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SELENA Female Bobcat DOB 4/24/95 DOD 8/24/12 Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 6/6/95 Selena came to Big Cat Rescue in June, 1995 with her brother, Levi, and nine other Bobcats who had been destined to become fur coats. These kittens were the best of the sixty kits that had been produced that year and were going to be skinned and the pelts exhibited at a trade show. Selena is very shy despite the influence of her outgoing roommates; Divinity, Apache, and Takoma. Here tribute page is here: Most Read More

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Skip Cam Episodes

Skip the Bobcat   Skip's injuries made it impossible for him to be released back into the wild because his pelvis canal healed too narrowly to pass fur and bones. He has to be kept on a soft diet and have constant monitoring to make sure he doesn't get blocked up.  Skip has gathered a huge fan club called the SkipAHolics and they check in on him via web cam videos and photos taken by our Keepers below.  They have set up a donation page to gather some things for the Big Cat Rescue Wishlist here: Check this page often for the latest Read More

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Crazy Horse

CRAZY HORSE Male Bobcat DOB 4/17/95 - 6/1/12 Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 6/6/95   Crazy Horse came to live at Big Cat Rescue along with Levi, Two Toes, and eight other Bobcats in June 1995. They had all originally been destined to become part of a fur coat harvest. Instead of being hand-raised, he was raised by his mother, therefore Crazy Horse has never been very trustworthy of humans. He will usually hiss and run away when approached. He does participate in the operant conditioning program with his roommates and as a result his Read More

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CLEO-CAT-TRA Female Bobcat   DOB 4/14/96 DOD 8/24/12   Cleo-cat-tra is very shy and secretive. She is also very possessive of her territory, so much so that when Keepers are cleaning her Cat.a.tat, she will quickly run over and try to protect her leftover food or feces which she buries in large piles of leaves.   She challenges the Keepers each day with a steady growl and menacing glare. In order to clean her enclosure, Keepers must speak softly to her and never appear threatening.   Cleo also participates Read More

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Bobby Blue Rose

BOBBY BLUE ROSE Female Bobcat DOB: 5/1/92 DOD: 2/13/11 Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 5/27/93 Bobby Rose came to Big Cat Rescue with the original group of 56 kittens in 1992 who were rescued from a fur farm. Bobby Rose is a very shy bobcat and likes to keep to herself. She has a very light colored coat and her spots are faded. Bobby loves enrichment time and will quickly destroy a cardboard tube stuffed with little mice and chicks. Read her tribute here: Most of Read More

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CATERA Male Bobcat DOB 7/24/97- 8/10/10 His parents, Shiloh and Indian Summer had been a bonded pair for seven years before coming to live on Easy Street. They had never reproduced, so we left them together and of course a littler of three resulted in just a few short months. The mother, on the third day, began killing the kittens and by the time the Founder could get to her, two were dead and she was biting the last one on the chest and abdomen. She snatched the bleeding kitten away from her and took it to medicate and bottle raise. Read More

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Indian Summer

INDIAN SUMMER Female Bobcat  DOB 1989 Arrived 10/31/96 DOD 8/9/12 Indian Summer and Shiloh had lived together for seven years and never produced kittens so when they arrived here we left them together since they had shared a cage their entire lives.  Their former owner was a cat breeder in Davie, Florida who decided that she wanted to re-do her garden and the cats were in the way.  They have never been friendly to anyone here, but apparently got too friendly with each other and produced a litter of kittens on 7/24/97.  Catera was Read More

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Skip the Bobcat Rescue

Skip the Bobcat Rescue   I was right in the middle of sending an email to LaWanna about some promotions she was dreaming up for the site when Honey Wayton, our gift shop manager called and relayed an urgent message.   A woman had called to say they had found a bobcat alongside the highway and had it loose in their SUV and wanted to know what to do next because it was getting pretty mad.   Obviously this was their first bobcat rescue, because no one makes that mistake twice.  I called the woman Read More

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ANGELICA the BOBCAT Angelica the BOBCAT was rescued by Big Cat Rescue after her owner was in foreclosure and unable to keep her any longer. NO wild cat species will ever make a suitable "pet" ... ignorant or uneducated people often find this out the hard way and the cats are always the ones that suffer!   Help us put an end to big cats being kept as "pets" here: Same video below: // < ![CDATA[ google_ad_client = "pub-8689188310988875"; google_alternate_color Read More

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2010 Update – BELLONA the BOBCAT

2010 Update - BELLONA the BOBCAT Bellona was struck by a car in the Tampa area almost two months ago, Big Cat Rescue was called in to see if we could rescue and help the injured bobcat. BCR staff managed to net Bellona, she was treated for injuries at Florida Veterinary Specialists and has been under the care of BCR staff ever since. // Bellona was struck by a car in the Tampa area and Big Cat Rescue was called in to see if we could rescue and help the injured bobcat. BCR staff managed to net Bellona, she Read More
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