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Interns Dive to Save Lives

Interns Dive to Save Lives   Five Big Cat Rescue interns will be taking part in a skydiving event to help raise funds for construction of a new and larger cat hospital. Five of the sanctuary’s interns will be jumping from 15,000 feet on 22nd August 2014 to raise money to help fund construction of this much needed new hospital. The sanctuary is home to over 100 lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars, servals and other species most of whom have been abandoned, abused, orphaned, saved from being turned into fur Read More

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Now at Big Cat Rescue Aug 24 2014

Florida Panther Sighting News 2014   Photos available on FWC’s Flickr site. For panther photos, go to: For bear photos, go to: Suggested Tweet: See a #panther or #bear? Help by reporting your sighting to @FWC! #Florida            Public sightings of Florida panthers, bears going strong, helping FWC biologists When someone catches sight of a panther or black bear and reports it to the Florida Read More

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Now at Big Cat Rescue Aug 23 2014

You Never Know I couldn't help but notice his dreadlocks, gold chains and blaring rap music as I parked my car at the convenience store where he was detailing cars.  I could feel him watching me as I got out a plastic bag and donned gloves before walking past him and down the road to where I had just seen the crumpled body of a small, black cat along side the 4 lane road. Many years ago, in a hurry to a court date, I had passed a cat alongside the road.  In that split second of passing at 45 MPH, I had seen what appeared to be the cat's innards Read More

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Lawsuit Update

LAWSUIT UPDATE   8/22/14 Joe has been all over Facebook saying that Finlay is just taking some family time off, but at the same time this story was in the local papers.  It appears that Schreibvogel filed a police report and told reporters that Finlay attacked him and was fired.  Past employees have told us that when they tried to leave the cult of Joe Exotic that he filed false police reports against them and even accused them of stealing their own belongings.  Click the link to see the news report. GWZooFinleyFiring We believe Read More

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Now at Big Cat Rescue Aug 21 2014

Jumanji the Leopard Vet Emergency When we found Jumanji Leopard "down" and unresponsive we had to make a quick decision; go in and wrangle him into a transport to go to the vet, or sedate him in this weakened state. It looked like heat stroke or maybe a bad encounter with a cane toad, but he didn't have a temperature and wasn't drooling as much as a toad usually causes.   Read More

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Now at Big Cat Rescue Aug 13 2014

News About Cub Handling Ban Goes Global   ...Wildlife advocates say the trend is not only potentially hazardous to humans but encourages mistreatment of endangered animals that are often taken from their mothers as cubs, poorly cared for and then neglected or discarded when they grow up. "They breed the cubs, use them for photo-ops, and then when they can't use them they breed more," said Carole Baskin, founder and CEO of Big Cat Rescue, a Tampa, Florida, sanctuary that has more than 100 big cats. "Taking the cub away is a misery to the Read More
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