Now at Big Cat Rescue Aug 08 2015

Now at Big Cat Rescue Aug 08 2015

Big Cat Walkabout Video

This is a compilation of videos between June 30 and August 8 2015 at Big Cat Rescue.  It includes freshening up dens, a wedding staffed by volunteers, Kali Tiger, Sabre Leopard, Anasazi Bobcat, Cameron and Zabu the Lion and White Tiger, Little Feather Bobcat in slo-mo, Reise Cougar talking, JoJo the CaraVel, Joseph Lion ending his vacation, Jumanji Leopard getting a shot, Foster Kittens and ends with Amanda Tiger calling for her brothers.

Ban Bobcat Hunting

Ban Bobcat Hunting

Kent Greene said we could share this letter he sent to the Illinois Governor. Please feel free to use in your efforts to ban bobcat hunting.

Please veto SB 106 / HB 352 a bill to allow over hunting of Illinois bobcats.

I photograph wildlife, including bobcats. Below video was shot in a SW Florida swamp while sitting on a bicycle. On another occasion, I talked quietly to a Bobcat and it fell asleep while I was filming.

I hunted in deep forests (PA/VA) 50 years and saw one bobcat. Killing these animals outdoors is no more difficult than shooting them in a petting zoo. Decide for yourself whether this is a sport.




Female Bobcat

DOB 1/1/93

Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 1/9/98

Angie the bobcat at Big Cat RescueAngie’s owner brought her and two cougars to Easy Street in January of 1998 saying that his county had changed their ordinances on keeping wildlife and asked if we would look after them while he moved and built new cages.


After being here nearly two years, we went ahead and built her a new cat-a-tat and as you can see from the photo she is enjoying her new found freedom.


Angie the Bobcat Goes to the Dentist



Angie the Bobcat Goes to the Dentist Again


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No Bobcat Hunting (IL ONLY)

No Bobcat Hunting (IL ONLY)

Hunters keep trying to over rule what the vast majority of you want.  Hunters want to kill bobcats.  Most people want them to live in peace in the forest.

After you asked Gov. Quinn to veto the hunt, he looked at the data himself and saw that the State’s bobcat populations must continue to be protected for everyone’s interest. Despite his efforts to protect nature, in January 2015, bobcat hunting and trapping bills were introduced again.

Bobcat photo by Stan Mysliwiec

Bobcat photo by Stan Mysliwiec

Bobcats are elusive and their populations are difficult to monitor with good research methods, making them particularly susceptible to over exploitation. If DNR has only unreliable population monitoring data, and wildlife professionals have not had a chance to develop a plan to manage for healthy populations, the State should not condone hunting.

Bobcats are killed for their pelts, which bring $90 a piece in the international market to China and other overseas countries.  CITES reports that more than 57,000 bobcats die and exported this way each year.  This is a cruel way to kill off our natural treasures to fill an un necessary demand for fur trimmed garments abroad.

BobcatThe consensus among some wildlife biologists is that the Illinois bobcat population (estimated at a mere 3,000 animals concentrated in the southern 17 counties) can only withstand a hunt of 100-200. Some argue, this will even be too much to allow for growth and dispersion into other suitable habitat in the State.

Don’t let blood thirsty killers dictate prudent recovery of this ecologically important and beautiful species. Tell your lawmakers to oppose the bobcat hunting bills HB 352 and SB 106.

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4 Bobcat Kittens

4 Bobcat Kittens

Four Bobcat Kittens at Big Cat Rescue

Here’s an update on Phoenix and Captiva and our newest bobcat kittens, Rain and Dancer.

Phoenix and Captiva arrived at Big Cat Rescue on 6/25/2015 and Rain and Dancer arrived on 7/16/2015.


Phoenix and Captiva have been transitioned out to our huge rehab enclosure where they are learning to find shelter from the rain, where the best places are to stay cool during the day and are foraging on dead rats and chicks, using a Rube Goldberg Machine.


Rain and Dancer, named after losing our precious Raindance Bobcat at the age of 22, just got their SNAP test, first set of shots, de-fleaing, de-worming and are currently being kept in our West Boensch Cat Hospital onsite until they are big enough to go outside.

Rain and Dancer were found in the middle of a very busy, four lane highway in Lake Placid.  The woman who rescued them took them to her vet.  The tech on duty went out with the woman to see if they could locate the mother to no avail.  The woman who found the kittens was so in love with them that she asked if she could keep them as pets.  The tech told her that wasn’t possible and immediately began looking for a licensed wildlife rehabber who might be able to prepare these youngsters for life in the wild.

It’s fortunate for these kittens that she found Big Cat Rescue.  There are a number of wildlife rehabbers in Florida, but none of the facilities offer the huge, natural enclosures, completely away from people with CCTV monitoring and proven methods for teaching the bobcats how to hunt and survive in the real world.  Even though our facilities for rehab and release are the best in the state (and probably the world) we want to expand them so the cats have more room to build strong muscles and hunting skills.


We have the land, but just the first phase of construction will cost $80,000.  If you would like to help click here or check out the way to give on Facebook just below the video.


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The first time they do it they will need to register with GoodWorld, but after that they can donate any time they want by just posting #donate $20, for example and their donation will be automatic, without the need for filling out more forms.

Once a supporter is registered with GoodWorld, they can use the #donate on any Facebook or Twitter site that is a member cause.

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