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I sometimes forget, especially when I look at cats like Joseph, that many of our residents had a very rough start in life… Like so many big cats Joseph was bred to be used a as a photo prop, it took the combined efforts of the USDA, undercover agents and concerned citizens seven years to shut down Diana McCourt and her “Siberian Tiger Foundation” … It wasn’t until her landlords were able to evict her from the property that authorities could seize the six cats who had been used for years as props in her “tiger training” scheme. By the end of the ordeal eye witnesses said that the cats were starving and they still had inadequate shelter from the elements. The four cats that we rescued from this facility, Joseph, Sasha, Nikita and Simba, had all been declawed and had their canine teeth removed (except for Joseph who still has his teeth) It’s wonderful that thanks to YOUR support we can continue to rescue cats like these and they can retire to sunny Florida You can read more about the rescue here: #lion #bigcatrescue #whatwedo

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Posted in Working with Cats | 0 comments

Why ZAA Facilities Should Not Be Exempt from Big Cat Ban

Who is the ZAA? The ZAA's membership list reads to me like a Who's Who in animal exploitation. Their mission and purpose statement make it clear that they support private ownership of dangerous wild animals stating, " Purpose: As a trade organization to serve the needs of our members. Protect and defend the right to own exotic and domestic animals... Defend our accredited facilities against false allegations, those with political agendas, and mischaracterizations." When facilities can't achieve the standards set by the only legitimate Read More
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