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AdvoCat 2015 01

Happy Valentine's Day 2015 ...and AdvoCat MewsLetter   New Store is a Much Better Shopping Experience   Find out why people who are shopping in our new online store are loving it!  We've had an online store since the beginning of online stores, but as soon as this one launched last week our sales went through the roof. Check it out to see how much easier it is to find the purr-fect gift for others or yourself and how easy it is to check out.  Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so you will want to make sure your order is Read More

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Letter to Catster

Letter to Catster Magazine Catster Magazine sent me an email today saying they were picking up where Cat Fancy left off, and my heart groaned inside my chest.  Immediately, I thought of the pages and pages of ads and promotion for the cruel act of hybridizing wild cats and domestic cats to create "designer" breeds. I flashed forward to years more of people calling me, desperately wanting to get rid of their Bengal Cat or Savannah Cat, because none of the rescue groups will take them and the shelters usually have to put them down, due to their Read More

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Male DOB 1/1/03 Rescued 9/1/13 Caravel (Caracal / Lynx Hybrid)   Meet Jo Jo the Caracal Serval Hybrid   I first met JoJo the Caracal / Serval hybrid at the South Florida Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in 2005 after a hurricane had taken down the perimeter fencing and dumped piles of deadfall on the cages. The owner, Dirk Neugebohm, had ended up in the hospital with a heart attack from trying to clean the mess up by himself. He wrote from what he thought was his Read More

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Now at Big Cat Rescue Jan 26 2015

Big Cat Rescue Meets Strategic Goals We get a lot of requests from students to help them with their reports, studies and thesis papers, and we respond as frequently as we can.  You never know what a student will do with the information, or if it could possibly help the sanctuary at all, but in this case Lee Ann not only nailed our history and strategy, but she also suggested actions we can (and will) take to improve our mission of ending the trade in big cats as pets, props and for their parts.  Check out her paper, which got the highest score Read More

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Cub Handling Exposed by HSUS

Cub Handling Exposed by HSUS   Get the whole story here:   America Has a Tiger Problem It is so encouraging to see huge organizations take up the banner to protect big cats AND their cubs.  Check out this excellent article by Smithsonian: Read More

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On The Trail of Big Cats by NatGeo

If you attended National Geographic's presentation by Steve Winter called On the Trail of Big Cats last night at the Straz you know just how awesome it was. Steve and his wife, Sharon Guynup, had planned to visit Big Cat Rescue while they were here performing at the Straz Center, but Sharon was called away on a story she is doing and they wanted to come together, so they are hoping to do so later in the year. They will be doing some work on the Florida Panther. Some of you in the audience asked about what is being done about the captive crises Read More

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Tiger Friends

Zeus and Keisha are both siblings and Zeus is Keisha's sire.  They are really close!  They have been living next door to each other at the awful place they lived in NY and since their arrival here.  When each of them went on vacation they called constantly, back and forth, across many acres to each other. We decided then, that if it was possible, we would neuter Zeus and introduce them to live together.  That way they can vacation together too. Zeus and Keisha during their first introduction today. Today they shared a wall and chuffed Read More

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Florida Panther Hit By Cat Rehabilitated Set Free

Photos available on FWC’s Flickr site: Suggested Tweet: Rehabilitated panther released back to the wild by @MyFWC: http://content.govdelivery. com/accounts/FLFFWCC/ bulletins/e7f818 #Florida #panthers Coming soon - downloadable video clip: FWC returns Florida panther to the wild after it recovers from vehicle strike   Today the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) released a rehabilitated Florida panther at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park in Okeechobee County. In Read More

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What should I do with an old fur coat

Just about every day I am giving a tour, or overhearing a tour, or responding to a reporter and discussing the way that Big Cat Rescue started; which was in buying all of the cats off U.S. fur farms to end that trade. Since I am thinking about cats being killed for their coats almost every day, I forget sometimes that there are people out there who don't realize the cruelty involved in all fur products, until I hear from someone like Leigh. She wrote to me recently and said, "In going through many belongings, I came across something I’d almost Read More

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Cat Hospital Wishlist

These items are listed in order of importance with the most wanted items at the top. Prices vary according to vendor. Some items are in the process of being researched.  Items that are ready to be requested are marked as so.   Stainless Steel Hydraulic Surgery Table $16,691 The Shank's® Rectangular Surgery Table top is fabricated out of stainless steel and has a raised edge and one drain hole to control fluid drainage.   Hydraulic scissor-action lift design allows for cats to be easily shifted from the transport cage to the table Read More