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Phantom Fur Ball 2011

Phantom Fur Ball 2011 Every year the Fur Ball is a bigger and bigger success as the annual gala for Big Cat Rescue but this year we aren't going to have one...not a real one, anyway. Here's why: The Fur Ball is often referred to as THE fundraising event of the year because it is always a huge party, full of fun things to do and with only a brief few moments of thanking sponsors from the podium.  The rest of the night is full of free drinks, festive Safari Formal gear that everyone dons for the occasion, contests, auctions, drumming circles, Read More

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Big Cat Bailout

Big Cat Bailout   Our federal government allows the private sector to trade in big cats, but when times get tough and the owners can't feed the cats, who eat 15 lb of meat a day, it isn't the government bailing them out. When you hear the term, "too big to fail" they aren't talking about 500 lb cats and too many of them, but maybe they should be. All over America there are back yard cages, full of starving lions, tigers and leopards.   How did they get there?   Little to no oversight allows just about anyone to breed Read More

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Savannah Cat Killed Fox on Belle Meade Island

Savannah Cat Killed Fox in Belle Meade Island Miami FL This large feral cat, which is thought to be a Savannah cat, has been blamed for killing a fox who has been the celebrity wildlife on Belle Meade Island for a long time. When locals asked Big Cat Rescue to come and catch the killer cat we sent the following reply: This is a Savannah cat or a Bengal cat, but my money is on Savannah cat. Savannah cats are a domestic / wild hybrid between a regular domestic cat and a Serval.  Weight can be up to 45 lbs Bengal cats are a domestic Read More

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Save a Mountain Lion 2011

Save a Mountain Lion 2011 Big Cat Rescuers just delivered Abel the Mountain Lion, whose owner died, to his new forever home. Thanks to many of you who donated he arrived at Safe Haven in NV at 8pm on July 29.   When a big cat collector in Poetry, Texas died she left behind 20 lions, tigers and mountain lions.  Another TX facility had found placement for the cats they couldn't keep but at the last minute the home for one of the cougars fell through.  They asked Lynn Cuny, a member of the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries Read More

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Cubs Ripped from their Moms for Eufaula Chamber Event

Cubs Ripped from Moms for Eufaula Chamber Event Despite being advised that the sideshow the Eufaula Chamber of Commerce booked for Whole Hawg Weekend travels the country 50 weeks a year offering pay to play with cubs as young as 5 weeks old (which is illegal) they have ignored the facts.  The Chamber knows these tiny cubs will be used for a money making scheme where the public will be charged to pet the cubs and have their photos taken and is even advertising the display on their website! Outfits like this one promote this kind of abuse under Read More

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AdvoCat News 2011 07

Wines to Benefit the Big Cats   We are very excited to announce the launch of Big Cat Rescue's Roar Reserve wines available for purchase through Benefit Wines.  The Roar Reserve wines offered - Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc are imported from LaFortuna Vineyards in Lontue Valley, Chile. These vegan friendly wines are produced using certified organic grapes by a fair trade certified vineyard.   Each wine bottle label features one of the big cats living at the sanctuary and $7 Read More

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Lobby Day in DC a Huge Success

Taking Action for Animals conference and our day on Capitol Hill has been a great success. We will save the tiger, save the lion and end the abuses caused by those who profit from breeding and exploiting their cubs! Here are some photos of our meetings with aids for Florida Rep Kathy Castor, Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Nelson. Read More

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AdvoCat News 2011 06

In all our years of sending out a monthly AdvoCat newsletter, this is the closest I have ever come to not getting one out to our supporters. It is because of all of the trouble we are having with our website, which is still down. Until it is back up at you can check for news at We are working, literally around the clock, to get it back up and operational for you. Keep Up To Date at Facebook & YouTube We update our page several times a day with news and contests and hope to see Read More

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Code of Honor

Code of Honor 1.   I will focus on what works best to achieve our mission of caring for cats & ending the trade. 2.   I will speak my truth to the best of my ability & listen attentively as others speak theirs, with an end goal of finding solutions that work for all. 3.   I will support my fellow Rescuers early, often & unconditionally. 4.   I will be truthful & responsible for my actions, accepting my role with grace and performing to the best of my ability. 5.   I will deal with complete transparency Read More

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Handling and Disposal of Toxic Materials Leaded and Unleaded Gasoline: (clear colored liquid; gasoline hydrocarbon odor) Eye contact flush with clear water for 15 minutes or until irritation subsides. If irritation persists, call a physician. Skin contact remove any contaminated clothing and wash skin with soap and water. Inhalations if overcome from exposure, remove from exposure and call a physician immediately. If breathing is irregular or has stopped, start resuscitation, administer oxygen if available. Fire Read More