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Small Felid Workshop

Sixth Small Felid Workshop  in Costa Rica      The Small Felid Workshop was co hosted by Pat Quillen and the Simon Bolivar Zoo in San Jose, Costa Rica.  There were 15 presenters and 45 attendees at this Central American conference.  The choice of location was to promote participation by Central and South Americans who may not be able to attend in the states.  Following are summaries of the talks given, as compiled by notes taken by Jamie Veronica: Become a Big Cat Member      Meridith Brown, Field Biologist for Read More

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Penny Wars To Aid the Big Cat Hurricane Victims

Penny Wars To Aid the Big Cat Hurricane Victims And the winners are: Both school Total is $274.41 Weaver Highest Class is Mrs. Olive with $29.26 Fairbanks Highest Class is Ms. Mansel with $41.37 Weaver Highest Child is Jordan with $6.96  Fairbanks Highest Child is Tyler with $15.88 La Wanna Jones visited Big Cat Rescue in August of 2004 to help us build a children's learning center online, complete with games, puzzles, storybooks and more. When she heard about the damage done to the refuge by four hurricanes in six weeks, she set out Read More

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Four Hurricanes in Six Weeks!

Four Hurricanes in Six Weeks!   Four Hurricanes in six weeks leave their scars on Big Cat Rescue Six months after four hurricanes crashed through Big Cat Rescue we are still struggling to rebuild. We were blessed in that none of our residents, four footed or otherwise, were injured in the storms. Big Cat Rescue has policies, procedures and planning in place that enabled us to do the most important thing in an emergency which was to protect our animals and the community. Many of our open air Cat-a-tats are the best ones because they offer Read More

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White Tiger and Lion November 4, 2004 update:

 White Tiger and Lion November 4, 2004 update: Click on photos to see them larger. White Tiger and Lion October 2, 2004 update: Click on the photos below to see Zabu the White Tiger being transported across Big Cat Rescue to be reunited with Cameron the Lion. See the new 3 acre enclosure for both of them. Witness the first kiss after they were reunited. Cameron the Lion & Zabu the White Tiger Check back soon as more photos are coming from Jamie Read More

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10 Laws of Life

10 Laws of Life   Buy Big Cat Hat, Shirt or Tee The more I learn about people…the more I like my cat. I’ve said that more than once.  It’s been my experience that “animal people” prefer the company of non human animals.   We tend to avoid that which makes us uncomfortable, including each other.  The problem is that the animals in our care cannot support themselves, nor can they change the status quo of abuse and extinction without our help.  The responsibility is ours and understanding these 10 Laws of Read More

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White Tiger and Lion

White Tiger and Lion October 2, 2004 update: The long awaited day had to wait even longer when Hurricane Jeanne roared into Big Cat Rescue. Cameron the male lion and Zabu the female White Tigress were supposed to be reunited on September 25, but the approaching hurricane deterred us from introducing them and then having to lock them in a den together for the storm. The following week was too muddy to move the transport cage. The week after that was looking just about as muddy, but thanks to a remarkably hot day, by the end of this Saturday Read More

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Jaguars of Big Cat Rescue

Hunted to extinction in the U.S. by 1940, the Jaguar is in trouble world wide, and two in particular are barely escaping death due to the rescue efforts of Big Cat Rescue.  There are only 300 such cats registered with the International species Information Service and only 22 of those are considered sufficiently pedigreed to be bred for conservation efforts. When a road side zoo owner died recently, leaving behind Jaguars and Leopards, his wife called upon a family friend to help her find a home for the aging great cats.  Because their pedigrees Read More

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2003 Annual Report

2003 Annual Report If your charity doesn't make this information accessible on line, perhaps you should ask why.  We are proud of the way we have utilized your donations and think you should know how your money has been spent.   The following figures reflect the fiscal and calendar year 2003. Buy Big Cat Gift Items Income      Gifts and Contributions cash:           688,571.      Inventory Sold:                               33,942.      Rental Income donated property:   Read More

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Extinction via Hunting

Extinction via Hunting Lions face new threat: They're rich, Americans and they've got guns Schwarzkopf and George Bush Senior mobilize opposition as Botswana moves to save its big cats Special report: George Bush's America Source:,3604,479311,00.html Chris McGreal in Johannesburg Friday April 27, 2001 The Guardian You might call the lions of southern Africa potential Bush meat. The former American president, George Bush senior, and his old Gulf War ally, General "Stormin' Read More

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All In a Days Work

All In a Day's Work One of our volunteers rushed into my office one evening at dusk and said "I just heard on the radio that a bobcat was involved in an accident at Gunn Highway and Cosme Road!" As I ran to load nets and a carrier into the truck, she asked if I'd need help, and I told her I'd call if the cat had survived.  We had rescued three such bobcats in the past few years.  All had lived and we had been able to return  them back to the wild.  The intersection was only a few miles away and I was there in minutes. Arriving on the scene Read More