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Now at Big Cat Rescue March 21 2015

Big Cat Rescuers in Action Ares Cougar Gets a New Jingle Ball Cybil Serval Gets Diagnostics in New Windsong Memorial Hospital Apollo the Siberian Lynx Gets Follow Up Exam in New Windsong Memorial Hospital Angelica Bobcat has Mass Removed in New Windsong Memorial Hospital Mickey Cougar Recovers in West-Boensch Cat Hospital Two New Videos Read More

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Alexandra Montiel

How Alexander Bobcat Got His Name When I met the Reverend Alexandra Montiel in 1994, she was 55 and I was 33.  At the time I thought how hard this wealthy woman was working to preserve her youth and wondered if I would fight the signs of aging so fiercely.  She had just undergone a chemical peel on her face to remove any traces of wrinkles and the skin looked so fragile that I feared the sun would just cause it to melt from her bones.  I was soon to learn that "fragile" was not a term consistent with any part of this handsome woman's makeup. I Read More

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Lawsuit Update

LAWSUIT UPDATE By Howard Baskin 3/17/15 It has been a busy six months since our last update.  So it is time to let our supporters know what is happening in our efforts to collect our judgment against Joe Schreibvogel and his zoo. We view Joe as one of the most notorious exploiters of tiger cubs in the world. By way of review, after we won the $1mm+ judgment in early 2013, Joe had three individuals associated with him and/or the GW Park incorporate a new GW Zoo.  Joe’s “husband” John Finlay became President.   This is the same John Read More

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University of Tennessee

University of Tennessee Visits Big Cat Rescuers Attend Lobby Days Florida Animal Control Association Happening at the Sanctuary   Read More

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Marbled Cat Facts

Marbled Cat Common Name: Marbled Cat Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata (Vertebrata) Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Felidae Genus: Pantherinae (Pardofelis) Species: marmorata Misc: Genetic studies of this cats blood serum, shows that it shares an identical karyotype with Lynx, Panthera and Uncia, leaving this cats evolutionary history somewhat of a taxonomic puzzle. Perhaps, this little cat is similar in form to the forest ancestors of the big cats some 10 million years ago (Collier and O’Brien, 1985). However, it may have Read More

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Now at Big Cat Rescue March 14 2015

Big Cat Walkabout March 14 2015

The first few minutes are sounds you might not have ever heard a tiger make, as Amanda Tiger does Operant Conditioning w/ Olga, our guest from Spain. After being away for a few days, Carole goes around checking on cats and takes note of what the volunteers and interns have been doing. Rare footage of Vern at Family Dinner too.

Read More

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Now at Big Cat Rescue Mar 11 2015

Now at Big Cat Rescue Mar 11 2015   Cybil Serval Update 2015   Cybil has some moderate liver enzyme elevations for which she will start a new supplement as well as worsening kidney disease which is pretty significant. She will be monitored closely now that she is back in her enclosure.     Read More

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Mickey Cougar Surgery Update

Mickey Surgery Update Mickey was taken to Dr. Hay last Friday for surgery on his right knee. His left knee was repaired in September of last year.  During his exam we took x-rays of his previously repaired knee.  Unfortunately it did not heal very well. The upper and lower leg bones are misaligned at the joint and the knee cap is displaced.  However he is actually walking much better on that knee which is unexpected.  So it was decided to leave that joint alone as it is so deteriorated that it most likely would not survive another Read More

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Open Letter to Beyonce

Open Letter to Beyonce   Beyonce, I’d like to begin by saying that in some ways I truly admire you. Perhaps we have different views on some (or many) social issues, but I do see in you a deep desire to be kind to others. You seem to put great effort into being a progressive and independent woman and a role model not only to entertainment-obsessed masses, but to the youth of America (this includes your young daughter). I think it was, perhaps, a mother’s love and the need to provide your daughter with extraordinary opportunities, Read More

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Why is it bad to pet cubs?

Why is it bad to pet cubs? 1.  The first reason is the misery this causes to the cubs during the time they are exploited in this way to make money and in the way they are treated once they are too big to use in this way. 2.  The second is less obvious and well known, but very real - that rampant breeding of tiger cubs in the US impairs the credibility of our State Department in its efforts to urge banning the international trade in tiger parts that is driving the poaching that has decimated the tiger population.   How cubs used Read More