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Advanced Fifth Grade Level Activities

  Mathematics Language Arts Science                                                       Florida Teachers: Click HERE for FCAT Basics by grade level. Rubric Language Arts Grades 3-5         Rubric Math Grades 5-10 Keys: Photo is the species covered and takes you to more info =  Information to read first =      Questions =     Teacher's Key =  Read More

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Cougar 9 to12th Grade Language Arts

  Read the article about the Florida Panther at  or print out PDF The article states, "The cougar has the greatest natural distribution of any mammal in the Western Hemisphere except for Man" Do you agree with this statement? State your position and use the graphics and other information in the article to support your opinion. This is an extended response question.   The article states that cougars will not reproduce until they have established a permanent home. Why Read More

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Cougar 6-8th Grade Language Arts

Read about Cougars Read about Florida Panthers   How are cougars like housecats? •  They have shorter legs in the rear •  They purr •  They cannot smell •  They can jump more than ten feet into a tree       In this article, thrives means •  To make steady progress •  To prosper •  To fail •  To regress     Read More

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Lions Threatened or Protected Species

Lions Need Your Voice Now!   We have until 15th June 2013 to give input on the proposed new TOPS regulations. If you wish to give input, and you’d like us to help lions, please send a quick and easy letter here:   CANNED LION HUNTING AND THE NEW TOPS REGULATIONS     The Department of the Environment has published amendments to the Threatened or Protected Species( TOPS) regulations (and given the public 60 days to file Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue May 17 2013

Today is Endangered Species Day   Today is Endangered Species Day. Take a moment today to enjoy the spectacular endangered pandas and polar bears on live cams. Learn more about elephants, tigers, and gorillas. And celebrate the triumph of the ospreys with Rachel and Steve - once endangered, the osprey has made a steady comeback. Never stop learning, Charlie / BCR Today 2013 May 15 Kansas Rescue Cats   BCR Today 2013 May 15 includes footage of the Kansas Rescue Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue May 16 2013

  Newly uncovered bobcat and coyote farms in New York Posted: 15 May 2013 08:14 AM PDT The following addresses were obtained from public records, indicating dozens of farms (or other type of operations) that imprison bobcats and coyotes in New York. It is unclear which if any of these farms raises these animals for fur. Disclaimer Coalition Against Fur Farms has obtained hundreds of similar addresses from numerous states, each of which may be fur farms, which will be posted in the coming weeks. We will offer the same disclaimer Read More

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Today at Big Cat Rescue May 15 2013

Next Tuesday, May 21st there is a public meeting with the Pinellas County Board of Commissioners at 2 pm at the Pinellas County Courthouse, 315 Court Street, 5th Floor Assembly Room, Clearwater, FL. We need a large turn out in support of this mission. During the "Citizens to be Hear" portion, a video on mandatory spay and neuter and how it has worked in other communities to reduce the pet overpopulation problem and decrease the number of homeless and euthanized animals each year. Attendees are invited to listen and learn or speak on this Read More

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Alachua Bob

  ALACHUA BOB Male Bobcat DOB 1988? Arrived at Big Cat Rescue 2/4/03   Alachua-Bobcat If I had to be an animal, I would want to be a bobcat. They are fearless, adaptable, resilient and far stronger than you would expect from a 25-pound cat. They are being hunted for their pelts and sport despite their very important role in keeping the rat and vermin populations in check. They are being pushed from their homes by urban sprawl and often are killed or permanently injured when crossing busy roads to access their Read More

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  Tommie Girl Female Bobcat DOB appx 10/1/11 Rescued 3/6/12 Sponsor Tommie Girl   On Mar 5 we got a call from the Florida Wildlife Commission asking if we could help a blind bobcat that had been reported by the Manager of the Cemex Mine.  His name is Tommie and he loves the wildlife that calls his land a sanctuary.  He knew there was something desperately wrong with this little kitten from the first day he saw her, which was about two weeks Read More
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