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California Bill to Protect Wild Mountain Lions Passes

Earlier this month we asked for your help to urge California Governor Jerry Brown to sign Assembly Bill 1784. Last week, on a not-so-unlucky Friday the 13th, he did just that. We are now pleased to announce our mountain lion research bill has passed and want to take a moment to say thank you! Success! Governor Brown Signs AB 1784 On Friday, July 13th, California Assembly Bill 1784 - authorizing scientific research on mountain lions in California - was signed by Governor Jerry Brown, making the bill a law. AB Read More

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Big Cat Rescue in Boston Globe

A Tampa oasis for the victims of exotic animal faddists The biggest of all cats: a tiger at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa. TAMPA — How do you get the attention of a 500-pound lioness? If you work at Big Cat Rescue, you wander over to her oval encampment with a hunk of red meat dangling from the end of a long pole. Almost instantaneously, Nikita will appear and down that juicy morsel in one bite. She’s an exquisite creature with a long body, a full coat of tan fur, and inquisitive eyes. Little would you know that she spent her first Read More

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Senator LeRoy Louden Suggests Killing Mountain Lions for Sport

Mountain Lions should be managed through hunting, senator LeRoy Louden says   by Christine Scalora, Nebraska News Service - 2/2/2012   State lawmakers heard testimony that could open the door to a mountain lion hunting season.   Sen. LeRoy Louden of Ellsworth introduced the bill, LB928, with the support of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, to allow the commission to establish a hunting season to manage the mountain lion population.   The Natural Resources Committee heard testimony on the bill in a Read More

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Cougar Puma or Mountain Lion Attacks Are Likely Discarded Pets

    "I don't think that attack was by a wild-reared puma at all.   I think that puma was a dumped former pet, or a puma bred from a mother kept to produce urine to be sold as "puma lure" to be sold to houndsmen, or perhaps even a puma who was "returned to the wild" by a financially struggling sanctuary, of which there have been many in Texas in recent years.   First, take another look at what was reported, to refresh your memory:"       Mountain Lion Attacks Boy in Texas Park     A Read More

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Mountain lion found in Tulsa backyard now at Kansas zoo

A a mountain lion that was captured in a Tulsa backyard in April has found a new home at a Kansas zoo. The female mountain lion, which had been cared for at the Tulsa Zoo's veterinary hospital, was relocated to the Ralph Mitchell Zoo in Independence, Kan., in December. The large cat was captured April 23 in the backyard of a home in the 1400 block of North Quanah Avenue. She was taken to the zoo's holding facilities in the veterinary hospital and treated for hookworms and roundworms, which caused anemia and a poor appetite, as well as ticks Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Jan 4

Watch how easy it was to entice Hal into the transport cage, a great example of why our operant conditioning program is both enriching for the cats and very useful when it comes to medical issues and keeping stress levels low :) Hallelujah the cougar has to go in to see the vet, Dr. Wynn today. Update on Tony the Tiger Sandlin Stalls by Filing Another Lawsuit that ALDF Deems Baseless BY JOE GYAN JR. Advocate staff writer The owner of a Grosse Tete truck stop filed suit Tuesday in Baton Rouge against Read More