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Karma Hurworth

Karma Hurworth REGISTRAR Karma started out as an Intern but began working part time as staff in 2015. Two days a week she helps manage the Gift Shop and one day a week is devoted to keeping all of our cats' records updated in ZIMS. She is also the Kitten Monitor to ensure our Foster Kittens are growing and thriving. Meet the Big Cat Rescue Team. See a typical day at the sanctuary. Read More

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Jennifer Leon

JENNIFER LEON DIRECTOR OF OUTREACH Jennifer manages the Education and Legislation Departments, which seek to raise awareness about the plight of captive big cats through community outreach, advocacy, and research. She has two undergraduate degrees and her MPA from the University of South Florida with a focus in public policy. Over the past decade Jennifer has volunteered for local and national animal welfare organizations including various Tampa Bay area rescue groups, the Humane Society of the United States, Humane Society International, Read More

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Jeff Kremer

JEFF KREMER DIRECTOR OF DONOR APPRECIATION Jeff Kremer is the Director of Donor Appreciation with Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, the world's largest accredited rescue facility for exotic cats. Jeff was born and raised in the Tampa Bay area. After spending 21 years working for Honeywell Space Systems in Clearwater, Jeff chose to embark upon a career that focused on his life-long interest in the field of animal welfare. Big Cat Rescue is accredited by The Global Federation of Sanctuaries (a national accrediting body that is to sanctuaries what the Read More

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Gale Ingham

GALE INGHAM OPERATIONS MANAGER Gale worked her way up to Senior Keeper twice.  The first time around she ended up as Den Mother to our interns, but family issues required her to move away for a while.  When she returned, she started over again and quickly worked her way back up to Senior Keeper. Gale is a By-The-Book kind of person and Big Cat Rescue has a LOT of rules on its books that keep our cats well cared for and our people safe.  When our Operations Manager, Scott Lope decided to resign in order to pursue his film career Gale was Read More

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Chelsea Feeny

CHELSEA FEENY PROJECT MANAGER   Chelsea Feeny first arrived at Big Cat Rescue in early 2009 as an intern. Before the completing of her internship she was hired as Project Manager. She currently is responsible for database management, donations processing and acknowledgement, and Intern intake/screening. This is no small feat with a support fan base of more than 80,000 people. She aims to share her passion and excitement for this magnificent sanctuary with all of the guests, donors, and volunteers that help to make Big Cat Rescue Read More

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Susan Bass

SUSAN BASS DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC RELATIONS Contact Susan Bass, Director of Public Relations, at or 813-431-2720. Susan Bass has been the Director of Public Relations at Big Cat Rescue since 2011. Susan's primary role is expanding the reach of the sanctuary's advocacy work and developing strategies and initiatives to bring the issues of big cats in captivity and in the wild to the forefront of the public and media. Susan has 17 years of public relations experience and has worked at major PR firms in New York Read More

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Jamie Veronica

JAMIE VERONICA BOORSTEIN PRESIDENT, VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE, BOARD OF DIRECTORS Jamie Veronica is President of Big Cat Rescue, a member of the Board of Directors, and Chair of the Volunteer Committee.  She has served in these capacities for well over ten years. She spent many years developing a sponsorship program whose financial success continues to contribute largely toward meeting our annual budget. Jamie runs everything involved with the administrative side of the volunteer program including processing promotion applications, running Read More

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Working with Big Cats at Big Cat Rescue

Babylon thinks the new couch is purr-fect and thanks his influential friends who met with high ranking government officials today on behalf of his wild cousins.

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