Review Big Cat Rescue to Help Us Save More Big Cats

Review Big Cat Rescue to Help Us Save More Big Cats

Reviews of Big Cat Rescue

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Lion CubBig Cat Rescue is THE most hated sanctuary by animal abusers.  Since there is no way for them to stop us from exposing their misdeeds and no way for them to justify their exploitation of exotic cats, they resort to posting false reviews about us in an effort to trash our good name.  Most review sites won’t remove fake reviews, even when it obviously not from a real visitor.  If you are a real visitor to our sanctuary, and love the work that you have helped us do for big cats, please help us recover from a recent attack by blind followers of Black Jaguar White Tiger who have been posting false 1 star reviews on these sites:




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Reviews of Big Cat Rescue

Reviews of Big Cat Rescue

reviews of big cat rescue

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Intern Testimonial Alyson Garberoglio

Intern Testimonial Alyson Garberoglio


Alyson-GarberoglioIt’s Aly. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for having me as an intern this summer at Big Cat. I learned so incredibly much and the experience really meant a lot to me. I loved every second that I spent working for the cats. Thank you for teaching me all that is involved with working with big cats in the sanctuary. I absolutely fell in love with BCR and what you all stand for. I have never had an experience quite like this. You gave me a whole new outlook on my future career and really changed my outlook on life. Thank you for making it a home away from home for me with the best cats on earth. I appreciate all of the time that was spent training me and working with me this summer.

I left Big Cat with a whole new attitude thanks to you. I hope to be able to work with you all again in the future either interning or volunteer. It will be hard to stay away. Keep me updated on sanctuary activities as best as possible, I would love to hear what is going on with the cats.

Please tell Joseph I said hi, that I love him, and give him an extra treat for me!

Thank you for changing my entire life.

Alyson Garberoglio



Review by Jennie Rachael Shannon and John

Review by Jennie Rachael Shannon and John

Hi Carole and Howard

Thank you so much for taking the time to come out and meet us during our recent visit to BCR.  It’s always good to put a handshake and a hug to a name, and it was very much appreciated.

“My review from 2013 simply posted 5 stars, as that seemed to sum up our first visit pretty concisely. Having read and researched carefully over the last year we’ve learnt a lot, and as we returned to Florida last week (October 2014) my family and I headed straight back to BCR on the first day of our vacation.There have, of course, been some changes. Some of the cats we saw last year have passed away, but at least we know that they had been in a place of care at their end. Their spaces have been all too quickly filled by others rescued from the careless cruelty and crass neglect of the selfish and ignorant.

It’s hard to watch a magnificent cougar wobble on torn ligaments, but it was encouraging to hear the snarl that told us he wasn’t giving up now he had been given a chance, and inspiring to hear about the pioneering surgery that’s going to give him a good shot at having a decent future.

It’s always humbling to look a big cat in the eyes and to recognise why these creatures will never be pets, but when you realise that one of the eyes you’re looking at has been damaged by a human’s failure to comprehend this simple fact you experience a mixture of anger, contempt and disappointment in those that cause such harm. These feelings are quickly replaced by relief and then appreciation of those people who are trying to put right such wrongs in their day to day care of the few and long term fight for the many.

Some of the larger cats we saw last year were on their own vacations in the rotation areas (so we didn’t mind not seeing them this time), and we were pleased to see the developing work on the ‘vacation rotation’ area for the smaller cats.

Other essential elements of BCR remain the same, and many are alluded to above, but perhaps the most impressive is the commitment of the volunteers who keep BCR going. Their knowledge and enthusiasm is simply outstanding. It was a privilege and an honour to learn from them once again, and to be reminded what ‘right thinking folk’ can achieve together.”

We’re not financially wealthy (although that’s relative I guess) but we’re pleased we invested a fair bit of our vacation money in visiting BCR and were once again inspired by your efforts.

