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Big Cat Toys!

The only toys safe for lions, tigers, leopards and other big cats are those made by Boomer Ball,  Otto Environmental and Desert Plastics. Want to buy a toy for the big cats? Choose a big cat item from one of these companies and have it shipped to: Big Cat Rescue 12802 Easy Street Tampa, FL 33625 813.920.4130 Read More

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Animal Rescue Rockstars!

On May 8, Wayne Pacelle and his fiancee, TV journalist Lisa Fletcher stopped by Big Cat Rescue as they were on the book signing circuit for his new book called, The Bond.  At the age of 23 Wayne Pacelle was appointed as the Executive Director of The Fund for Animals and joined the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) in 1994.  Mike Markarian, previously of The Fund for Animals and now the president of the Humane Society Legislative Fund, had visited a while back and upon his recommendation several of the CEO’s of HSUS’s five Read More

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5 Servals Kept in Basement for 12 years

Back in the 1990s it was legal to own Servals, a Cheetah like cat who is built for speed and can leap 12 up in pursuit of birds, as pets.  Thanks to those who have spoken out to protect exotic cats, it is no longer legal, but anyone who had such cats prior to the ban were allowed to keep them until they died of old age.  Chris bought five cute little serval kittens from the now defunct Latham pet store and took them home with the intentions of providing them with life long care. She loved her pets, but quickly learned that they would escape at Read More

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AdvoCat News 2011 04

Help Rescue 5 Servals African Cats is the epic movie in theaters right now of cheetahs and lions living free on the African savanna.  Meanwhile, right now there are five servals, who are lean, graceful cats that are often referred to as the "poor man's cheetah," living in a dark, dank basement.  They have been there for 12 years.  See how you can help set them "free."   Put 100 Big Cats in Your Pocket Hey Tampa, Lisa with Parner Pulse here with an update on Read More

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AdvoCat News 2011 03

Someone got lucky already in our Animal Lovers Dream Vacation giveaway and has been notified that they won.  If you didn’t get a message from me on your cell phone this morning, saying you won, then be sure to enter now for next year’s prize package: Give a four leafed clover of good luck to the big cats by picking one, two, three or even all four of these ways to change the luck of an exotic cat in need. 1.  Be the Tooth Fairy for Freddy Read More

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Midnight Rain and Storm Have Died

Three Orphaned Bobcat Kittens   Big Cat Rescue has a tremendous success rate when it comes to rehab and release of wild bobcats that other facilities cannot even come close to matching.  National statistics state that 70% of  rehab bobcats don't survive to release.  Most zoos report an 80% mortality rate in captive born, mother-rejected wildcats.  In more than 20 years of rehabbing wild bobcats we have had a mortality rate of less than 10%.  That is due largely to the fact that we devote far more time, energy and funds into insuring Read More

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Feeding Rabbits to Bobcats at Big Cat Rescue

The Truth About Feeding Live Rabbits at Big Cat Rescue   Joe Schreibvogel has tried to upset Rabbit Rescuers, who we hold in very high esteem, by lying to them about our feeding practices at Big Cat Rescue.  He contacted many of the rabbit rescue groups in an attempt to cause them distress in the hopes that they would help him slander Big Cat Rescue.  He hates us because we are going after him in federal court and are doing all we can to stop the abusive practice of breeding big cats to use as photo props.  His relentless breeding is Read More
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