hear big catsWindstar

Male Bobcat
5/11/98 – 8/19/16


Windstar was an unexpected surprise to Windsong and Alexander. Because Alex was a Hybrid we assumed he was infertile after four years of watching him breed with no success. We had neutered all of our male Bobcats except for the hybrids as we were so sure they could not reproduce. Windstar was proof to the contrary and his birth resulted in his father and uncle, Des-Purr-ado being immediately neutered. Windstar is affectionately called “Bobcat” and has a wonderful purrsonality. Windstar loves the water. Every year for his birthday he gets a kiddie pool for a week to play in. In 2004 for his birthday he got a rock pool with waterfall like the tigers have.

Windstar wants you to know that there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.  There was a time, in our recent history when we believed in slavery and we believed that women should not be allowed to vote. Anyone who thought otherwise was ridiculed and cast out of society.  Now we look back and wonder how we ever could have believed that all men were not created equal. You are witnessing a shift in the way people perceive animals because science has taught us that they experience fear, joy, shame, love and they dream just like we do.  As we become better informed we cannot turn a blind eye to the abuses they suffer and some brave souls are speaking out.  Accepting that all life is precious is an idea whose time has come and nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.

8/18/16 Windstar Bobcat was netted to see vet after being found “down” in his den. He seemed fine the day before, but when he didn’t come out to eat, Jamie knew something was wrong. We netted him to take him in the hospital and called the vet. We found vomited mushrooms, but both varieties turned out to be non toxic.


We found a mass near his kidney and a biopsy was sent out.

Watching over him through the night on a Nest cam, Jamie reported that he was awake and looking around at 5 am, so she felt he was out of the woods. About a half hour later though he passed peacefully in his sleep.

A necropsy will be done to determine the cause of death.

Please help us end the trade in all wild cats as pets, props and parts by sending this easy email and making a call to your US Senators and Representatives at  Windstar would tell you, “the time has come.”


Sponsor Windstar Bobcat here:


Most of our bobcats were rescued from fur farms where they were being raised to slaughter for their fur.  Some were being sold at auction where taxidermists would buy them and club them to death in the parking lot, but a few were born here in the early days when we were ignorant of the truth and were being told by the breeders and dealers that these cats should be bred for “conservation.” Once we learned that there are NO captive breeding programs that actually contribute to conservation in the wild we began neutering and spaying our cats in the mid 1990’s.  Knowing what we do about the intelligence and magnificence of these creatures we do not believe that exotic cats should be bred for lives in cages. Read more about our Evolution of Thought HERE

More About Windstar Bobcat

Windstar Bobcat loves his tree house.

Windstar Bobcat loves his tree house.


** See photos of Windstar getting a new room addition on his enclosure.   (also photos of tigers and more) Today At Big Cat Rescue November 22

** When a swelling was noticed on the ear of one of our bobcats, we decided to sedate Windstar in order to drain the fluid from his ear. We then stitched the incisions open so no further problems would occur. See more here:

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bobcat_Windstar** Today at Big Cat Rescue February 21st – more photos:

** Video –  Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 21 2012 Watch lions in love, Max and Windstar bobcats pouncing and meet a lovely volunteer named Phyl

** Walkabout Video – Today at Big Cat Rescue Aug 29 2013 – In this hour long walk about you will see Flavio Tiger in the Vacation Rotation cage and being loaded into a wagon for diagnostics.  You will see Bella Tiger making the long walk to the Vacation Rotation cage and enjoying it.  You will see the new Kitten Cabana construction, Tommie Girl Bobcat, Tobi Cougar, Gilligan Canada Lynx, Lovey, Thurston, Mary Ann, Moses, Bailey, Anazasie, Windstar,Max and Levi the bobcats.  Also rare glimpses at Genie Sandcat, Nico Geoffroy Cat, Pharaoh and Tonga the white servals, Mr E the Leopard cat, Jade and Armani the leopards, Joseph and Sasha the lions and Cameron and Zabu the white tiger.  Lots of cats, lots of rain, lots of interesting behavior.

** December 2011 Advocat Newsletter – A few of the most recent projects included an enclosure addition for Purr-sistance the ocelot and Windstar the bobcat.  Not only do they have lots of extra space, but we are now able to shift them easily from one side of their enclosure to the other making maintenance a breeze.

** One of the early Keeper Walkabouts: It is a fun read.

** Bobcat Facts –

** Advocat Newsletter August 2012 – Vide of the cats cooling off in a fun way.

Bobcat Videos








hear big catsNairobi

Female Serval
4/1/93 – 7/6/16
Rescued  7/7/94

servals NairobiNairobi was the mascot in a pet store window until she came to live at Big Cat Rescue July 7, 1994. The pet store owner was afraid that she would bite the small children who were always taunting her and she was right.

