-old son Finlay in the St Vincent private hospital in in Bela-Bela - private hospital after he was attacked at the weekend by a "tame" Bengal tiger. (Beeld) Marietie Louw-Carstens, Beeld Bela-Bela - The fearless actions of his mother and a passing tourist probably saved Finlay Holden, 5, from being mauled by a six-month-old Bengal tiger that got hold of him at the Zebula Golf Estate and Spa, about 50km outside Bela-Bela in Limpopo. His mother, Claire Read More

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Cheetah Attacks Two Men at Eagle Heights Zoo

Cheetah Attacks Two Visitors at Eagle Heights Zoo   A CHEETAH attacked two men at a wildlife park in Eynsford over the weekend.   Visitors at Eagle Heights animal centre were left shocked after two staff members were mauled by the cat and only escaped after it was sprayed in the face with a fire extinguisher.   Chartered surveyor Michael Cooper paid £24 to take his two young sons, six-year-old Jamie and six-month-old Harry, for a day out at the park on Sunday.   The 42-year-old said: “I was among Read More
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