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A Baby Bobcat Named Faith

Bobcat Rehab and Release   Big Cat Rescue does bobcat rehab and release of native, Florida bobcats.  The video playlist below shows the great lengths we will go to in order to save bobcats and give them a second chance at living free.  Search our site for the word "rehab" to see more.     Stories about some other rescued bobcats:   A Baby Bobcat Named Faith Gets a Second Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Aug 6 2013

Bella Tiger Has Biopsy  Dr Wynn and Dr Boorstein draw blood, perform a biopsy and give Bella Tiger a check up.   Dr Wynn checks for signs of arthritis in Bella Tiger.   Two bags of fluids are given to help boost the way Bella Tiger feels.     This padded pole is lightly held over Bella Tiger in case she wakes up unexpectedly. Bella Tiger is weighed, throughly checked over, and a biopsy is performed on a mass.   The blood work and biopsy Read More

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How Cub Petting Kills Wild Tigers

What is Killing Tiger Cubs?   It could be you! Put an end to big cat abuse and the extinction of wild cats at   Crikey!  Tigers have been disappearing at alarming rates!   A hundred years ago there were 100,000 tigers living in Asia, but now there are fewer than 3,200!   I’ve been beating the bushes, talking to trackers, consulting with Interpol and I’ve figured out why tigers are disappearing in the wild.   It’s that ego driven, Read More

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5 Common Cat Health Problems

5 Common Cat Health Problems   ATLANTA, GA – (August 5, 2013) – According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, common reasons for pet owners to visit a veterinarian include an injured pet, routine vaccination, to be spayed or neutered, and flea or tick medications. In 2012, the AVMA’s State of Pet Health report stated that cat obesity has risen over 90 percent since 2007 and people are beginning to look at their pet food as the source of health problems.   “The number of overweight cats has risen exponentially Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue Aug 5 2013 Cub Petting Ban Petition

Cub Petting Ban Petition on Federal Register   This morning USDA published the Big Cat Coalition's petition in the Federal Register - We are asking all of our supporters to comment THAT THERE IS NO CIRCUMSTANCE UNDER WHICH THE PUBLIC SHOULD BE ALLOWED CONTACT WITH CUBS. The rule will already allow that if a cub truly needs to be hand raised it would be by a vet or staff, but not the general public.  Please don't give the bad guys a single loophole to exploit. Work Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue July 29 2013

Angie Bobcat Angie bobcat was taken to Ehrlich Animal Hospital.     She had been making a weird chewing sound and keepers thought she may have a broken tooth. Her teeth seemed ok, however there were some ulcers in the back of her mouth that a few of her back molars were rubbing. Those molars may have caused the ulcers and so they were removed. Her ulcers could have also been caused by her advanced kidney disease. Her blood results came back far worse than they had Read More

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Why White Tigers Should Go Extinct

Everything you’ve been told about this exotic, royal, endangered species is wrong. By Jackson Landers|Posted Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012, at 11:04 AM A white tiger is a striking creature. Tigers are always impressive animals, but when you take away the orange, the result is a big cat that looks like a phantom out of a dream. They seem almost magical, and yet I firmly believe that the world would be a better place if there was not a single white tiger in it.   There are only about 4,000 tigers, at most, remaining in the wild. Yet Read More

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Khaleesi the Rehab Bobcat Kitten Goes Outside Meet Khaleesi the bobcat kitten, she arrived at Big Cat Rescue on June 24th from another rehab facility. She will remain at Big Cat Rescue until she is ready to be released back into the wild where she belongs! Follow her progress online by subscribing to our Youtube channel and "liking" us on Facebook. Thanks for watching! Read More