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Why ZAA Facilities Should Not Be Exempt from Big Cat Ban

Who is the ZAA? The ZAA's membership list reads to me like a Who's Who in animal exploitation. Their mission and purpose statement make it clear that they support private ownership of dangerous wild animals stating, " Purpose: As a trade organization to serve the needs of our members. Protect and defend the right to own exotic and domestic animals... Defend our accredited facilities against false allegations, those with political agendas, and mischaracterizations." When facilities can't achieve the standards set by the only legitimate Read More

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Now at Big Cat Rescue July 10 2014

Moving Tigers Leopards and Combing Bobcats   Jade the leopard grooms herself. A first peek at an new serval rescue named Sheena. Nik the tiger is moved next door to Joseph the lion. Sundari the leopard is moved in the rain. Raindance and Anasazie the bobcats like the bear claw back scratcher, but Gilligan the Canada Lynx does not. Lovey and Thurston the bobcats wake from a nap at the sound of approaching food carts. Levi the bobcat is still looking good. Narla Cougar takes a bath. Sabre the black Read More
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