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LIGER at the Dentist!

Lion + Tiger = LIGER! freckles was rescued from a failed backyard sanctuary in mississippi Dec 2008. 16 year old Freckles is one of the oldest Ligers around but she is one of the most recent arrivals to Big Cat Rescue. At the time of her rescue we could see a big hole in her jowl, and feared that it would lead to her demise, but she was in such bad shape that we just couldn't risk knocking her out to get a better look. Being a cranky old cat, she wasn't about to let us get a good look any other way either. She was given antibiotics in case it was Read More

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Don’t Hold That Tiger

Don't Hold That Tiger National Geographic November 2009 Conservation page The image is of Vernon Yates with yet another of his tiger cubs on a leash. The caption reads: Floridian Vernon Yates charms kids when he shows them his cubs. Tiger experts deplore the practice. Don't Hold That Tiger Vernon Yates took one of his 18 tigers to a party - his fee varies by event. "You can't trust tigers," a guest said. To prove her wrong, he told her he'd stick his head in the animal's jaws and tug its tongue for $20. She had to pay up. The Read More

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Got Pets Online

Got Pets Online 4/9/2009 I demanded that GotPetsOnline remove our photos.   In 2011 I discovered that some were still on their site and I made the request again. I asked you to take these down 4/9/2009 and just ran across some of the tiger photos still posted, so I don't know how many are still on your site.  Please be advised that we will file a DMCA takedown notice against your site if these are not removed immediately.  We have had a number of sites taken down due to copyright violations and cannot allow some to continue while others Read More

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Twitter Communities and Leaders   I am a busy person and figured Twitter was just another time-sucking fad.  I didn't want any part of it, but couldn't ignore all the hype, so I bought the book on tape called Twitter Power by Joel Comm.  It left me convinced that Big Cat Rescue needed the power of Twitter, so I signed up.  Within three days, and before announcing our presence there to our 80,000+ supporters, was in the Top 10% of Twitters.  I can't wait to see what happens once we tell the rest of our Read More

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Slide Show on Cat Laws

Slide Show on Cat Laws Mouse over image and click to view Full Screen.  Click arrows to flip pages.  Hover at top to close.  You can zoom in by clicking on page.  Click again to zoom back out. Open publication Read More

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Saving More Than 9 Lives

Saving More Than 9 Lives   The minute you see them, you know they're just too lazy for words.   They sit there in the hot Florida sun, barely acknowledging you, content to aspire to nothing more than relaxing and waiting for dinnertime.   But then there are others that are natural performers. As soon as they glance your way, well - that's it, they have to start behaving in an almost theatrical way, doing something designed to catch your eye. And they know you're there to watch them, to observe their every move, so Read More

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Ted Mashima and Rowena Watson

Ted Mashima and Rowena Watson   Big Cat Rescuers of Another Stripe   In July Big Cat Rescue hosted Drs. Ted Mashima and Rowena Watson from Washington, DC for a VIP tour led by Barbara Frank. Ted Mashima is a zoological medicine veterinarian who currently serves as the Associate Executive Director for Research and Academic Affairs for the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges, which coordinates the affairs of all North American veterinary colleges.   He is on the faculty of Envirovet Summer Institute in White Oak, FL, Read More

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Meet Our Married Volunteers 2009

Volunteer "Spot" Light   Volunteer- to do charitable or helpful work without receiving pay for it.   This is the definition of volunteer. What the definition does not include is passion, commitment, loyalty and an absolute love for what you do. This is the definition of a Big Cat Rescue Volunteer.   We have over 100 people who volunteer in different capacities. They clean enclosures, rake, landscape, paint, give tours, help in our gift shop, write letters to help change laws, educate the public about animals in the Read More

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Lifelock and Big Cat Rescue

Lifelock and Big Cat Rescue     Did you know that it takes an average of 30 hours to correct an identity theft? Last year alone identity theft was a $58 billion industry! Why be a statistic when you can have the nations leading identity protection service at as little as $9 a month? Here are just a few of the great benefits Lifelock has to offer.   1. Upon enrollment you are immediately covered by our $1 Million Total Service Guarantee if you become an identity theft victim because of a failure in our service. The details Read More

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Keeper Walkabout at Big Cat Rescue Feb 2009

Keeper Walkabout at Big Cat Rescue Feb 2009   Paws to Reflect   Sometimes, we're lucky enough to catch one of those rare days when our lake level is low, the ground is wet, and our tigers have decided to go for a leisurely walk along the shore. It's the perfect recipe for capturing a beautiful paw print impression. It's not always easy but, when it happens, it's so exciting to cast those big, powerful paw prints they've left behind. We have to quickly mix up a batch of plaster, cast it, and make sure the tiger is entertained safely Read More