Nairobi spends her days lounging in her huge natural Cat.a.tat and can often be found draped over her favorite log without a care in the world.

On July 6, 2016 Nairobi was on the observation chart for being a little possessive of her food at breakfast.  In the afternoon she was found to be breathing hard, so we brought her into the on site Windsong Memorial and Dr. Justin Boorstein rushed in to do diagnostics.  Her Xrays showed that her lungs were completely encased in cancer and he found other masses in the abdomen.  At 23 years of age there was nothing we could do, but give her a peaceful transition over the rainbow bridge.

Her tribute page is here:


2016 July




Little Feather

Little Feather

hear big catsLittle Feather

Female Bobcat

5/3/93 – 7/5/2016

Rescued 5/8/93


Bobcat_LittleFeatherLittle Feather was five days old when she came to Big Cat Rescue. She had been bred at a game farm that bred bobcats and cougars. Game farms often breed wild animals to be shot as game, or to be exploited in other awful ways.  One of the most common is one that you have probably seen.

If you have ever seen bobcat or lynx mothers with their kittens in a field of flowers, you have probably seen game farm cats.  Photographers will pay a lot for images they can’t get in the wild because no mother bobcat or lynx is going to let you get anywhere near her kittens.

The mothers are drugged, and wired down in place behind the flowers or log so you can’t see that their back legs are tightly secured to the ground.  The kittens are turned loose and they run to their mothers.  As she awakens, surrounded by photographers, she is terrified and gives them the hissing images they know will sell.

The photo session is concluded by the mother being darted again so that she can’t move.  This constant drugging destroys her kidneys and she will die young, but game farmers just consider that the cost of doing business.  Kittens who don’t look just right, or who grow too old are discarded as pets, to hunting ranches and other bad places.

Please, don’t buy books, calendars or other items with wildcat mom and kitten photos and don’t pass them around on social sites, unless you know that they were really taken in the wild or at a sanctuary that doesn’t buy, breed or sell wild animals.

When Little Feather arrived we began bottle feeding her, and she quickly became everyone’s little darling. Her surrogate mother was Breezy, a freebred domestic cat rescued from the streets.

Little Feather was very sickly as a kitten and spent days in a pouch around Carole Baskin’s neck to keep her warm and to monitor her every breath. She never grew to be very big for some unknown reason, and full grown she weighs only 16 pounds.

Little Feather is a very odd looking bobcat, she is stocky and has a fluffy coat like a northern bobcat, but has the dark coat pattern with small spots and her face has little ruff like a southern bobcat. She is likely a cross between the two.

She is now over 20 years old, but still just as cute as a kitten thanks to those huge eyes.

Due to blood clot, Little Feather has been lame in her back leg and has been receiving K-Laser Therapy three times a week thanks to K-Laser Veterinary.  She still limps a little, but the overall improvement has been amazing.  See the video below to show the progression from the time of lameness until her near recovery.

On June 24, 2016 Little Feather was brought into the West Boensch Cat Hospital as it was clear she was not dealing well with the heat.  Since she was pretty much toothless, and declawed on all four paws, and deaf and lame, we felt it was safe enough to allow her the run of the hospital.  She enjoyed the A/C, frequent grooming sessions, a wide array of food choices brought every few hours to her and her Cat Sitter DVD.  Our friends on and Facebook kept an eye on her via the Nest cams.  She seemed the picture of contentment, until today when her breathing became labored and she acted uncomfortable.

Dr. Justin came and tried to listen to her breathing with a stethoscope, but she was purring so loudly, that he couldn’t hear a thing.  We had pulled blood a few days ago, that showed her kidneys were continuing to deteriorate, but she had fought it and we did not get enough blood to do a full work up.  With her breathing hard, we knew we couldn’t risk traumatising her again, so we opted to sedate her to draw blood, and get a look in her mouth, at her last couple of teeth, and to do an Xray.

The Xrays were awful because there was something, like fluid, obscuring the view.  She appeared to have a mammary mass, but he just couldn’t tell without trying to pull off some of the fluids.  That proved to be a lot harder to do than expected, because the fluids were full of blood and clotting material that kept blocking up the needle.  We used the Ultrasound machine to try and target the larger pockets of fluids, but each area seemed to be more of a fibrous mass than just fluid.  Nothing we were going to do was going to fix that in a 23 year old bobcat, so we tearfully made the decision to help ease her over to the next realm.

We loved her and will miss her.  You can read tributes to this special little wide eyed bobcat at

Here are a few pages that show the K-Laser therapy for Little Feather:





2014:  Little Feather is a 21 year old bobcat at Big Cat Rescue. She was reported for having a puffy looking chin, which turned out to be some bad teeth. The dental work went fine and she seemed to be well on her way to recovery, so we took her back to her Cat-a-Tat.

