Pet First Aid Awareness Month April 2012

Pet First Aid Awareness Month April 2012

Pet safety expert offers life saving tips for furry first aid


Herndon, VA (April 23, 2012) — April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month and the leader in pet safety gear and services, Wag’N Enterprises, reminds pet parents that as the seasons change, so do dangers for the family pet. Before looking forward to warm summer weather, springtime often brings out the worst in Mother Nature with tornados, flooding and more.


Spring is also a time for new blooms and buzzing bees. Did you know that Easter Lilies are toxic for cats? Pet parents should be mindful of certain environmental hazards that could have a devastating effect on pet health. Wag’N Enterprises also encourages creating a pet safety plan this April.


According to Pet Tech®, pet first aid is the immediate care given to a pet that has been injured or suddenly take ill. This includes home care and when necessary veterinary help. Knowing the skills and techniques of pet first aid can mean the difference between life and death; temporary and permanent disability; and expensive veterinarian bills and reasonable home care.


“We want to encourage pet parents to plan ahead for possible pet emergencies by taking small steps that could result in quicker response times during a potential dangerous situation. For example, making sure pet parents understand how to care for an injured pet until it is transported to the local emergency veterinarian can save the pet’s life” said Ines de Pablo, who is a Pet Tech® Certified Master Pet First Aid Instructor and founder of Wag’N Enterprises.


“Because there are only little variances between human and animal mechanisms of injury, pet parents can provide basic first aid for injuries and ailments like bleeding and fractures or heat stroke, seizures, chocking management and respiratory distress. Just like us, most incidents can be addressed using a first aid skill,” according to de Pablo. She says initial response and care is vital. “You are your pet’s paramedic during a health related emergency until your pet is transported to the veterinarian. Panic and doubt are not going to help your pet and can both place you in danger and further the pet’s injury,” notes de Pablo.


Wag’N Enterprises recommends keeping important pet lifesaving phone numbers both in their cell phone registry and displayed on paper copy in a prominent area of the residence and vehicle. Important numbers include their primary veterinarian as well as their emergency veterinarian’s phone number, the ASPCA Poison Control Center Number (888) 426.4435 and the National Poison Control Number (800)222.1222.


Is there an app for that? Wag’N recommends pet parents invest in the PetTech Pet Saver App, available for iPhone, Android phones and Windows 7 phones. The app covers topics such as CPR, heat and cold injuries, choking, snake bites, shock, bleeding protocols, how to restrain and muzzle, what to do in an emergency situation, how to transport an injured pet, the snout-to-tail assessment and more. Each skill includes step-by-step instructions with pictures and narrated audio files. Wag’N warns that this comprehensive pet health app does not circumvent attending a PetTech® Pet First Aid & Care class.


Pet owners and pet care professionals can learn pet life-saving skills nationwide from trained instructors. Pet CPR, first aid and care classes are available in the Washington, D.C. area from Wag’N Enterprises and Ines de Pablo. Attendees can expect to learn pet first aid and care training including: restraint and muzzling, CPR, seizure management, choking management, heat and cold injuries, shock management, bleeding injuries, mitigation and response to poisoning emergencies and much more.


About Wag’N Enterprises:

Founded in 2007, Wag’N Enterprises ( offers pet emergency management solutions to service industries, first responders and pet parents to effectively mitigate, prepare for and respond to emergencies that impact pet health and safety. Executive Director of Pet Emergency Management Division Ines de Pablo holds a Master’s Degree in Risk, Crisis & Emergency Management from the prominent George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and has more than a decade of extensive field training experience under her belt. Wag’N Pet Safety Gear is a branded and extensive collection of purposefully designed tools and services giving people and their pets peace of mind in case of an emergency.


Space Cats

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Protesting Cub Petting Displays

Protesting Cub Petting Displays

Since Saturday, more than 1200 of you have contacted the Sarasota Fair to express your concern and outrage about the abusive tiger cub petting exhibit currently at the fair. We thank you for speaking up for this cub who cannot speak for herself!


