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Cat Chat 69

Meet Olga Bellon on Cat Chat Show 69 Olga Bellon gets a crash course in big cat care at Big Cat Rescue to implement in the new big cat facility being built in Spain as part of AAP.  Download the  Lower Res Podcast File here. More about Big Cat Rescue's work with AAP Primadomus Big Cat Rescue was recruited to offer our expertise and guidance in the development of a rescue center in Spain that will be broadening their focus from primates to now include big cats.  AAP Primadomus is located on more than 400 acres Read More

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Film a Rescue

How Can I Film a Rescue? Before you contact Big Cat Rescue and ask if you can film a rescue, or film a few days of yourself working here, please consider the following: Wild cats are as emotionally complex as humans; maybe even more so. A mother cat will kill her young rather than let them suffer, if they are born into a situation that is too unfavorable to their happy existence. Yet we use the term "tiger mom" to convey the fact that a tiger will fight to the death and sacrifice herself to protect her young, as will any other cat. Read More

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Ysabel Cruz

Ysabel Cruz is the purr-son behind the scenes of this website and our other sites as well.  She is our Web Services person. Ysabel was hired from a Craigslist post in 2010 responding: "I am from the Philippines and have been a web developer for 12 years now. I have also managed teams of web  developers as well as graphic designers as part of my role as head of web development and design firms. I have  created almost all types of sites, including ecommerce and social network sites, all in the PHP/MySQL environment. My skills include: Read More

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Scott Haller

Meet Scott Haller Scott Haller came to work for Carole Baskin, doing repairs and maintenance to her properties and those owned by Big Cat Rescue, somewhere around 2009 or 2010. People tell us he looks a lot like Sam Elliott. What do you think? Scott had been in the construction business building commercial stores and houses in Hudson Beach. Hear an impromptu interview with Scott as he was working on the Windsong Memorial Hospital in 2015. Read More

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Vernon Stairs

VERNON STAIRS MASTER CAT-A-TAT BUILDER  Vernon Stairs is our Master Builder and works to design, build and maintain all of the cat-a-tats and facilities.  He was a business owner until he retired in 1996 and came to Big Cat Rescue to help build a pond.  His feats include construction of a three acre tiger marsh, dueling waterfalls and ponds for the fishing cats, an air conditioned rock mountain for the snow leopards, underground dens, overhead sprinklers and so much more for the comfort of the 100 animals living on Easy Street. He is remembered Read More

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Kathryn Quaas

Kathryn Quaas Kathryn has been a volunteer at Big Cat Rescue since 2001. She has also held 2 different staff positions: Education Director 2003 to 2005 and Intern Manager/Donations Manager 2008 to 2009. She had to leave in 2009 to follow her husbands job to Washington DC. She returned in 2011 and worked her way back up to Senior Keeper. She is often seen convincing cats to take their medication and enjoys working on the Operant Conditioning committee. She is passionate about the benefits this provides the cats and keepers. Kathryn has a Read More

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Edith Parker

EDITH PARKER VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE Edith is originally from New Jersey but considers herself a Floridian after being a resident for over thirty years. She is a retired Executive Secretary in a local company and resides in Lutz. She has a BS Degree from Nova Southeastern University in business. Edith enjoys volunteering, besides BCR she does work with Hospice, Salvation Army and Meals on Wheels throughout the year.  You can usually find Edith working in the gift shop or making sure the volunteers get their pins for years served or volunteer Read More

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Lynda Licht

LYNDA LICHT VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE Lynda began volunteering at Big Cat Rescue in April 2010 and is now a Senior Keeper and Volunteer Coordinator on the weekends. She serves on the volunteer committee as well as assisting with new volunteer orientation. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Boston University with a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting. She was a licensed Certified Public Accountant in New Jersey, working for both large and small public accounting firms for 15 years, even after moving to Tampa in 1991. Read More

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Dr Justin Boorstein

Dr Justin Boorstein Dr. Justin Boorstein started out at Big Cat Rescue in December 2005 as an Intern who was studying veterinary medicine.  He became licensed to practice in Florida in 2012 and Dr. Wynn has been showing him the ropes at the sanctuary. Dr. Wynn typically visits the sanctuary twice a week and when needed. Dr. Boorstein has been spending his free time teaching volunteers and interns how to check fecals and has been helpful in our vaccinating schedules as well as emergency care. Dr. Justin Boorstein works at the Humane Society Read More

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Dr Liz Wynn

Dr. Liz Wynn Dr. Liz Wynn began in October of 2003 at Big Cat Rescue as a volunteer, cleaning cages, until we discovered that she was a veterinarian.  At the time our primary vet was Dr. Stacie Wadsworth, but she was getting ready to retire so it gave us a wonderful opportunity to have both vets work together for the last couple of years before Dr. Wadsworth moved to N.C. Dr. Wynn visits twice a week and makes it her responsibility to personally flea treat all 100 cats every month.  She has cultivated great relationships with other vets in Read More