When we let her loose, we were horrified to see that she was lame. See how three vets, a number of techs, K-Laser and Big Cat Rescuers all came together to try and give her back the ability to walk.

See how you can help:

More About Little Feather:

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Tribute to Little Feather Bobcat



hear big catsFluffy

Female Serval
DOB 6/16/93 5/24/16
Rescued  7/20/93
Fluffy came to Big Cat Rescue from Oregon as a result of the pet trade in July of 1993. Fluffy was always been extremely affectionate until she became an adult.

Servals are great hunters and fishers and she found much more happiness in a natural enclosure filled with trees, palmetto bushes and logs to investigate.

Fluffy ServalShe is quite shy and will usually retreat to the cover of foliage when her enclosure is approached by keepers. However, she is a cat and curiosity always gets the better of her causing her to come out into the open to observe nearby activity.

Fluffy Update:
Fluffy Serval was found down (barely responsive) in her enclosure 5/23/16. The vet came and removed 3 bad teeth. We were ready to euthanize her, but felt like we had to at least try removing the bad teeth and see if she rebounds.

Today she is having an extremely hard time waking up, even though she was very lightly sedated yesterday. She will get her fluids and injections this morning and if she doesn’t turn the corner by this afternoon we will probably have to let her go.

She’s 22 years old, which is twice as long as servals usually live. This photo is one of my favorites of Fluffy back in the 90s down by the lake.

Her tribute page is here:








hear big catsAngelica

Female Bobcat

DOB 9/6/1995 – 5/9/16

Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 5/14/10


Angelica a female bobcat was rescued in May of 2010 because her owner was in foreclosure and unable to keep her any longer. Despite having the intention of caring for Angelica for her entire life, personal circumstances had changed and this little bobcat became a victim to them. Luckily we had the space and took her in. We also contracted with her owner to prohibit her from obtaining an exotic cat as a pet ever again. By requiring owners to sign this agreement we are not only providing a home for one unwanted cat, but also preventing future unwanted cats. No matter what the intentions, exotic cats do not make good pets and are often discarded at a young age.



Angelica had a cancerous mass removed in 2014, but seemed healthy and happy for the following year.  She was chosen as one of the 20 year old cats, to get one of the first turns in the Small Cat Fun area and spent a week exploring a huge new space.  One 5/9/16 her keepers reported that it looked like her jaw might be swollen and she was having a hard time chewing, so Dr. Boorstein sedated her for X-rays.

What we found reminded us that cats are masters at hiding their infirmities.  Her entire bottom jaw, on one side, had been eaten away by cancer and a tooth had just fallen out because there was nothing to hold it in.  We made the difficult, but humane decision to end her suffering while she slept.





hear big cats


Female Sand Cat
7/27/00 – 12/8/2015

Arrived at Big Cat Rescue  10/23/00

Pat Quillen of S.O.S. Care sent five Sand Cats to Big Cat Rescue on October 23, 2000. They were born to Pebbles and Papoose who were the offspring of wild caught Sand Cats sent here during Desert Storm for their protection. Most of the known origin Sand Cats in the U.S. are from these imported Founders who produced well at S.O.S. Care.

They have been sent here as genetic back up and will not be bred at Big Cat Rescue unless their offspring with cats unrelated to this group can be returned to the wild. We will not breed for life in cages.

Sand cats are small desert dwelling cats native to northern Africa and the Middle East.

They are frequent victims of the illegal pet trade and during the Gulf War their livelihood and habitats were greatly affected. In an effort to preserve the species, the Saudi government sent eight of these cats to S.O.S. Care, a California-based international cat-conservation organization.

Genie the Sand Cat

Genie the Sand Cat

Genie and four litter mates, descendants of the original group, were sent to Big Cat Rescue as a genetic back-up in case of disaster at S.O.S. Care. Genie lives in a large enclosure with thick foliage.

She is quite shy and the plants in her Cat.a.tat provide lots of spaces for her to conceal herself.

Genie also loves to sleep inside her elevated dens, which are merely window flower boxes, that are hung on the walls of her enclosure. Keepers can tell when she is in one of these dens because her tail will be peeking out over the top of the pot.

In her old age Genie became a very finicky eater, so she was fed 2-3 times a day, but when she stopped eating she was brought into the hospital for diagnostics and closer, more intensive care. Nothing could reverse the ravages of time, and she was the oldest sandcat we ever knew. Genie was euthanized after suffering several seizures, to put her out of her misery.  You can read tributes to Genie the SandCat here:


This video is about Genie’s friend Canyon the Sand Cat



More Cute Sandcat Videos


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Genie in flower pot