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Living with Tigers

Living with Tigers From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Living with Tigers is a 2003 documentary about tigers in Africa. It aired on Discovery. The sequel to Living with Tigers is Tiger Man of Africa on the National Geographic Channel.[1] This documentary features a Bengal tiger re-wilding project started by John Varty in 2000. This project involves training captive-bred Bengal tiger cubs by their human trainers so that the tigers can regain their predatory instincts. Once they prove that they can sustain themselves in the wild, Read More

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The Knesset Bans Declawing of Cats

Cats news: The Knesset banned Declawing Since 2006 trying to Knesset members from across the political spectrum to be approved by the Knesset to ban cat declawing (except) for medical purposes. Yesterday (Monday) The Knesset plenum approved the bill to the second and third reading. Punishment by law: a year in jail for cats to do it in violation of regulations or a fine of 75 thousand shekels The Knesset approved yesterday (Monday) second and third reading, and no opposition to a proposed ban on Israel for the first time cat declawing, not Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 15

Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 15 Last Day to Vote for Big Cat Rescue to Win $25,000! If you live in LA, TX, FL,AZ, CO, NM and Texarcana, AR and Salt Lake City, UT and at least 13 years of age or older we need you to vote 5 times a day for Big Cat Rescue to win $25,000. You can do all 5 votes in a row. Our code number is 0063 The Frozen Zoo   With our existing cryobiological collection it is no longer necessary to keep breeding endangered species in captivity Read More

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Why Regulations Won’t Work

Why Regulating Conditions Under Which Big Cats Are Kept SIMPLY DOES NOT AND CANNOT WORK The only way to stop the abuse of big cats in captivity is to ban private ownership.  Trying to “regulate” the conditions under which the cats are kept by private owners is simply impossible.  This has been proven by years of experience despite good intentions by enforcement officials. The minimum standards of care that typically are established are inhumane.  There are federal regulations, and some state regulations, setting minimum standards of Read More

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Big Cat Exhibition

Animal Abuser Check Point Type in a name in the box below to see if there are any online reports at which is a community effort to expose animal abuse.  If you have facts, photos or video that expose animal abuse you can post them there anonymously and for free.  Although we find this to be a valuable resource, Big Cat Rescue is not responsible for other's collaborative efforts at 911 Animal Abuse.  If you know of abuse, you should post it there and contact the proper authorities here: Report to USDA Report to State Government Read More

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Petting Lion and Tiger Cubs

Petting Lion and Tiger Cubs When you pay to pet a cub, what are you really supporting? This video shows you how people pimp out tiger cubs to support themselves while making no provisions for the lifetime care of the big cats they are breeding and buying. Watch this video about two such pay to play schemes run by Kathy Stearns of Dade City's Wild Things and Joe Schreibvogel of G.W. Exotics. Read More

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Script – Petting Tiger Cubs video 2010

Script – Petting Tiger Cubs video 2010   PETTING TIGER CUBS – ABUSE AND LIFE OF  MISERY Script – Petting Tiger Cubs video If the above video has been removed, click HERE   The idea of petting and playing with a tiger cub has an understandable natural appeal.  The cubs are adorable, and the tiger is one of the most powerful and fascinating of all animals.   What is not obvious at first glance is the months of discomfort and stress the cubs endure, and the miserable life Read More