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Big Cat Vet Says Clients Kill Cubs

Big Cat Vet Says Clients Kill Cubs   On June 14 & 15, 2007 I attended the Captive Wild Animal Technical Assistance Group meeting in Orlando and was stunned at what I heard.  You can hear it for yourself below. I was not surprised to hear Kathy Stearns, an woman with a backyard full of big cats, try to excuse the inexcusable behavior of those who breed cubs for photo booths and petting sessions.  I was not surprised to hear a couple others suggest that studies be done, (ie: stall for as long as we can) before taking action to stop Read More

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Captive Wildlife Safety Act Finally Gets Teeth in Law

Captive Wildlife Safety Act Finally Gets Teeth in Law The United States Fish and Wildlife Service will officially implement the Captive Wildlife Safety Act (CWSA) on Sept. 17, 2007, which stiffens regulations on owning and transporting big cats.  The CWSA was initially signed into law in 2003, however the department has now organized and implemented its resources to begin enforcement. The CWSA makes it illegal to “import, export, transport, sell, receive, acquire, or purchase live lions, tigers, leopards, snow leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, Read More

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ZooCheck Canada

ZooCheck Canada "Much like the US, Canada has a big problem with privately-owned tigers, lions, cougars, jaguars and other big cats. Until just two weeks ago, anyone could own a tiger or other large exotic wild animal in British Columbia. Currently in many other parts of the country, including Ontario, it's still legal to own a tiger or other big cat and no license or registration of any kind is required. That's why there have been so many incidents over the years in Ontario, including: *a jaguar escaping from a cage at a private display Read More

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Captive Wildlife Technical Assistance Group

Florida's Captive Wildlife Technical Assistance Group Do you know where YOUR neighbor's tiger is now? 2007 Update On February 7th and 8th the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commissioners voted on the proposed rules that were created by the Florida Captive Wildlife Technical Assistance Group.  While the proposed rules are better than the current rules, they are far from adequate. See the meeting and presentations made by Big Cat Rescue, HSUS and the Florida Animal Control Association HERE Did you know that your neighbors Read More

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State Animal Cruelty Laws

State Animal Cruelty Laws States which have felony cruelty provisions Introduction Become a Big Cat Member Anti-cruelty statutes do not give animals legal rights, but these laws are the main form of legal protection afforded to animals in our society. Each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia has enacted its own unique animal anti-cruelty statute. The first anti-cruelty statute was enacted in America in 1641 by the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Article 92 in its legal code, called the "Body of Liberties," Read More

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Operation Snow Plow Florida Connection

Missouri Couple Sentenced For Brokering Illegal Sale of Federally-Endangered Tigers Contacts Scott Flaherty, 612-713-5309 Tim Santel, 217-971-5100 The owner of a Cape Girardeau, Mo, animal park and his wife were sentenced today by a federal court in Cape Girardeau, Mo., for their roles in the illegal trafficking of four endangered tigers in 1998. Todd H. Lantz, owner of Lazy L Exotics, was sentenced to five months in prison, three years supervised probation upon release, and ordered to pay $5,000 to the Fish and Wildlife Foundation's Read More