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Heat Stroke

HEAT STROKE   Buy Big Cat Books and Videos If it is very hot and the cat is panting take a close look in his mouth. If the tongue is red and the cat is drooling he may be suffering from heat stroke. Cats cool themselves by increasing the air over their tongues and by salivating on their fur to cause evaporation. When the cat’s body temperature goes over 106 degrees he may stagger, vomit and produce bloody diarrhea. His lips will turn blue or grey before digressing into a coma.   Mild cases require only that Read More

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EMERGENCY PROCEDURES   Rule # 1 : STAY CALM . Detach yourself from the drama and become the hired professional brought in to remedy the situation. Your mind is more complex (and more easily accessible) than any computer. Everything you have ever learned is right there and available to you, but you must be in a clear state of mind to recall the needed information. Running in circles and causing a big commotion won’t help the animal in need. Because this is an Emergency, you need to think fast, but Read More

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Clipping Claws

CLIPPING THE NAILS   Big Cat Rescue has evolved since its inception in 1992. By 1997 we had seen enough of the abuse and abandonment caused by the pet trade that we had previously engaged in to know that there was no reason to breed exotic animals for lives in cages. As a result we increased our efforts through spaying, neutering and cage building to ensure that we would no longer be a part of the problem. As we have continued to learn about the causes of so much suffering we have become active in stopping the exotic pet trade through Read More

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Safety Program

WORKPLACE SAFETY PROGRAM   Table of Contents     Section I - Management Commitment and Involvement   1 Section II - Safety and Health Training   2 Section III - Safety Meetings   3 Section IV - Safety Committee   4 Section V - Safety Inspections   5 Section VI - First Aid Procedures   6 Section VII - Accident Investigations   7 Section VIII - Workplace Safety Rules   Section IX - On Property Safety   8 14   ATTACHMENTS   Tour Read More

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Sanctuary Master Plan

You have to start with the end in mind... ...and then start taking steps, no matter how small, each and every day toward that goal.   Big Cat Rescue has enjoyed spectacular success in every aspect of the sanctuary world. From the most well trained and dedicated staff and volunteers to having several years worth of reserves set aside incaseof a global market crash; this 20 year old sanctuary has been a working model for other animal rescue groups. Big Cat Rescue freely shares our resources and lessons learned by providing:   1. Read More

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Protected: How to Start and Run a Sanctuary Slideshow

How to start and run a sanctuaryView more presentations from BigCatRescue. Read More

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Code of Honor

Code of Honor 1.   I will focus on what works best to achieve our mission of caring for cats & ending the trade. 2.   I will speak my truth to the best of my ability & listen attentively as others speak theirs, with an end goal of finding solutions that work for all. 3.   I will support my fellow Rescuers early, often & unconditionally. 4.   I will be truthful & responsible for my actions, accepting my role with grace and performing to the best of my ability. 5.   I will deal with complete transparency Read More

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Handling and Disposal of Toxic Materials Leaded and Unleaded Gasoline: (clear colored liquid; gasoline hydrocarbon odor) Eye contact flush with clear water for 15 minutes or until irritation subsides. If irritation persists, call a physician. Skin contact remove any contaminated clothing and wash skin with soap and water. Inhalations if overcome from exposure, remove from exposure and call a physician immediately. If breathing is irregular or has stopped, start resuscitation, administer oxygen if available. Fire Read More

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BIG CAT RESCUE'S ANIMAL RESTRAINT AND HANDLING INTRODUCTION Restraint is the restriction of movement of any Sanctuary animal and may vary from simply confining the animal in an enclosure, small space, box, or crate, to completely restricting its muscular activity (immobilization). Where at all possible handling should be avoided by using shifts. Restraint and handling may be used interchangeably but better refer to specific situations. Most mammals require restraining, holding them immobile so that they can't injure the Keeper. Studies over Read More

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Job Requirements

Tiger Training Minimum Qualifications Or Standards Required To Perform Essential Job Functions For All Paid Positions at Big Cat Rescue. Physical Requirements: Must be physically able to operate a variety of machines and equipment including a tractor,  lawn mower, weed eater, edger, tiller, chain saw, battery charger, two-way radio, bobcat, gas powered blower, copy machine, computer, engraving equipment, etc. Must be able to exert up to 50 pounds of force occasionally, 25 pounds frequently and/or a negligible amount of force constantly Read More