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Lobbying for Big Cat Laws

Lobbying for Big Cat Laws Cleo was once a cute, cuddly cub.  Her owners put a harness on her to walk her.  As she grew stronger, her former owner could not handle her enough to get the tiny harness off.  As the years passed it became completely embedded in Cleo’s skin.  Eventually as she grew the harness would have crushed her ribs.  Because the owner did not know how to properly feed the cat, when she arrived at Big Cat Rescue she was so malnourished that to anesthetize her to remove the harness would likely Read More

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Bobcat Hit By Car May 31 2011

Jamie was on her way to pick up Max the bobcat in Rhode Island when a call came in to the Big Cat Rescue Trading Post.  Volunteer Pamela Rodriguez took the call from a distressed man who said that he had seen a dead bobcat along the side of Henderson Road just 200 yards north of Linebaugh Av. Shortly thereafter, Chris Poole was getting a similar post on our facebook page from a woman who said she had seen the bloated body of a bobcat at the same intersection but when she had circled back to double check the cat was gone. The bobcat was gone Read More

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At Big Cat Rescue all of our staff, volunteers and interns stay in constant contact with each other by two way radio while on the sanctuary grounds. We use Motorola because of the low price. We currently order them through but are always looking for a better deal. We have tried many different models and recommend this one It is  sturdy and relatively reliable. The newer models claim to have a wider Read More

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AdvoCat News 2011 05

Baby Bobcat Rescue Well, he was a baby when this whole ordeal started anyway... Back in November of 2010 we were contacted by the RI State Vet who was in the process of seizing a bobcat kitten that had been sold to a local man by the surname of Tardie by a backyard breeder operating under the name of Bitterroot Bobcat and Lynx.  Barbara Roe claims on her site to have been breeding and selling bobcats and lynx as pets since 1985 and charges $1,500 and will ship, apparently, no questions asked.  If anyone cared about the law they would have Read More

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Sophia the Cougar Female Cougar  DOB 1/1/91   Rescued on 1/22/09    DOD 7/24/10 "Will anyone give me $200 for this fine breeding age puma?" the auctioneer's voice blasts over the loud speakers in the livestock barn during an animal auction in Louisiana. An animal abuser raises his number, thinking to himself, that he can mount her head and that of the male cougar he just bought over the T. V. in his trailer. The gavel slams down and Sophia's life has just taken a perilous change for the worse. She and her Read More

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Skip Cam Episodes

Skip the Bobcat   Skip's injuries made it impossible for him to be released back into the wild because his pelvis canal healed too narrowly to pass fur and bones. He has to be kept on a soft diet and have constant monitoring to make sure he doesn't get blocked up.  Skip has gathered a huge fan club called the SkipAHolics and they check in on him via web cam videos and photos taken by our Keepers below.  They have set up a donation page to gather some things for the Big Cat Rescue Wishlist here: Check this page often for the latest Read More

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Exotic Cat Standards

Big Cat Rescue's Exotic Cat Standards For general Sanctuary Standards click HERE.The Felid family definitions for the purpose of this document Small felids (under 20 lbs) Medium felids (under 60 lbs) Large felids (over 60 lbs) (regardless of species as a juvenile bobcat could be too small to be contained by 4 x 4 mesh and would thus fall into the category of small felid until they reach maturity) Defined as the following adult species:     Small Cats Rusty-spotted cat (Prionailurusrubiginosus) Flat-headed Read More

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Sanctuary Standards

Sanctuary Standards Right Click HERE and then select "Save Target As" for an Excel Chart with a complete chart of Sanctuary Standards. For Exotic Cat Care Standards go HERE. To read the Federal Trade Commission's charity checklist, click HERE. How can you tell a real sanctuary from a fake? It’s actually easier than telling a diamond from a cubic zirconium because if you look at them, under any light at all, they are easy to tell apart. The problem is that the fake ones insist on keeping you in the dark. Some legitimate sanctuaries Read More

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Collection Plan

Big Cat Rescue’s Animal Collection Plan Rescues aren’t planned, but we can make certain that our involvement will be guided by our core principals and not by our emotions.  Big Cat Rescue is an exotic cat sanctuary and as such will ONLY acquire exotic cats into its collection. The cats chosen for inclusion will be selected on a case by case basis.  Any animals accepted from the pet industry will require the surrender of the pet owner’s license and a written agreement to never again attempt to make a pet of an exotic animal. Because Read More

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Disposition Requirements Big Cat Rescue is a permanent retirement home to exotic cats, but sometimes people dump other animals at our gate.  If we can find a sanctuary that is better designed for these non cats we may consider their disposition using the following guidelines: A. Living Animals Successful animal management efforts rely on the cooperation of many entities, both within and outside of The Global Federation of Sanctuaries (GFAS.) While preference is given to place animals within accredited member institutions, Read More