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Today at Big Cat Rescue Nov 10

Today at Big Cat Rescue Nov 10 The photos of lynx and sand cats below can be purchased in our Big Cat Store Join us Friday Nov 11: THE VENUE on 2675 Ulmerton Rd 33762 is graciously helping the Cougar Calendar ladies get the word out about Big Cat Rescue. November 11th , Friday, at 5:30pm cash bar, Outside Bar (inside if too cold of course!) for Calendar signing. Animal print, etc are appropriate attire for this wild night. Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Nov 5

Today at Big Cat Rescue Nov 5   Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 21

Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 21 Oct 21, 2011 is the last day to ask the USFWS to rescind the generic tiger loophole. Tell them you support their new rule at Ch 9 and Ch 12 spoke out against the practice of dragging cubs out to malls. Object to this cruel display here: On the very day Ohio Governor John Kasich announced he's cracking down on exotic pets, the I-team found a traveling exhibit showcasing wild animals right here in the Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 16

Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 16   Aspen Echo the Cougar Having Pumpkin Fun at Big Cat Rescue Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 15

Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 15 Last Day to Vote for Big Cat Rescue to Win $25,000! If you live in LA, TX, FL,AZ, CO, NM and Texarcana, AR and Salt Lake City, UT and at least 13 years of age or older we need you to vote 5 times a day for Big Cat Rescue to win $25,000. You can do all 5 votes in a row. Our code number is 0063 The Frozen Zoo   With our existing cryobiological collection it is no longer necessary to keep breeding endangered species in captivity Read More

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Ace the Bobcat

Bobcat Rescue Ace sat down slowly on the concrete because her frail old body had lost the padding of well muscled flesh.  She was old and her sight was failing, but still she stared out toward the bay and remembered… She had lived here her entire life.  Ace had a family once, a long time ago, but now they were all gone.  She used to have friends and spend time enjoying the great open spaces of the land that had been handed down to her generation after generation, but those friends were long gone as well.  Her grandmother and her grandmother’s Read More

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WINDSONG Female Bobcat DOB 4/30/92 - 6/11/2010 Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 11/5/92 Windsong is the bobcat who started Big Cat Rescue.  Windsong was at the Woods and Waters Auction on November 5 1992 where we went to buy Llamas to greenbelt some of our property. She was six months old, on a leash, and being held by her owner in a room full of noisy people and animals. She was obviously terrified.  Her owner said she had been his wife's pet that she didn't want any more and he was here to get rid of her. The man next to me began bidding Read More

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SELENA Female Bobcat DOB 4/24/95 DOD 8/24/12 Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 6/6/95 Selena came to Big Cat Rescue in June, 1995 with her brother, Levi, and nine other Bobcats who had been destined to become fur coats. These kittens were the best of the sixty kits that had been produced that year and were going to be skinned and the pelts exhibited at a trade show. Selena is very shy despite the influence of her outgoing roommates; Divinity, Apache, and Takoma. Here tribute page is here: Most Read More

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Skip Cam Episodes

Skip the Bobcat   Skip's injuries made it impossible for him to be released back into the wild because his pelvis canal healed too narrowly to pass fur and bones. He has to be kept on a soft diet and have constant monitoring to make sure he doesn't get blocked up.  Skip has gathered a huge fan club called the SkipAHolics and they check in on him via web cam videos and photos taken by our Keepers below.  They have set up a donation page to gather some things for the Big Cat Rescue Wishlist here: Check this page often for the latest Read More

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Crazy Horse

CRAZY HORSE Male Bobcat DOB 4/17/95 - 6/1/12 Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 6/6/95   Crazy Horse came to live at Big Cat Rescue along with Levi, Two Toes, and eight other Bobcats in June 1995. They had all originally been destined to become part of a fur coat harvest. Instead of being hand-raised, he was raised by his mother, therefore Crazy Horse has never been very trustworthy of humans. He will usually hiss and run away when approached. He does participate in the operant conditioning program with his roommates and as a result his Read More