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POISONING Exotic cats are like two year old children their entire lives. Everything they see will end up in their mouths and a lot of it won’t be good. We had a sick Serval who eventually died from cancer, who we had to force-feed every meal for seven months. It was an all out battle to get good wholesome food into this cat, but one day a volunteer left a bottle of flea dip in the kitchen. You can’t get within ten yards of a cat with flea dip behind your back but this Serval found the bottle of flea dip and chewed the bottle in half Read More

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COLD EXPOSURE, FROSTBITE AND HYPOTHERMIA   Buy Big Cat Auto Accessories Chilling to a newborn or young kitten can quickly lead to death. The most common cause of hypothermia that we have encountered is to get up at 6:00 a.m. and go out to check on a very pregnant female only to discover that she has given birth and not known what to do. We would often find the kits still in their sacs, cold and wet and quite dead. Many a time the lifeless little forms have been revived and have grown into loving adults, so we never Read More

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DEHYDRATION Dehydration can be the result of exposure, prolonged disease, injury or any other cause that prevents the cat from sufficiently retaining body fluids. As blood is the stream of life, it is important to keep it flowing to all parts of the body. A sick or injured cat may refuse to eat. In the wild the cat will crawl away to die as quickly and painlessly as possible and will do little or nothing to prolong their agony. The exotic does not know that we can cure most of his problems so he will not help us keep him alive in the Read More

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BURNS Burns can be caused from excessive heat, electrical shock, chemicals and too much sun. The severity depends upon the exposure and depth of the burn. A superficial burn is indicated by redness, blistering, slight swelling and tenderness. A deep burn looks white and the fur falls out easily in the affected area. A deep burn over 15% of the body will usually result in death due to the loss of fluids and the onset of shock. Treat by packing with ice, or cold water for twenty minutes to relieve the pain. Clip away the hair and wash Read More

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Bathing the Kitten

BATHING THE KITTEN OR CUB While the kitten is on the bottle the face is not usually much of a mess to contend with. The stool and urine can soil the cub if it is not housed properly and this must be washed off regularly. If you ever intend to bathe an adult exotic feline for fleas or in the event of an accident involving something spilled onto the cat, the only chance you have of surviving the ordeal is to have regularly bathed him from a cub. Unless it is a life or death situation, we would never tranquilize an exotic cat for the purpose of a Read More

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International Tiger Coalition

International Tiger Coalition Top 10 Tiger Facts 1. Poaching of tigers and their prey is driving decreases in tiger populations throughout their range, along with poaching of their prey and degradation of their habitat. 2. Inadequate law enforcement and residual demand for tiger products pose the greatest near-term threats to the survival of wild tigers. 3. Even talk of reopening trade in farmed (or captive-bred) tiger products has helped sustain residual demand, prompted investors to stockpile tiger skins and bones, and caused police Read More

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Relocating Bobcats and Cougars

Relocating the Cats is Not the Solution A single bobcat requires 5 square miles of territory in order to have enough prey to support him. All exotic cats, male and female, spray to mark their boundaries. Except for an overlapping of territory during mating the cats patrol and defend their boundaries against other cats and other top predators. These boundaries must be fiercely guarded or the cats will starve to death. If two wild cats find themselves in the same area they will fight to the death. That is why respecting these scent marked boundary Read More

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Big Cat Toys!

The only toys safe for lions, tigers, leopards and other big cats are those made by Boomer Ball,  Otto Environmental and Desert Plastics. Want to buy a toy for the big cats? Choose a big cat item from one of these companies and have it shipped to: Big Cat Rescue 12802 Easy Street Tampa, FL 33625 813.920.4130 Read More