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Ethics of Relocation of Wildlife

Human-wildlife conflicts vary from “significant crop and forestry destruction to disease transmission, collisions with vehicles and aircraft, nuisance behavior in urban settings, damage to buildings, predation on livestock and game species and attacks on humans” (Massei et al. 2010).  “As burgeoning human populations move further into previously uninhabited areas,” conflicts and the frequency of these conflicts escalate, “particularly in urban and suburban areas, and is expected to grow further in the near future” (Dickman 2010, Massei Read More

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Mountain Lion Sighting Near San Mateo Shopping Center CA

  SAN MATEO (CBS SF) — A mountain lion was spotted near a shopping center in San Mateo early Friday morning, police said.   Citizens reported seeing a mountain lion about the size of a medium-sized dog around 4 a.m. Friday in the area of the Laurelwood Shopping Center at 1206 W. Hillsdale Blvd. in San Mateo, according to police.     Witnesses reported the sighting to police about an hour later. The California Department of Fish and game was also notified.   Anyone who encounters a mountain lion Read More

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Woodside California Mountain Lion Sighting

300 block of Raymundo Drive, Woodside, CA 5 a.m. Dec. 10 A newspaper carrier reported seeing a mountain lion. He said he was 100 percent positive and that it was about 4 feet tall and weighed 150 to 200 pounds.

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Mountain lion photo confirmed in Dekalb MO

  The Missouri Department of Conservation has confirmed as authentic a photograph of a mountain lion in Dekalb County, MO.   This photograph, taken by a game trail camera on private land just north of Cameron, Mo., shows a mountain lion on the prowl just after 2 a.m. on December 12. Missouri Department of Conservation officials can't confirm or deny that there is a breeding population of the cats in Missouri, but it has become apparent that cats are dispersing into western parts of the state. The Missouri Department of Read More

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Why so many cougar attacks and cougar sightings?

Every day there is a story in a paper somewhere in the U.S. about cougar or mountain lion sightings in areas where the cats have not existed in the wild in over 100 years. Why is that? Could it possibly be that despite the fact that extinction rates are more than 1000 times greater than they should be due to the uncontrolled population growth of man and our extermination of everything in our path, the cougar is making a come back? That is what the fish and game departments across the country are claiming, but that is because they make their Read More