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Environment is Everything

Environment is Everything   Why is the extinction rate so high?  Habitat destruction is the leading cause. What can you do about it?  All great change has been made by a handful of dedicated people determined to make a difference.  There are lots of things you can do to secure a brighter future for your children. Get involved in your government.  Find out who your governmental representatives are and what they stand for. Support those who make environmental issues a number one priority. Click on the photo to find your representatives. Recycle. Use organic Read More

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The Jaguar Trust

The Jaguar Trust Jamie and Justin were in Guyana for ten days setting new digital camera traps with video to track Jaguars, Ocelots and Pumas.  Our partner, Foster Parrots, tells us that with the recent import ban of all birds into Europe, Guyana now finds herself in a position to change the long practiced wildlife export industry there. Many trappers are finding that there are no markets for their "products" and it is time to strike while the iron is hot! Many of these trappers now find themselves unemployed and the government may start to look Read More

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Is it humane to make big cats perform?

Is it humane to make big cats perform? Because of what happened with Montecore and Roy Horn of the famed magic act, Siegfried and Roy, we have been asked the same two questions by hundreds of people: "What was the tiger really thinking?" and "Is it humane for animals to be made to perform?" To the first question all I can say is I don't know. (Who could pretend to know what any other creature is thinking?) To the latter question, these are my thoughts: By definition, inhumane is "lacking and reflecting lack of pity or compassion." To force Read More

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Circus Tigers

Circus Tigers You may think that when you see our former circus tigers lounging peacefully at Big Cat Rescue, hat we just had the connections or luck to be chosen as the retirement home for them. Maybe you have not even stopped to think on it. That's ok. I'm Christy and I've been a volunteer for 3 ½ years and I'd like to tell you that it was neither luck, nor connections. It was much more. Let me share their story, which is also my story, and both have become a part of our collective history. As a cat-lover, I came on my birthday 4 years ago Read More

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Chemical Alternatives

Chemical Alternatives    For this: Try This: Ants Red chili powder at entry, hot boiling water in the mound Drain Cleaner Plunger followed by 1/2 cup of baking soda + 1/2 cup vinegar + 2 quarts boiling water Fertilizer Compost Flea & Tick repellant Pine needles, fennel, rye or rosemary on or in pet's bed Fleas (on pet) Feed pet Brewer's Yeast, Vitamin B or garlic tablets Flies (insects) Well watered basil plant Insects on plants Soapy water on leaves, then rinse Mildew Read More

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Cause Related Marketing

Cause Related Marketing   Big Cat Rescue is looking for the right corporate partner for a mutually beneficial Cause Related Marketing campaign. We are doing so many good things for the animals in our care, the captive animals in need and the wild animals and their habitats, but we need funding to make these programs stronger and more effective.   If your company is looking for a way to increase it's profits and yet establish itself as a valued member of the community consider the following excerpts:   Creating Win-Win Read More

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Big Cat Rescue goes to Brazil

Big Cat Rescue goes to Brazil     Christina Adania, Director of AMC (Associa 'ao Mata Ciliar) and Pat Quillen of S.O.S Care hosted their first eco-excursion to Brazil the last week of July. Hanaya Gomes, a 4 year volunteer at Easy Street, and Karen MacNeill, a relative newcomer at 1 year, traveled to Sao Paolo, Brazil; the world's 5th most populated metropolitan area. AMC decided to kick off this program to raise crucial funds to keep their program going, because Brazilian support of animal rights is not as strong as it is in the U.S. Here's Read More

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Big Cat Vets of 2007

Big Cat Vets   Some Doctors still make house calls.  Dr. Stacie Wadsworth DVM,owner of Carrollwood Cats, and Dr. Elizabeth Wynn DVM, of Ehrlich Animal Hospital, are always on call for their big cat clientele. Dr. Wadsworth doesn’t discriminate the 8-pound tabby tiger on your couch from the 800-pound tiger, Shere Khan. Cats are cats, and that’s what she does best.  Dr. Wadsworth has long been the on-call professional Big Cat Rescue has entrusted with the veterinary care of our sanctuary’s residents.   She never knows what to Read More

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Beta Alpha Psi Pick Up Sticks and Directs Traffic

Beta Alpha Psi Pick Up Sticks & Direct Traffic On April 24, 2005 three Beta Alpha Psi members (see photo at right) returned to continue working on clearing sticks, stones and trash from the fields to prepare to make them usable. Then, they generously volunteered to help direct traffic and act as safety guards for an event involving over 100 people that was held later that morning. Thanks again for all your hard work and your continued support of the sanctuary.     Beta Alpha Psi Big Cat cleanup rivals Enron With Enron, Read More