Best regards

Jennie, Rachael, Shannon and John

White Tiger Zabu Lion Cameron Big Cat Rescue

Now at Big Cat Rescue Feb 4 2014

Now at Big Cat Rescue Feb 4 2014

Hello Willow,

I would like to take a moment to thank you and your volunteers for our recent visit to BCR. I was so impressed with the orderliness of our check-in, the brief orientation, and the ease in which you gathered enough people to assist with the golf cart riders, and our group in general. We truly were amazed by the animals we visited, and by their stories. The headsets were so helpful in hearing our guide and the histories of each cat. I was happy to see how clean all the enclosures are, and to hear about the “Rotation Vacation” program. The entire visit was a positive experience. I heard so many good comments from my travelers.

Please convey our deep appreciation to your volunteers. They are so knowledgable, and interacted beautifully with the visitors; you can be proud of this great group of young people.

Thanks again,

Fae Diepstra, Spectrum Tours


Animal Lover Dream Vacation Winner Review of Big Cat Rescue

Animal Lover Dream Vacation Winner Review of Big Cat Rescue

Animal Lover Dream Vacation Winners


Hear what the 2012 Animal Lover Dream Vacation winners said about their trip of a lifetime:


“Winning the Animal Lover’s Dream Vacation truly was like a dream for me. I’ve always loved big cats and have supported BCR for several years. Seeing the cats again was awesome and the keeper tour, where my fiancée and I got to make enrichment for the cats, was probably my favorite part of the trip. My fiancée would say his favorite part was the feeding tour because we happened to be there on “whole prey” day, where the cats were given whole rabbits or rats, (already dead). Although meeting Carole and Howard was really incredible too!! Discussing current big cat issues with Carole was very enlightening. The resort hotel that we stayed at, (courtesy of BCR), was simply fantastic! We had a beautiful view of the beach from our balcony and the amenities at the hotel were fantastic! This trip did not disappoint! Thank you Big Cat Rescue for an awesome trip and for all that you do for the cats!! Can’t wait to visit again one day!  Amy Godwin and Mario Caballero”


The 2011 winners of the Animal Lover Dream Vacation said on their first day:

“It has already been so much more than expected!  We are having the greatest time!”

Dennis and Marcia Coakley watch Regina do Operant Training w Grace the ocelot

Dennis and Marcia Coakley watch Regina do Operant Training w Grace the ocelot


They followed up with this letter:


Dear Carole,


Thank you so much for all the care you and your team took for our visit.
Linda, Regina and Becky made us very welcome, and each brought their individual spark and personality to the picture we gained of the BCR story.


We felt/feel extremely fortunate, and blessed to have had this gift.


Thank your husband for handling the travel details, too, of course.


We have spent much rather addictive time looking at our photos, and the photos and video on the BCR FB page and site, and showing many to our family and friends.
I am sure you are familiar with this tendency.


Look for a note and contribution from us soon.


We look forward to returning, and sending many folks, and their support, your way.


Best wishes,



Other reviews that are evident from these recent awards


Top Day Trip for Families


2012 CBS Tampa ranks BCR as one of the top “Day Trips for Families”


PC Magazine Names Big Cat Rescue in Top 12 Favorite Charities 2011

Big Cat Rescue, which takes in retired circus lions and tigers, also rescues other big cats from people who tried to keep them as pets, and otherwise offers sanctuary to large cats that are not eligible for release into the wild. It’s focused on educating people about the unsuitability of the animals as pets, working toward passing laws against roadside zoos, and shutting down breeding programs like the exotic pet trade. They also take in injured wild cats and rehabilitate them for release. The group has a video cam set up in the sanctuary, and they regularly post videos of the big cats. The cats eat a massive amount every day, naturally, so Big Cat Rescue relies on donations and paid tour groups to support them.—Arielle Rochette  PC Magazine


The People’s Choice


Thanks to all of you who voted for Big Cat Rescue, we won the People’s Choice Award at the WEDU Be More Awards!  Big Cat Rescue won against 90 contenders for the People’s Choice Award. WEDU has a viewing audience that includes 16 central Florida counties. Big Cat Rescue has won this award three years in a row, validating to us that many of your share our vision.


Voters Say Big Cat Rescue is Deserving


2011 Winner in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good  Big Cat Rescue was given a beautiful Toyota Tundra for being the top voted charity during their competition week.



9/2/2011  The Tampa Bay Business Journal awarded Big Cat Rescue in 3 categories:  Best Black Tie Event  Favorite Retreat and Team Building Venue and Second Best Fundraiser