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Big Cat Rescue Leopard Cat Helps Save Wild Leopard Cats

  The fur campaign at HSUS recently hosted a reception to honor compassionate student designers and I wanted to share the album with you.  We wanted to make sure that we represented the cats killed for the fur trade so we had this photo of a leopard cat blown up from a photo someone at BCR sent us several years ago.!/photo.php?fbid=312823602131441&set=a.312815868798881.74510.124178980995905&type=3&theater We thought you or BCR Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue New Black Cat Found in Sunderbans

New Black Cat Found in Sunderbans   The leopard cat, like the bobcat, has many variations in their coat pattern, and black would have a hunting advantage in a dark, forested area. The images they show in the piece are a black leopard adult and cub, but if you listen closely, they say the cat is just a bit larger than a domestic cat. Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Jan 23

2012 Cruel Leg Hold Trapping & Torture of Bobcat Please speak out for this bobcat by asking that the people involved in his torture be fired and leg hold traps be banned. Speak out against this here: Big Cat Rescue is home to over a dozen species of cats! Tigers and Lions may be the largest species at the sanctuary but many of our smaller species get the most attention! Say hello to the small cats of Big Cat Rescue, to read more about an individual cat on the video please visit CatBios . First Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 21

Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 21 Oct 21, 2011 is the last day to ask the USFWS to rescind the generic tiger loophole. Tell them you support their new rule at Ch 9 and Ch 12 spoke out against the practice of dragging cubs out to malls. Object to this cruel display here: On the very day Ohio Governor John Kasich announced he's cracking down on exotic pets, the I-team found a traveling exhibit showcasing wild animals right here in the Read More