Today at Big Cat Rescue Nov 23 2013

Today at Big Cat Rescue Nov 23 2013

iPad Mini Winner

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When I was on Facebook, I was browsing the different groups and foundations that had Facebook pages. One of those foundations that caught my eye was Big Cat Rescue. They are a legitimate foundation located in Florida that offer a good service to big cats like tigers, lions, and other big cat species.

When I went on their Facebook page, I noticed that they had a promotion. The promotion was a chance to win a free iPad mini by scanning the Front Flip code that they showed on the page. It really did not hurt to try so I scanned the code.

I am used to getting “sorry” on the scratch card games. But when I scanned the code and scratched the card on the Big Cat Rescue Front Flip app, it said I won an iPad mini!

The first time I scanned that code I won the iPad mini!

Of course, I thought that this was a scam since no one can really win things for free. So I contacted the CEO of Big Cat Rescue through email. I sent screen shots of the winning confirmation code. I then received an email back in as little as an hour. The CEO gave me her phone number so I decided to call her myself and make sure that this was not a scam. So I called the CEO and she knew exactly who I was because I kept bugging her on the legitimacy of the free iPad.

She reassured me that this was no scam and that all she needed was my address to send the iPad mini to. She did not ask for a credit card so my suspicions went down. She even asked what color I wanted! She told me that she would go to the Apple store the next day and pay for the fastest delivery possible.

I never win anything so winning this iPad mini meant a lot to me. I live on the other side of the country and I asked if the distance from here to Florida would effect me from receiving the iPad. I received the iPad in just 2 business days and I was so happy that I did not have to wait soooooooo long for it to arrive.

Now, I use my iPad very often and I use it at school for notes and I use it for homework. Winning this iPad really changed my life because it was free and it made my life easier. Thank you big cat rescue for helping a student succeed in school!  Herman S.

Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 19 2013

Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 19 2013

#Caturday at Big Cat Rescue

This year is looking a lot better than last year in web visits:



Amy and Mario won the 2012 Animal Lover’s Dream Vacation. You could win if you join our mailing list in the right side bar of One winning couple chosen each March 15.



Amy and Mario Godwin


Just had a fantastic time on my private tour with Carole! Thank you Carole and Howard for all you do for the cats! I’ll keep spreading the word about y’all and sharing the knowledge you have bestowed upon me. Every person that learns about what’s going on with the cats is one less person to abuse or use them. — at Big Cat Rescue – Tampa FL.



Today at Big Cat Rescue July 13 2013

Today at Big Cat Rescue July 13 2013

Win an iPad Mini


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Charles Trippy

Charles Trippy

Charles Trippy, wife Alli and friends visits Big Cat Rescue.

Charles TrippyAbout Internet Killed Television

My wife and I have been making videos EVERY DAY for the past FOUR years here on this channel! Guess what?! We are on year FIVE! Everyday, without missing one day!!

Charles Trippy Channel: 767,000+ subscribers 90 Million + video views


Facebook page that “We The Kings” band that Charles performs in: 1.24 million likes

Juliet Simms










April 9, 2013, Los Angeles, CA; Big Cat Rescue invites Republic Records recording artist Juliet Simms to Big Cat Rescue’s sanctuary located in Tampa, Florida on April 19th to honor her efforts in the fight against animal cruelty. In March, Florida-native Simms partnered with Closets for Causes, donating beloved pieces from her personal closet to be sold in an online auction with proceeds benefitting Big Cat Rescue.


“I’m humbled to have the opportunity to work with an organization like Big Cat Rescue, whose work with cats is so important to me as a massive animal lover. Cats specifically have always held a special place in my heart and life and I’m hopeful that the funds raised through our partnership with Closets for Causes will help them continue doing the great work they do!” says Juliet about her auction and upcoming visit.


“In honor of the great success of the auction and campaign, we are pleased to announce the press day at Big Cat Rescue. Juliet’s visit to the sanctuary she helped benefit will be a great moment for all parties.

The press day will be a unique chance for Juliet to interact with the staff and witness, first-hand, both the daily activities that take place at the sanctuary and the ways in which her funds are benefitting Big Cat Rescue” says Talia Bella, Founder and CEO at Closets for Causes.


Hosted by Director of Donor Appreciation Jeff Kremer, the event will see Juliet expressing her passion for helping the cats in a day filled with meet and greets and photo-ops. The generous team from Big Cat Rescue will arrange for senior animal keepers to demonstrate how they care for the magnificent creatures that call the sanctuary home.


“We are very excited to be partnering together with Ms. Juliet Simms and our wonderful friends at Closets for Causes” said Jeff Kremer, Big Cat Rescue’s Director of Donor Appreciation. “The sanctuary envisions a world where the animals we share it with are treated with compassion and respect and it is only by working ‘hand in hand’ with such like-minded friends that Big Cat Rescue is able to continue to make a positive difference in both the animal as well as human world that we share in.”


Juliet will also be honored with a commemorative ceramic donor recognition tile featuring her favorite big cat species.


Big Cat Rescue is the largest accredited sanctuary in the world dedicated entirely to abused and abandoned big cats. They are home to over 100 lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars and other species most of whom have been abandoned, abused, orphaned, saved from being turned into fur coats, or retired from performing acts. Their dual mission is to provide the best home they can for the cats in their care and educate the public about the plight of these majestic animals, both in captivity and in the wild, to end abuse and avoid extinction.



Closets for Causes is a unique cause-marketing agency dedicated to cleaning out celebrity closets, liquidating their items at online public auction and donating the proceeds to the charity of their choice. The results are brand loyalty, nonprofit enthusiasm and good celebrity buzz– all while raising serious money for causes that make a difference.

Twitter: @closets4causess


Instagram: closetsforcauses



Wild child, rock star, fashion muse, and protégé to the infamous CeeLo Green, Juliet Simms is a multifaceted singer/songwriter currently signed to Republic Records. Following a runner-up finish on Season 2 of NBC’s hit show THE VOICE, she is set to release her debut solo album this summer. A commanding vocalist who’s been singing since she could walk, Juliet channels her emotions into her music through carefully chosen lyrics and is known for her signature raspy growl. Emerging as a modern day Joan Jett, Juliet is now evolving her career and building on her rocker roots as the former lead vocalist for the rock band Automatic Loveletter, where she established her presence among the rock world. The first single, “Wild Child” – an unapologetic ode to living life on the edge– is now available at iTunes. Juliet can be seen this summer touring nationwide on the VANS Warped Tour.

Follow Juliet Simms on Twitter at @julietsimmsALL

PACE Center for Girls Field Trip Report Card for Big Cat Rescue


Thank you so much for the opportunity to visit BCR yesterday!  We LOVED the tour and felt that the interns Crissy and Stephanie did an incredible job. I had students this morning telling other students all about what they learned yesterday, which resulted in everybody now requesting the opportunity to go.  Thanks so much for your help in getting this together!

Brittany Copeman

PACE Center for Girls