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How Mountain Lions Die in the United States

Lions and the way they die part of GF&P statistics   Lions die in many ways in South Dakota.   They get hit by cars and trucks and even motorcycles. They get caught in traps. They drown. They kill each other.   They get sick. They starve. Occasionally, they die while GF&P teams are chasing or handling them in research work.   And, sometimes driven by hunger, they wander into town or kill pets or domestic livestock, to then be killed by local police, Game, Fish & Parks officers and, sometimes, Read More

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Cougar believed to have mauled Vancouver Island boy shot dead by wildlife officials

File photo: Cougar. An approximately 2-year-old female cougar bares her teeth at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife agents preparing to release her back into the wild northeast of Arlington. (AP Photo/The Daily Herald, Mark Mulligan) A cougar shot and killed early Thursday morning on Vancouver Island is believed to be the same one that attacked a seven-year-oldboy the previous night. “We received a complaint of a cougar attack that occurred at the west end of Sproat Lake around 8:24 last night,” said Const. Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Aug 10

Sad Good Bye to Indian Summer   Julie Hanan has created a tribute site for Indian Summer here: Indian Summer Bobcat 1989-2012   Big Cats Having Cool Fun in the Summer Time   If you love our videos, please subscribe in iTunes to get them send straight to your device. A 5 star rating helps others find out about the plight of big cats too. Rate and Subscribe Read More

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California Bill to Protect Wild Mountain Lions Passes

Earlier this month we asked for your help to urge California Governor Jerry Brown to sign Assembly Bill 1784. Last week, on a not-so-unlucky Friday the 13th, he did just that. We are now pleased to announce our mountain lion research bill has passed and want to take a moment to say thank you! Success! Governor Brown Signs AB 1784 On Friday, July 13th, California Assembly Bill 1784 - authorizing scientific research on mountain lions in California - was signed by Governor Jerry Brown, making the bill a law. AB Read More

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Big Cat Rescue in Boston Globe

A Tampa oasis for the victims of exotic animal faddists The biggest of all cats: a tiger at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa. TAMPA — How do you get the attention of a 500-pound lioness? If you work at Big Cat Rescue, you wander over to her oval encampment with a hunk of red meat dangling from the end of a long pole. Almost instantaneously, Nikita will appear and down that juicy morsel in one bite. She’s an exquisite creature with a long body, a full coat of tan fur, and inquisitive eyes. Little would you know that she spent her first Read More

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Senator LeRoy Louden Suggests Killing Mountain Lions for Sport

Mountain Lions should be managed through hunting, senator LeRoy Louden says   by Christine Scalora, Nebraska News Service - 2/2/2012   State lawmakers heard testimony that could open the door to a mountain lion hunting season.   Sen. LeRoy Louden of Ellsworth introduced the bill, LB928, with the support of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, to allow the commission to establish a hunting season to manage the mountain lion population.   The Natural Resources Committee heard testimony on the bill in a Read More
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