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Skipper Male Canada lynx Appx. 1/1/07 Rescued 5/5/13   Skipper's age is unknown. He had been purchased along with Gilligan at an auction. Skipper had the largest cage measuring about 5' x 30'. He had a small plastic dog house and a plastic shelf precariously attached to the side of his cage. A large rabbit carcass lay rotting in the corner of his cage and the entire cage was just as dirty as the others, feces lying everywhere and urine soaked straw. Big Cat Rescuers entered Skipper's cage with nets in hand and a large transport Read More

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Lovey Female bobcat Appx. DOB 1/1/08 Rescued 5/5/13   Lovey is approximately five years old and was Mr. Howell's mate. She is declawed on all four paws and is missing her top right canine. The two of them shared a cramped cage about 5'x13'. Their only shelter was a small plastic dog house that they managed to cram themselves into to escape the cold weather. The also had a tiny child's play table to perch on. Lovey and Mr. Howell were both intact, so Lovey was spayed shortly after being rescued so that they can live together. Lovey Read More

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Arthur the Tiger

  ARTHUR Male Tiger Born 1/1/96 Rescued 9/28/11 Arthur is social with his Keepers as well, however he keeps a guard up at times. He will settle in soon enough as it is hard to resist the charm of the volunteers who bring treats to their newest charges. Arthur loves his brother Andre dearly and the two are often found cuddled up in the same den or lounging together in one of their pools. Arthur is the dominent tiger in the group and shows off his fierce attitude at dinner time. We can only guess the feeding Read More

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Thurston AKA Mr. Howell Male bobcat (possibly a hybrid of unknown type) Appx. 1/1/2008 Rescued 5/5/13   Mr. Howell is approximately five years old and was Lovey's mate. He is declawed on all four paws and his left ear is folded over most likely the result of a past injury. The two of them shared a cramped cage about 5'x13'. Their only shelter was a small plastic dog house that they managed to cram themselves into to escape the cold weather. The also had a tiny child's play table to perch on. Mr. Howell was not neutered Read More

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Ginger Female serval Appx. DOB 1/1/2009 Rescued on  5/5/2013   Ginger is approximately four years old and was bottle raised from a kitten. She did not have a name, so in keeping with the Gilligan's Island theme she was named Ginger. Ginger was kept in a cage about 9' x 12'. On one side of her two cougars were housed and on the other was an empty cage about half the size of hers. That empty cage housed another serval who died a few months before the rescue. Sadly the serval had become wedged in between the door panels and died. Read More

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SHANIQUA Female Jungle Cat DOB 5/1/94 Rescued 9/19/94 Died 10/3/13  Read her tributes here. Shaniqua came from an exotic animal auction where all sorts of wild animals are sold to the highest bidder with no thought as to their well being. From the first day she arrived here it became apparent why Shaniqua or any Jungle Cat would never make a good pet.   She was so hyperactive she was bouncing off the walls, literally. She even jumped into a ceiling fan or two and did not seem to learn anything from the experience, Read More

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Animal Health

BIG CAT RESCUE’S ANIMAL HEALTH PROTOCOL   INTRODUCTION The Keeper is the first line of defense in caring for the animals in the Refuge. Big Cat Rescue maintains a close relationship with two full-time Veterinarians, and their Lab Technicians. However, the Keeper, being responsible for the daily care of the Refuge's animals, plays an important part in the Big Cat Rescue’s animal health program. The effectiveness of the Keeper's role depends on several factors.   Attitude:The Keeper's attitude and the attitude of the Refuge's Read More

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Most Daring Rescue Ever!

Abandoned Exotic Cats Seized by Kansas Authorities   Being Transported to Big Cat Rescue   TAMPA, Fla. - May 5, 2013 - Nine exotic cats and two other wild animals were confiscated from a dilapidated Atchison, Kansas, property yesterday after authorities discovered that the animals had been abandoned in their enclosures without access to food or clean water. The Atchison County Sheriff's Office seized one tiger, two cougars, three bobcats, two lynx, a serval and two skunks under the state's Read More

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Places to Eat Stay Golf in Tampabay

Places To Stay, Eat, Golf When you are in the area, please support these businesses that have shown their support for Big Cat Rescue: HOTELS NEAR SANCTUARY Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay 2900 Bayport Drive Tampa 33607 (813) 874-1234 Holiday Inn Express 9402 Corporate Lake Drive Tampa 33634 (813) 885-3700 Mainsail Suites - Ask for Big Cat Rescue special rate $99. 5108 Eisenhower Boulevard Tampa 33634 (813) 243-2600 Marriott Courtyard 4014 Tampa Road Oldsmar 34677 (813) 925-8887 Marriott Residence 4012 Read More

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Tiger Rescued in Kansas

Watch Alexander's dramatic rescue   then donate below to help care for him Abandoned without food or clean water, eight big cats were rescued from small, inadequately secured enclosures on May 5, 2013. One of the cats, Alexander, arrived safely at The Fund for Animals' Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch a day later. Alexander joins three other tigers and dozens of other sanctuary residents who rely on The Fund for Animals care centers for lifelong sanctuary and specialized care. We need Read More
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