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Joseph likes to keep or volunteers busy! :) #lion #shaming #volunteer #bigcatrescue

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Cam & Zabu snoozing on their platform :) #lion #tiger #bigcats #bigcatrescue #sanctuary

via Global March for Lions is Big News in So. Africa 1) Go South Online   2)Daily News   3)City Press   4) IOL Read More

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Now at Big Cat Rescue March 3 2014

Interns at the Kitten Cabana   Dave Matthews Band and Big Cat Rescue event, on the same page. Jamie will like that!   Read More

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Elizabeth VJ Day Celebrity

Today Big Cat Rescue hosted a celebrity.  Her name is Elizabeth and she was the woman in the background of this famous photo. Iconic VJ Day Sailor and Nurse in foreground and Elizabeth to the left behind them. After news of the Japanese acceptance and before Truman's announcement, Americans began celebrating "as if joy had been rationed and saved up for the three years, eight months and seven days since Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941", as Life magazine later reported. Fast forward 69 years... Elizabeth came to meet Amazing Grace the Ocelot Read More

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JoJo   Meet Jo Jo the Caracal Serval Hybrid   I first met JoJo the Caracal / Serval hybrid at the South Florida Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in 2005 after a hurricane had taken down the perimeter fencing and dumped piles of deadfall on the cages. The owner, Dirk Neugebohm, had ended up in the hospital with a heart attack from trying to clean the mess up by himself. He wrote from what he thought was his deathbed back then to anyone and everyone he could think of asking for help; and Read More

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Tiger Shaming… ALEX likes to mark his “territory” !! :) #tiger #shaming #animal #cats #catsofinstagram #funny #bigcatrescue #bigcats

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