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2005 Education Department Five Year Plan

Big Cat Rescue's Education Department Five Year Plan 2002 to 2007 The following plan is intended to guide the activities of the Education Branch over the next five years in order to achieve the goals set out in the mission statement. The five-year plan includes recommendations for additional budget and facilities. Without increased support in these areas, the plan can not be completed as outlined. While expenditures will increase to allow for additional staff and resources, the revenues will also increase proportionally. Mission: To encourage Read More

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2005 Annual Report

2005 Annual Report   See a year of Big Cat Rescue in Action click SLIDESHOW Big Cat Rescue's Mission Statement: To provide the best home we can for the animals in our care and to reduce the number of cats that suffer the fate of abuse, abandonment or extinction by teaching people about the plight of the cats, both in the wild and in captivity, and how they can help through their behavior and support of better laws to protect the cats. Advances In 2005 the IRS reported that there are 964,000 registered charities in the U.S.  Only 81 Read More

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2005 Fur Ball

2005 Fur Ball Welcome to the 2005 Fur Ball! 7TH ANNUAL FUNDRAISING DINNER & AUCTION Friday October 13, 2006 FUN is the word that was most often used to describe last year's hugely successful Fur Ball by the sellout crowd of 850, and this year we plan to make it even better!  See the fun HERE. The fun starts in deciding what to wear. The traditional "Safari Costume Formal" attire is still very much in vogue. It is described in more detail below with links to photos from last year. In addition, this year's "Roaring 20's" theme adds a Read More

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Rescue of 3 Mountain Lion Cubs 2005

Rescue of 3 Mountain Lion Cubs 2005 See the cubs at the age of 10 months as they swim in their pool. You may have to click the button twice to make the video start.   Injustice in Our Own Country   Dusk was settling in; cold and drizzly damp, the kind of cold that just makes your bones ache. A single mom was bathing her toddlers before tucking them into bed for the night. Their bellies were full and their eyelids beginning to feel heavy as she hurried to dry them so that they wouldn't chill while she was gone. She had to Read More

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2004 Endangered Species Cat List

2004 Endangered Species Cat List IUCN Red List for All Cats According to the IUCN, all 36 of the listed cat species have a negative global population trend. Acinonyx jubatus Cheetah Hunting Leopard Vulnerable Decreasing Acinonyx jubatus hecki Northwest African Cheetah Endangered Unknown Acinonyx jubatus venaticus Asiatic Cheetah Critically Endangered Decreasing Caracal caracal Caracal African Caracal Asian Caracal Desert Lynx Least Concern Decreasing Catopuma badia Bay Cat Bornean Bay Read More

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Big Cats Big Hearts

Big Cats Big Hearts By Justin Brownlee   For the first time in its 12-year existence, the Big Cat Rescue of Tampa, Florida, met its yearly quota in 2004. The success is attributed many volunteers and interns who spend all their time keeping a difficult dream alive.   "Our long term-goal is to not have to exist, said Scott Lope in a phone interview. Lope is the Big Cat Rescue operations manager and lives on the 42-acre sanctuary. "We hope to get legislation to pass a law that will prohibit people from owning exotic cats and Read More

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2004 Annual Report

2004 Annual Report Advances Buy Big Cat Hat, Shirt or Tee The biggest advance in our history was this year when we went from "Tampabay'sBest Kept Secret" to a Household Name in the local area. This was due largely to the great media exposure donated by six local Cox Radio Stations. Hillsborough County gave us big green directional signs in 5 locations to direct visitors to our door. For the first year ever, in our 12 year history, we were able to cover all of the sanctuaries expenses from its own income! Thank you everyone! Read More

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Carole Baskin Weds Howard Baskin

Carole Baskin Weds Howard Baskin Big Cat Wedding Big Cat Rescue Founder Carole Lewis weds Advisory Board Chairman Howard Baskin on Nov. 1, 2004 ! On Nov. 1, 2002 Howie and Carole met at the kick off party for a new concept that Mary Hessler Key was introducing to Tampa Bay called No More Homeless Pets. The coalition was being formed to end euthanasia of healthy dogs and cats in shelters by implementing an aggressive spay and neuter program. Big Cat Rescue is one of the founding members of No More Homeless Pets of Hillsborough County. At that Read More

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Small Felid Workshop

Sixth Small Felid Workshop  in Costa Rica      The Small Felid Workshop was co hosted by Pat Quillen and the Simon Bolivar Zoo in San Jose, Costa Rica.  There were 15 presenters and 45 attendees at this Central American conference.  The choice of location was to promote participation by Central and South Americans who may not be able to attend in the states.  Following are summaries of the talks given, as compiled by notes taken by Jamie Veronica: Become a Big Cat Member      Meridith Brown, Field Biologist for Read More

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Penny Wars To Aid the Big Cat Hurricane Victims

Penny Wars To Aid the Big Cat Hurricane Victims And the winners are: Both school Total is $274.41 Weaver Highest Class is Mrs. Olive with $29.26 Fairbanks Highest Class is Ms. Mansel with $41.37 Weaver Highest Child is Jordan with $6.96  Fairbanks Highest Child is Tyler with $15.88 La Wanna Jones visited Big Cat Rescue in August of 2004 to help us build a children's learning center online, complete with games, puzzles, storybooks and more. When she heard about the damage done to the refuge by four hurricanes in six weeks, she set out Read More