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Andi Female Bobcat DOB 4/22/97 Arrived at Big Cat Rescue  11/30/01 Andi and her two mates, a male and female bobcat, were bred for display at the Tennessee National Zoo, but were never used because they were very shy and hid from the public. The three bobcats grew up together in a holding facility at the zoo. When we rescued Nikita the lioness, the zoo asked Big Cat Rescue to take the three bobcats as well. The male, Rocky, was neutered and the trio lived together for many years at the sanctuary. Sadly Rocky passed away several Read More

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Divinity Female Bobcat DOB 5/30/95 Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 7/6/95   Divinity was sold from a fur farmer to an individual, along with an unrelated mate, Takoma, when she was only a few days old. She was bottle raised for three weeks before the new owner had a heart attack and could no longer care for the kitten. The woman had seen our video and knew that Big Cat Rescue could love and care for her little ones and we have. Divinity’s color is almost silver and her disposition is pure gold. She was so tiny and frail when Read More

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Running Bear

Running Bear Male Bobcat DOB 6/2/97   Running Bear and Little White Dove are the exception to the rule when it comes to wildcats living solitary lives. One of our senior volunteers watched as these two young bobcats bonded and chose to live together.  They now share a cat-a-tat that features high limbs for them to climb and sleep upon. The higher the perch, the better they seem to like it.  These two always prefer a room with a view! Sponsor Running Bear   Running Read More

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Anasazi Female Bobcat DOB 4/22/02 Earth Day Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 5/20/02   On May 20,2002 Big Cat Rescue received a call from an animal clinic in Ruskin, FL about a bobcat. A local resident had supposedly seen a bobcat cub in her yard all by itself, fearing that the mother had abandoned it or had been hit by a car, she caught it and brought the dehydrated kitten in. After giving the cub fluids the clinic called us and we agreed to come and pick up the kitten. The bobcat cub was very sweet. She purred anytime she was picked Read More

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Moses Male Bobcat DOB 4/22/01 Earth Day Rescued 5/14/01   We gave Moses the birthday of Earth Day, because he was abandoned here with no note and no one to tell us what his story was. He was about four weeks old and near death when his carrier was discovered inside our gates in May. He knew how to nurse from a bottle, which is something that has to be learned over a two or three day period, so we had to assume that he was someone’s failed attempt at a pet. With proper diet and antibiotics, he was soon well enough to be a playmate Read More

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Bailey Female Bobcat DOB 5/13/03? Rescued 6/4/03   Bailey's mother was possibly a native Florida Bobcat who was killed in Odessa.  That or she was a pet that was abandoned. Lost and alone little Bailey wandered out in search of the mother who would never return and was discovered by a local woman about the same time as she was being discovered by a hawk.  The woman rushed to her rescue and thinking she was a feral cat, she called the animal shelter.  The woman called Big Cat Rescue to see if there was anything we could do to Read More

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Alexandra Montiel

How Alexander Bobcat Got His Name When I met the Reverend Alexandra Montiel in 1994, she was 55 and I was 33.  At the time I thought how hard this wealthy woman was working to preserve her youth and wondered if I would fight the signs of aging so fiercely.  She had just undergone a chemical peel on her face to remove any traces of wrinkles and the skin looked so fragile that I feared the sun would just cause it to melt from her bones.  I was soon to learn that "fragile" was not a term consistent with any part of this handsome woman's makeup. I Read More

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Alexander Male Bobcat DOB 5/13/94 - 3/11/2015 Alexander’s father was supposed to be a sterile first generation hybrid so we did not expect Alexander. Alex is one of our more friendly and outgoing bobcats. Whenever keepers are near, he will get right up and begin to follow their movements watching with intense curiosity. Alex was placed with Windsong, who was more reserved than he. His enthusiasm was contagious and soon Windsong became friendly towards keepers as well. Alex is also a bit of a clown and will often do silly things like pouncing Read More

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Bobcat Facts

Bobcat   Common Name: Bobcat Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata (Vertebrata) Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Felidae Genus: Felinae (Lynx) Species: rufus Sub-Species: L.r. escuinapae Mexican bobcat Misc: This cat is named for its short tail. Size and Appearance: The Bobcat is a medium sized cat with a ruff of fur around the sides of the face. They weigh between 13-30 pounds, stand 21 inches high and are 30-50 inches long. The bobcats in the North tend to be larger than those in the south. Their coat color varies Read More

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Now at Big Cat Rescue March 14 2015

Big Cat Walkabout March 14 2015

The first few minutes are sounds you might not have ever heard a tiger make, as Amanda Tiger does Operant Conditioning w/ Olga, our guest from Spain. After being away for a few days, Carole goes around checking on cats and takes note of what the volunteers and interns have been doing. Rare footage of Vern at Family Dinner too.

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