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Today at Big Cat Rescue Feb 27 2013

Some of the Oldest Sand Cats   Today the 2012 Sandcat Studbook arrived and Big Cat Rescue's Canyon and Genie are in the top 10% age bracket for the species.   Check out MLF's new feature article! MOUNTAIN LIONS IN AMERICA: WILD & HAZARDOUS WORLD One writer's foray into the controversies surrounding America's most magical and beleaguered cat. By Noah Sudarsky    From the Mexican border to Washington State, Sudarsky's wide-ranging research and fieldwork over the course of two years has yielded an unsettling Read More

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Mountain Lion News

Your One Stop Source for All Mountain Lion News

Mountain Lion

mountain lion

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These stories are taken from the news headlines and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Big Cat Rescue.

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Dec 6 2012

Cougar Talking to Camera Man



MAC the cougar “chats” to the camera guy while waiting for the food cart to arrive :)


Today at Big Cat Rescue Dec 6 2012

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Nov 2 2012

Two Days Until Big Cat Rescue Turns 20!   Thank you to all of the wonderful donors and matching donors who made it possible for us to forego our big gala, the Fur Ball, this year and concentrate on changing the laws so that big cats are not born into lives of confinement and deprivation as pets and props. As you can see from the screen shot above you helped us exceed our goal of $100,000 two days before the sanctuary celebrates its 20th year of saving exotic cats. Thank you !!! Today at Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 17 2012

Lion Tiger Leopard Cougar Hybrid Pumpkins



See lions, tigers, leopards and cougars get pumpkins and chase each other around. Come along with President, Jamie Veronica to check out some suspicious tracks and catch a glimpse of daily life at Big Cat Rescue.


Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 17 2012 

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 11 2012

Help Protect Tiger Cubs From Abuse     SARMOTI Tiger Goes to the Vet How to DeWorm Big Cats     We also worm monthly with Ivermectin. More info here: Read More

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Mountain lion that tries to enter Reno casino released

RENO -- A mountain lion that was caught after trying to enter a Reno casino is back in the wild.   The 2-year-old male mountain lion was released into the Carson Range above Lake Tahoe's east shore Saturday morning, said Chris Healy, spokesman for the Nevada Department of Wildlife.   "He was fully ready to go," Healy said. "Hewasfeisty in the trap and snarled if you got too close. Once he decided to go, he quickly ran off into the underbrush and wasgone."   Guests at Harrah's reported seeing the 100-pound cat trying Read More

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How Mountain Lions Die in the United States

Lions and the way they die part of GF&P statistics   Lions die in many ways in South Dakota.   They get hit by cars and trucks and even motorcycles. They get caught in traps. They drown. They kill each other.   They get sick. They starve. Occasionally, they die while GF&P teams are chasing or handling them in research work.   And, sometimes driven by hunger, they wander into town or kill pets or domestic livestock, to then be killed by local police, Game, Fish & Parks officers and, sometimes, Read More

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Cougar believed to have mauled Vancouver Island boy shot dead by wildlife officials

File photo: Cougar. An approximately 2-year-old female cougar bares her teeth at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife agents preparing to release her back into the wild northeast of Arlington. (AP Photo/The Daily Herald, Mark Mulligan) A cougar shot and killed early Thursday morning on Vancouver Island is believed to be the same one that attacked a seven-year-oldboy the previous night. “We received a complaint of a cougar attack that occurred at the west end of Sproat Lake around 8:24 last night,” said Const. Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Aug 10

Sad Good Bye to Indian Summer   Julie Hanan has created a tribute site for Indian Summer here: Indian Summer Bobcat 1989-2012   Big Cats Having Cool Fun in the Summer Time   If you love our videos, please subscribe in iTunes to get them send straight to your device. A 5 star rating helps others find out about the plight of big cats too. Rate and Subscribe Read More