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Today at Big Cat Rescue Nov 13

It was another gorgeous day in paradise and lots of people took advantage of the weather and the Veteran's day holiday to come see the cats.  Remember that for $10. you can send a Cougars of Florida Calendar to a soldier.  Just let Kathleen know that you would like to sponsor a soldier in their contact form. A big shout out to Cindy Wines of Earth and Animal Wellness for mentioning us on her blog.   She is hosted a call at 4:30 pm EST for anyone who wants to know how Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Nov 11

Today at Big Cat Rescue Nov 11 THE VENUE on 2675 Ulmerton Rd 33762 is graciously helping the Cougar Calendar ladies get the word out about Big Cat Rescue. November 11th , Friday, at 5:30pm cash bar, Outside Bar (inside if too cold of course!) for Calendar signing. Animal print, etc are appropriate attire for this wild night. Read More

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Why so many cougar attacks and cougar sightings?

Every day there is a story in a paper somewhere in the U.S. about cougar or mountain lion sightings in areas where the cats have not existed in the wild in over 100 years. Why is that? Could it possibly be that despite the fact that extinction rates are more than 1000 times greater than they should be due to the uncontrolled population growth of man and our extermination of everything in our path, the cougar is making a come back? That is what the fish and game departments across the country are claiming, but that is because they make their Read More

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MISSOURI Female Cougar DOB 1/21/00 Missouri is very cross eyed because most exotic cats in the pet trade have been purposely inbred to create a dependent animal contrary to what nature intended. Missouri and Cody were rescued when the became unwanted after their previous owners divorced. They arrived at Big Cat Rescue on January 21, 2000 and were filmed for Jack Hanna’s Wild Adventures, which aired on May 6, 2000 (and hundreds of times since in different languages all over the world.) Missouri is almost the complete opposite of Cody. She Read More

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HALLELUJAH Male Cougar DOB 9/16/93 Hal came to Big Cat Rescue on September 20, 1993 from an auction where people dump animals that are unwanted. Hal has always been quite mischievous. Keepers have to very careful when cleaning his feeding block and water bowl as one of his favorite things to do is grab the water hose. If he is able to snatch it he will quickly chomp into it sending streams of water shooting out in every direction. Unlike most cougars, Hal actually likes the water and loves to chase water from the hose. He is very purrr-sonable Read More

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ENYA Female Cougar   DOB 12/9/97-11/18/12   Enya was born at the sanctuary back before we knew that none of the cats in private hands could serve any conservation effort.   She was bottle-raised and leash trained from a very young age. Enya was filmed, when she was just 10 days old with their mother, by a film crew from the British Broadcasting Company.   The footage was included in a documentary on the Florida Everglades and the Florida Panther. Just like so many cougars that are born into the pet trade, Read More
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