You’ve also spoken up to let Sarasota Fair organizers know that it’s NOT OK to host circus acts such as the Frisco Tiger Show, which is currently at the fair. Thank you again on behalf of the six adult tigers forced to perform in the Frisco show several times each day!


A few of you have also inquired about spending a couple hours peacefully protesting outside the Sarasota Fair to demonstrate concern for the cats. What we have seen in the Midwest is that even very small protests can have a significant impact on bringing this issue to the attention of the public and the media, and make an impression on the owners or managers of the venue. Below is a photo of some dedicated big cat lovers in Cincinnati who protested at a mall there and got wonderful media attention.


Protesting Cub Petting Displays

Protesting Cub Petting Displays


Some folks are talking about trying to organize such a respectful protest from 2-4 p.m. this Saturday the 24th on Fruitville Road near Brink Ave. on the public sidewalk out front of the Robarts Arena at the fairgrounds. The more people who participate, the more impact a protest has. If you would be willing to devote a few hours to helping stop the tiger abuse and would like more details, contact our PR person Susan Bass at


Thank you for all you do for the cats!







Rufus the Baby Bobcat Kitten


Est DOB 10/1/11 – 4/26/2012



Rufus the blind bobcat kitten was believed to have been hit by a car on Dec 4th in South Carolina. He weighed just 4.2lbs, had a broken jaw, split canine and was comatose.


After he woke up from the coma he was pretty loopy, the South Carolina rehabber figured the impact had done brain damage. They had to wire the jaw shut, tube feed him and remove the broken canine. He was taken in by Big Cat Rescue on Feb 12th 2012, he’s now eating solids on his own and doing much better despite walking into walls and getting stuck in corners. He was having bad and frequent seizures, but those have almost subsided.


Blind baby bobcat kitten named Rufus at Big Cat Rescue

Blind baby bobcat kitten named Rufus at Big Cat Rescue

Rufus had a seizure around noon today.  It was a typical one for him.  Later on around 2 he had a more severe episode and was taken inside to the cat hospital.  He had a high temperature and was not coherent.


The Last Photo of Rufus the baby bobcat kitten

The Last Photo of Rufus the baby bobcat kitten

He was given an injection of medication to sedate him and to stop the seizure.  He rested for a couple of hours and his temperature was brought down with cool cloths and ice packs.


At 5 he began to wake up and had another severe episode and then suddenly he stopped breathing.


Every attempt was made to resuscitate him, however we were unsuccessful.


He quietly slipped away on his own terms.


He will be missed dearly by everyone who got to know him and of his story.  He was a special little boy who touched many of our hearts.


Jamie took this photo of Rufus just yesterday when he was lazing in the sun, listening to the birds.



Thank you to everyone who made it possible to give his such loving care; especially the Skip A Holics and his staff here.


Thank you TBO for covering this story of precious Rufus the bobcat kitten.

The 5 Big Cat Sins

How can you tell if a sanctuary is really a sanctuary?


They should be accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, but at the VERY, VERY least they should not be committing this five big cat sins:


1.  Buying big cats

2.  Selling big cats

3.  Breeding big cats

4.  Allowing contact with big cats

5.  Exhibiting big cats off site


Big cats are defined here as any non domestic cat.

Free Admission for Teachers

Free Admission for Teachers

A 2012 Spring Break Surprise from Big Cat Rescue…


Free Admission for Teachers!!!


Alex Tiger PumpkinFlorida teachers are invited to tour Big Cat Rescue, 12802 Easy Street, Tampa as our guest. Experience this exceptional educational opportunity firsthand!


Reservations Required …for these tours. Space is limited!


Show Current Teacher Credentials …at check in. Free admission forinstructional staff only, Families & school support staff can accompany teachers for only $19 per person. (all ages welcome)


Tour Time: 12 noon …for all three dates


Wednesday March 14, 2012– Hillsborough County Teachers

Tuesday March 27, 2012– Pinellas County Teachers

Tuesday April 3, 2012– Pasco County Teachers



Questions? Email or call  813-393-6066